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What's the Rush?

The Archangels Talk about Enjoying the Journey

I hear from people often who are in the midst of what some people call “awakening,” and they struggle with a sense of urgency that I recognize and understand.  Many of us are feeling this sense of change in the air, and we have a new desire to change ourselves, the world, and help other people.  We often feel like something big is about to happen, although we’re not sure what it is, and if we’re not careful, it can turn into a feeling of anxiety or desperation.


Don’t do that!  Instead, take a deep breath and look around you.  More importantly, look inside you!  Many of us are beginning to sense a greatness within us that we’ve never before considered.  While some people continue to flounder in fear and uncertainty, many of us are feeling motivated to find a new way of doing things.  We often want to help ourselves, and we want to help others.  Hell, we want to help the world!


I’ve shared before that, when I retired, I attended a counseling session on big life changes, where the man I spoke to told me to let the plan be the journey.  I had to learn to willingly let go of the control I so valued – which is an illusion, by the way – and embrace change as it happened.  It was weird, but it was also great.  I had to learn to let things (me) develop in their own time, instead of trying to control everything.


I asked the Archangels about this transition time for us and how we could keep it positive and hopeful, rather than letting it become stressful and make us feel a little frantic to find the “right” path.  Their answer follows.


Question:  I’d like to write about giving ourselves time and patience to evolve and avoiding feeling frantic and rushed about awakening.  Please help.




It is true, more and more people are awakening.  For a long time, most people were stuck in the 3D paradigm of fear, survival, and following society’s dictates.  A few at a time, over the years, have broken free, but now, it is like a stampede, people rushing in a new direction, still uncertain of the direction to take and not knowing the destination.  This is another phase in the transition in the shift to the 5D mindset.


Most people now know that they do not like the world’s offerings anymore.  Indeed, they wonder why they ever did.  It is not that things used to be better, it is that you are becoming better, evolving, and what satisfied you in the past no longer feels acceptable.  You are no longer willing to accept the lot you have been given, and you are looking for a way out.  You are beginning to realize that you can create your own way of living, instead of simply following the path and direction given to you.


This is a good thing, but it is important to give yourself time to develop and adjust.  It can be tempting to simply try one thing after another, after another, hoping to find “the right way.”  You are not happy, fulfilled, at peace, or settled, but you are ready to make an exit from your current experience.  This is normal, but we wish to tell you to slow down just a bit.  A new life awaits you, but you must slow down long enough to find your way.  Not just any way, but your way.


You do not have to rush nor should you feel desperate for change.  It is not that we suggest simply waiting for change to find you.  No, by all means, be proactive, but do so gently and with an open mind and heart.  Investigate, explore, discover, study.  Feed your curiosity and learn.  As you do this, however, we hope you will proceed with joy and hope, rather than anxiety and desperation.  If you ask us and your Guides for help, we will expose you to possibilities for your consideration.  These are not edicts or orders.  They are simply suggestions.


This is what we did for our channel when she retired.  We sent her thoughts and ideas before she began to channel us.  Some, like Reiki, were ideal and helped her immensely, while others, like traveling in an RV bombed terribly.  She could not hear us yet at that time, so we could not explain that she always had the choice to pursue these options or discard them, so there were times she felt overwhelmed.  It is through her sharing our message that we hope to avoid this with you who read this.


We wish to say that the journey towards change should be enjoyable!  Tune into yourself.  Get to know the new you as you step into your light, your power, and tune into the universal connection we all share.  Take your place as an awakened individual leading your world into a higher state of consciousness.  It is an awesome identity to claim!


By all means, seek different avenues to realize this new 5D reality, but know that you already possess everything you need to do so.  You need not seek out a teacher, unless you particularly feel a connection with someone.  Yes, we will send you information on people from time to time as possible helpers for personal growth, but you need no one unless you want to work with another.  You can work with teachers, or you can work alone.


Please know that you are already working with various high Guides you contracted with before you reincarnated, so you already received guidance, whether you recognize it as such, or not.  An idea here, a thought there, a person you meet, a song you hear, an opportunity that arises.  Use them or do not.  It is entirely up to you.


We would caution that there is no step by step process that works for everyone, and if you try something that does not resonate, you do not have to continue if you do not wish to and you should not worry that you are doing something wrong.  If you try something new and struggle with it, perhaps the process or activity is wrong, not you.


Whatever you do should feel good.  We will add that healing past trauma and purging old energy that does not serve you well is very commonplace right now.  It is not a very pleasant process at times, but afterwards, it is well worth it.  Again, you can seek help with this process or do it yourself.  As you do this, be sure to seek out sources of joy to help restore balance.


We know there are still many things going on right now that can easily provoke fear, understandably.  However, the majority of people on Earth are getting past the fear and survival instincts which were so prevalent on 3D Earth and surging into a new curiosity and seeking answers, as they begin to discover their own power and begin to look for avenues of change, not only personally, but in communities and society.  This will spread and strengthen until the vast majority are affected and begin to unite for change.


The troublemakers you see in the news are the outliers now.  The only ones who welcome them are those who are like them, and they are not the majority.  As they continue to resist change and try desperately to hold onto the old ways, their fear increases, while their joy and peace of mind continue to dwindle.  Feel compassion for these lost, desperate people, for they are fighting a losing battle, and they will eventually be cast aside, with no place to live comfortably.


So, pursue your interests and appease your curiosity, but do so with joy, not anxiety.  Take a slow, enjoyable pace, rather than rushing from one thing to another, desperate for answers which you already carry within you. 


Consider caring for a house plant.  If you do not give it enough water, it withers and dies.  If you give it too much water, it withers and dies.  Give it just enough, and it thrives.  Set out to grow at a pace that induces joy and peace!  You, also, will thrive and grow.


We send you energies of Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


I’ve met people who tell me they are seekers and looking for evolution of some sort, but they go from thing to thing, without finding peace or joy, and without gaining any ground, and they want me to tell them what they need to do.  One lady told me she tried Reiki, and it didn’t work.  Then she tried crystals, and they didn’t work either.  She went through half a dozen other things, none of them having worked.  I stopped her and asked her what she meant about them not working, what was it she was hoping they would do for her, and she said none of them brought her peace of mind or helped her feel better or brought her to the next stage of evolution, like for instance, channeling the Archangels surely would.


Next, I asked her what brought her joy?  She didn’t know, and she wanted me to tell her what she had to do, as she inquired about the AAP project my friend and I launched last month.  She thought that might be the answer to everything.  I asked her what answers she was looking for, and she didn’t know.  I asked her what her gifts and talents were, and she didn’t know that either.  She wanted me to tell her what to do.


Here’s the thing … I could easily have taken her money for the course I offer or signed her up for a guidance session, but I had the distinct impression that those things would simply be more checkmarks on a mental list she had made without putting the right kind of thought into it.  Instead, I suggested that she take some time to consider the questions I’d asked her.  You see, I can’t tell anyone what will make them happy.  Everyone has to figure that out for themselves. 


Most people need to spend some time getting to know themselves better and figuring out what they’re looking for, what they want, and then figuring out some possible ways to get there.  When people tell me they want to channel the Archangels like I do, I usually ask them why, and most don’t have an answer, other than because it’s cool, or because they believed their lives would straighten out if they could, and they’d finally be happy or at peace and know what they needed to do to get things in order, only they have no idea what they need to change in order for that to happen.  I think they often just want someone else to tell them what to do, and that’s never a good idea.


It’s hard to plot out a route, if there is no destination in mind.  You can’t clear up your life, if you don’t know what’s wrong with it.  You can’t find happiness, if you don’t know what’s blocking you from finding it.  I can assure you, it’s not someone or something else.  It’s you.  You’re the only one who can set priorities and decide what you need in order to make your life worthwhile.  I can’t tell you what you need.  Nobody can.  Oh sure, we can make suggestions, but if you have an ambiguous idea of what it is that you want, you need to find some clarity, then devise a plan and move forward.  HINT:  Nobody’s life is perfect, and yours isn’t going to be, either.


This is a lifelong journey we’re on.  There’s not likely to be a time when you have no problems, no worries, no kinks to work out.  Life if full of those things and always will be.  Instead, remember that life will always offer challenges that you will have to navigate.  Work on finding your peace, joy, and power and holding onto them.  Believe in yourself and your ability to overcome adversity while maintaining your faith and hope. 


Remember that you’re not alone.  You have Guides and Angels, as well as other people to help you, but first, you have to figure out how to help yourself, and you can’t do that, until you know yourself and what you want.  Then, you can decide how to get there, knowing that your life is never going to be perfect, but that you have everything you need to get through it.


Blessings, all.



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