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Do We Mellow or Grow Wiser with Age?

The Archangels Discuss the Effects of a Soul Relationship

I woke up the other day and I realized that the things that used to just bug me to death, for the most part, don’t bother me anymore.  I had spoken to my son the day before, and he was all bent out of shape because he hated his job, but he couldn’t go elsewhere for several more months, because the company he currently works for had financed his Master’s degree, and part of the deal was that he had to stay with them for at least a year after he graduated. 


Have you ever tried to explain to a man in his early thirties that time moves very quickly, and a few months would pass in the blink of an eye?  It’s not that much different than trying to explain that to a twelve year old.  I remember when a year sounded like a long time, and I remember being impatient to get on with my life.  These days, although patience is still a challenge at times, I’ve conquered it for the most part, and time for me goes faster than ever.  That got me thinking about how much I’ve mellowed through the years, as most people seem to do, and I wondered if it was a process of mellowing out, or if we really did grow wiser with age.  I asked the Archangels to comment, and their message follows.


Question:  Do we become wiser with age or do we just get more mellow, or is it a combination of both?




There is much truth in this for many people right now.  Many believe people mellow with age, but the truth is, not only does their current life inform them, but, if they grow closer to their soul during their lifetime – and most people do – wisdom from previous lifetimes also comes through.  Right now, because of The Shift, this is truer than ever, although it is often combined by a new awareness of the world and an awakening to its failures and shortcomings. 


With change comes discomfort, and with awakening comes awareness.  The more a person awakens, the closer he or she becomes to the soul, and the soul houses not only universal knowledge, but the wisdom of lessons learned throughout all lifetimes.  It is a wealth of knowledge that can serve everyone well.


Once a lesson is learned, it never needs to be relearned, which is fortunate, as many of life’s lessons take a heartfelt toll on a person.  This does not mean the individual has all the knowledge gained through millennia at their fingertips, but it still remains on some level, and it is possible to access this knowledge through the soul.  In truth, many of the things in life with which you have a predisposition or a strong opinion or preference stem from knowledge and experience gained in previous lifetimes.  This includes both positive and negative reactions.  Life changing experiences often continue to affect people over many future lifetimes. 


Perhaps one of the easiest examples are items that involve strong, negative feelings in a person.  Someone who died in a particular way, such as in a fire, drowning, or due to violence may feel residual fear regarding similar situations.  Even how people react to food, weather, different cultures, and other people can often be traced back to previous life experiences.  Sometimes people are inexplicably drawn to certain things, places, or even people, and they do not have any idea of why they feel so right or wrong.


Many people who find out about past lifetimes through accessing the Akashic records either themselves or through someone else gain much understanding about their present lifetime based on the knowledge gained from previous lifetimes.


Anyone who seeks a closer relationship with the soul can attain this, and it is always an advantage.  Simply tell your soul you wish to strengthen this connection and make it more concrete, and as long as you open your mind and heart, it will happen. 


The soul will always be truthful, and since you are two forms of the same being, it always has your best interests at the forefront.  It knows what you need and how best to reach you.  You can trust your soul in all things.


Your soul and Guides are always striving for a stronger connection.  They try to keep you as close to your life plan as possible, as it was designed for optimal growth for you, but you always have the final say in what you do and do not do.  They never forsake you or get angry with you for choices you make.  They simply try to support you as much as possible, even when you do something that leads to regret.  Everything is considered an opportunity for learning.


So, yes, wisdom gained from previous lives often comes through throughout your present lifetime.  This usually increases with age, because of the efforts made by the soul and Guides.  When you embrace and seek a closer relationship with them, the joint efforts lead to an increase in clearer communication.  This adds to a life’s experiences in a positive way and often leads to more peace of mind and a stronger sense of self.


Because of The Shift, this is not only occurring in many more people, but also much sooner, earlier in lifetimes, than ever before on a much more widespread basis.  People are getting unexpected and even unrequested information targeted to help them as they proceed during their current lifetime.  It is a helpful novelty for many people, and if someone chooses to accept and request this assistance, it becomes more prevalent.  Indeed, it can become a regular source of help on which one can depend and utilize.


People who learn to access and rely on this divine guidance often experience a stronger sense of tolerance, acceptance, and love for others.  Compassion takes up much of the thought process in most things.  The closer one gets to the soul, the further away one gets from hatred, fear, anger, and a sense of entitlement.


We send all energies of Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


This makes a lot of sense to me, how about you?  I always kind of thought trivial things didn’t bother me as much as they used to, because I’d experienced more of life, and the major stuff put the minor stuff into perspective.  I mean, when you go through some pretty rough times, there’s not much point or need to get freaked out about the more mild aggravations, you know?  So, I thought life had a way of teaching wisdom.  I didn’t realize until more recently, and I’m sure I still don’t completely understand, how all of our past lives affect us so much more dramatically than we realize a lot of them time.


Now, whenever something attracts or bothers me for no understandable reason, I wonder if it’s residual response or reaction based on a past life that I don’t remember, but by which I’m still being affected.  Something to ponder.


Blessings, all.




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