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We Get Signs and Messages All the Time

The Archangels Invite Us to Open Our Hearts and Minds

The universe, our Guides, the Angels, so many send us signs all the time in hopes of guiding and helping us as we make our way through life.  I see repeated numbers many times a day, every day.  Rather than trying to assign a particular meaning to these numbers, to me, they’re just reminders that I’m not along, that my Guides are watching over me.


Not everyone is able to channel right now, like I do, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get messages.  A lot of times, when we do, we toss them aside, along with the notion that they were sent to help us.  I asked the Archangels about signs, and their response follows.


Question:  How can we recognize signs from our Guides and the universe?




We would like to begin by saying more signs are missed than recognized.  However, this is to be expected and the good news is, if your Guides or the universe are sending you signs, and you miss them, there will be more forthcoming.  A sign is rarely an only one chance occurrence, unless it is guidance being sent to you, usually a warning of some kind, that pertains to a specific, temporary situation.


For example, if someone is headed for a catastrophe of some kind, he or she may feel an immediate sense of foreboding meant to dissuade them from continuing on whatever path they are on in an attempt to keep them safe.  It is important to pay attention to these warnings.  Your Guardians are in position, trying to protect you.  If you receive a strong feeling that you should not go somewhere or with someone, you should follow that instinct.


In less critical situations, however, there are usually multiple signs, thoughts, ideas, hints, opportunities, and people that come into play.  If you are miserable in your current career, for example, you may see advertisements offering employment, or perhaps you will meet someone who inspires you to consider doing something else or who can provide an avenue for you to follow.


On the way to starting her business, our channel met many key people, such as those who promoted her work or, for instance, people versed in things she needed that she did not know how to do.  We connected and continue to connect people to her work who benefit from it.

She did not notice all these signs, especially in the beginning, but we continued sending them to her.


This is a common course.  You have been conditioned to overlook, bypass, ignore, and believe such signs are coincidental, accidental, or irrelevant.  It is only recently that more of you are beginning to open your hearts and minds to the possibility that divine guidance is real and available.  As consciousness rises, so then does awareness, because the energetics in play make it more conceivable, make it seem more plausible.


As your vibration rises, so does optimism and open-mindedness.  Rather than focusing on actively seeking a logical explanation for something that seems illogical, why not consider the possibility that there exist many more things and beings than only those of which you are currently aware?  Human beings tend to transfer their own limitations to everything and everyone else.


Consider your animal kingdom.  There are some things mankind is capable of doing that animals cannot do, at least as far as you are aware.  Is it, then, so hard to believe that there are other beings capable of doing things which are beyond the capabilities of mankind, at least for the time being? 


Sometimes, human senses can be limiting.  There are some things in your world which are as real as you are, which cannot be seen, heard, etc.  You now have technology that allows you to see things which the naked eye cannot view.  Microorganisms, molecules, atoms have always existed, even before technology existed that allowed you to see these things.  Have you ever considered that there are many more things, many more beings, that you have yet to learn how to see?  Your human senses allow you to experience the world around you, but they can also limit you if you allow it.


Meditation can be an amazing practice for many.  There is sometimes an overemphasis on quieting the mind during meditation.  Be aware of all thoughts you have when you meditate, even as you may set them aside.  The mind is rarely completely silent, even when you sleep; hence, dreams.  Consider writing down these impulsive ideas that enter your mind.  They may be random thoughts that need to be set aside, but they might also be signs and guidance.  Take note.  Remain aware.  Contemplate the possibilities.  If they are meant to be guidance and signs, you can count on receiving similar messages as time goes on.


Sometimes, you and your mind are so busy, you are hard to reach.  Going back to what we said long ago and many times since, set aside ten minutes of quiet to check in with yourself.  You can also use this time to check in with your Guides and invite them to be a part of your life.  Open up to new possibilities. 


Know that your Angels, high Guides, and your soul always want to connect with you and help you.  Invite them in.  Listen carefully.  Do not discount the possibility that signs and communications are being sent to you.  It could be through song, numbers, thoughts, ideas, articles, television, movies, meditation, dreams, and so many other ways that messages and signs are being sent to you.  Begin to look for them or ask for signs.  Be as specific as you would like.  Then, watch and listen.


We send all who read this energies of Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


Going back to what the Angels said in the beginning, there have been a couple of times when I got a strong punch of intuition about someone or something.  Just the other day, someone called from a roofing company who wanted to come look at my roof, and I had an immediate impression that this was someone I did not want to interact with.  I don’t know why, but I paid attention and told them I wasn’t interested. 


One thing you can count on … our Guides, the Angels, your soul all want to build a relationship with you. They know how to go about this in the best way for you to grasp and understand, but they can’t make you pay attention, maintain an open mind, or want to work on building a relationship.  It’s like when you’re in a relationship with another person.  There has to be some kind of desire or commitment to build on the relationship coming from both sides if it’s going to be successful.  It’s the same with spiritual relationships. 

I told a friend of mind after my husband died, that he sometimes turns on our bedroom light to let me know that he is still watching over me. The lamp is one of those touch lamps, rather than having a switch, and he was convinced that something else must have activated the lamp. He suggested it was the AC or heater, but he couldn’t explain why those things would only turned it on on birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, or when I was upset about something. Neither could he answer why this never happened before my husband died. The lamp hadn’t been moved. He proceeded to bang the bedroom door against the chest of drawers where the lamp perched over and over again, until it finally turned on the lamp (it nearly caused it to fall off entirely!). I just smiled and said I think I would’ve woken up if that kind of ruckus was going on.

He just couldn’t accept that it could be something as illogical or unprovable as a deceased loved one reaching out to someone who still walked the Earth in the hopes of offering comfort and support. It was easier for him to believe that there was something more “reasonable” or “explainable”happening. Personally, I think it’s very reasonable that my husband reaches out to me from time to time. The love we shared is still very much alive, even though his body stopped working a long time ago.


Tonight begins a new Friday night meditation for the month of April.  This month, the Angels invite us to call on them as we send loving, accepting energy to ourselves, rather than elsewhere.  They say they will add to it and give it right back to us.  I hope you’ll find some time to do this for yourself. 


Happy Friday, and I hope you have a wonderful, illuminating weekend and open to the possibility that you’re not alone, that you have Guides and Angels watching over you who want to help you.


Many blessings to everyone.


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