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What is Light Language?

The Archangels Explain its Origin and Purpose

I’ve been hearing a lot about light language, as well as listening to it spoken and sung, and I think it’s fascinating.  I wanted to know about it, so I asked and – here we go again – the Angels addressed it, but then they went further and talked about how we can reach the higher levels of consciousness we all seek. 


I hear from people all they time who want to do what I do.  I love channeling the Archangels, and I know my purpose includes working with them.  I’ve said before that anyone can channel, but I think you have to go beyond just wanted to, because it sounds cool.  I’m not saying you have to have all the answers right now, as far as what you want to do with the ability, but I think it has to do with wanting and expecting more, the feeling that there is more to know and learn and discover. 


I didn’t know I would channel when I first started looking into different psychic gifts and avenues, but I had a strong belief that there was more to life and to me than I’d found up to that point, and so I became a seeker of knowledge, answers, and even questions.  I still believe that, and I continue to seek more information and answers, and I’m happy to share the answers and messages I receive with you.


So, below you’ll find the Archangels’ answer regarding light language, and they added to the information in hopes that the guidance they offer will help you, not only by answering the initial question, but by encouraging you to find your own questions and answers.


Question:  I’ve heard and seen a lot about light language, both spoken and sung, lately.  Can you please tell us where it comes from, what it means, and what it does?




Light language, both spoken and sung, is a universal way of communication that comes from and is inherently known by all souls.  It is not a language in the human traditional sense, that is, broken down into letters and words with definitions; it is more a means of translating energy and vibration.  All of you know light language through your souls, but most of you have not yet accessed it.  More and more are doing so daily.


Although light language can have specific meaning, that came later, in worlds between the fifth dimension and the high realms, that is, between the worlds which reside in a place of higher consciousness and which are inhabited by physical beings.  In the high realms, where there is no permanent physical form, such as where we Angels reside, the communication is telepathic in nature, therefore no words or symbols are needed to understand it.


The purpose of light language was originally used as a vehicle for energetic vibration to be targeted for a specific purpose, and the possible purposes are many.  Energy can affect everything in many ways.  Although there is no physical form used to house souls in the upper realms, there is still physical form of worlds and the things that live there.  Light language began in the realms where souls are not housed in physical form, and it eventually moved down to the realms where souls could live a physical life. 


Energy can affect plant growth, weather, climate, landforms, and of course physical, living forms.  For example, organs in a body respond to and are affected by specific vibrations and frequencies of energy.  It is possible to positively affect many diseases in the body through energetic vibration and frequency.  Light language is one way to harness energy and target it for a particular use.


We hear your questions.  If this is so, why can we not simply give you a list of organs, illnesses, and frequencies, so we can cure people, but it is not so easy, as those possibilities are endless and vary from person to person, illness to illness.  Every person has their own frequency, as does every illness.  When these frequencies interact, new frequencies are made, not to mention that all frequencies fluctuate constantly.  So, to make a list and give a step by step process that is beneficial to all would be impossible.


Still, hearing and listening to light language both spoken and sung can have a positive effect on many, and remembering it can be a beautiful experience and something that brings you closer to your soul, high Guides, and the higher realms.  For those who learn to access it, it is often very comforting and has a positive impact on their own energy’s vibration. 


As we said early on in this message, there are some worlds who have more specific ways with light language, and it sounds a certain way and has specific meaning and symbols connected to that world.  For these ET souls who incarnate on Earth, usually to help its evolution, hearing light language can be especially meaningful, particularly if the “dialect” is common to their soul’s origin world.  It is a link to previous lives and places.


We have said many times that energy is the key to all things.  Everything has and is a container for energy.  Energy is both reactive and affective with all things.  Energy changes in many ways and fluctuates constantly, because of these energetic attractions, reactions, and combinations.  Science has learned and continues to learn about many kinds of energy, yet up to this point, what mankind has learned is both limited and limiting.


Your focus has long been on harnessing different kinds of external energy, yet few have considered learning to harness internal, personal energy, and that is where the power is.  Not only can you learn to harness your own energy, but you can learn to combine it with others’ energy, with purpose and direction, which is what many ET beings are doing now to help Earth and her people.


This is the source of limitless power and potential.  Much more so than electric, geo-thermal, or nuclear energy.  The power within you comes from endless, universal energy.  It is the key to everything from curing disease, ending war, saving the planet, each other, and yourselves from whatever problems are suffer.


This is one of the reasons so many of you feel restless today.  You sense that there is more to life, that you are missing out on so many things, but you are not sure what they are or how to access them.  Spend more time in meditation. Seek time with high Guides and with your soul.  Little by little – and this cannot be rushed, nor is there a step by step process available that works for all – you will begin to notice some subtle changes.  Become a seeker.  Open your hearts and minds.  Ask for help and knowledge.  Find your way.


Set an intention and a purpose to find the answers.  We will further state that some purposes are considered higher than others.  To connect with high Guides is a worthy purpose, but go further and establish why you want to do this.  Is it to learn?  Is it to find your purpose?  Is it to appease your curiosity?  Is it to become rich and famous, or to be able to do something most cannot?  What is it you wish to gain?


It is not that there is a wrong answer, but by attaching purpose and intention to whatever it is that you seek gives you clarity and your Guides and the universe direction.  It requires a commitment to grow and evolve.  It is a gradual, rather than a sudden process.  Yes, there will be break throughs, but what will you do after they happen? 


We humbly suggest that, at least initially, you focus on finding peace and joy for yourself, along with understanding your purpose and using your gifts more effectively.  Reach out to your soul and Guides, asking for a closer connection with them, and invite their guidance.  You may add more as you go along, but the establishment of inner peace and joy should be the foundation.


Final Thoughts


I love channeling the Archangels, but it hasn’t made me rich and famous, and it hasn’t made my life easier.  Yes, it’s great to have them with me and access to their knowledge whenever I ask for it, but it’s also complicated my life in some ways. People I’ve known for decades, for the most part, don’t understand me anymore, and they don’t really want to understand me.  I’m probably more misunderstood than ever before, but I’m mostly okay with that, because I understand myself better than ever.


Channeling has definitely allowed me to help more people, which is important to me, but it’s also opened the door to occasional persecution and verbal (written) abuse from others.  I’ve learned so much, but the more I learn, the more I realize I’ll never be able to grasp everything or really even touch the surface during this lifetime.


Being in touch with your soul or high Guides is beautiful, but it’s not going to solve all life’s problems, and it’s not going to bring you peace, love, joy, hope, etc.  You’ll still have to do the work and “fix” yourself, first to connect with your Guides, and then to maintain not just the connection, but your own peace and joy.  That never stops.  We all have to do the work to make peace with ourselves and the world around us, and that’s never ending.  We never reach a point where we’re all done, and life is a beautiful rose in bloom without any thorns.  Yes, we’ll find that rose, but it’ll need to be constantly cared for, and it will wilt from time to time.


I hope, like me, you gained some knowledge about light language, and I hope you also think about personal growth.  It’s not about channeling or telepathy or other psychic gifts, and it’s not about doing something most others can’t yet do.  It’s about growing and expanding, opening our hearts and minds to something more.  It’s wanting to understand and learn more stuff.  It’s about growth and evolution.  And eventually, I think it’s about helping others do the same thing.  It’s caring about ourselves in a new way and taking that next step of caring about others more, too, feeling the connection that exists between all of us.


Blessings, all.




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