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Lasting Effects of the Solar Eclipse

The Archangels Talk about Energetic Balance

My daughter asked me the other day, after the recent eclipse, whether or not I’d asked the Angels about it and its effects and significance.  I told her I hadn’t.  There have been solar and lunar eclipses throughout history, and they will continue, so I just thought of it as another natural occurrence.  For fun, I did ask them, and they talked about the energetic side of things, as follows.


Question:  What, if anything, is significant about the full eclipse we experienced this week?  Are there any longer lasting effects?




The eclipse fit into and made the most of the current energetics on Earth that are in progress.  The sun has a major impact on Earth’s energy, as does the moon.  Blocking some of the sun’s energy impact on Earth even for such a short time, helped restore some energetic balance, which will continue to have a positive effect on Earth for some time.  There have been more flares of energy from the sun over the last several years partly due to The Shift, and the blocking of solar energy will have a stabilizing effect.


The Earth naturally adjusts to energetic changes over time.  It is a living organism with intelligence, needs and, yes, emotions.  The Earth has suffered at the hands of mankind and, you have been feeling those effects, along with the planet, as it heals and adjusts through natural disasters and climate change.


Humanity is changing, and so is the Earth.  You feel the changes in energy, and you are experiencing a rise in individual and group consciousness, and so is the Earth.  This is a journey you are making together.  Your nearest and most potent source of energy is the Earth itself.  You have developed recycling programs in your world, but do you realize that the Earth is the perfect example of a recycling option? 


You can all learn to shed old energy you carry that no longer serves you.  Perhaps it is leftover energy associated with past trauma.  Perhaps it is energy you have picked up from other people, places, or things.  Whatever its origin, when you direct it to the Earth and purge it from your system, it opens up space for other energy that serves you better.  Love energy, Light energy, and healing energy are all abundantly available right now.  Ask us for this energy, and we will direct it to you.


There have always been solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, and many other astronomical occurrences, and these will continue to happen as needed, as a way to help restore balance in various ways.  Energy reaches Earth from many sources, including stars, planets, and many beings from various worlds and realms.  When the Earth changes for any reason, it is felt throughout the universe, and the same can be said for other planets.


The universal connection we have spoken to you about is real.  There are many being and worlds which are helping the Earth in many ways, partly because they feel this connection and care about you, and partly because to stabilize the Earth has a stabilizing effect on the entire universe and all within it, as well.  When mankind becomes more aware of this connection and becomes more stable at some point, you will likely help to stabilize other worlds, as you are being helped now.  This is part of evolution and the realization of this universal connection. 


Stabilization of planets and those who inhabit them is ongoing.  You are not the only ones who have gone through such a process.  There have been many before you, and there will be many after you.  It is always challenging, but in the end, it is rewarding.  You will eventually be ready to take your place as a world which has evolved, a place of high consciousness among the masses.


Astronomical occurrences are natural and helpful for many reasons and in many ways.  They serve as one means of balancing planetary energies, and there is no reason to fear them.  They are not signs of doom or indications of danger.  On the contrary, they are helpful in ways you do not yet understand completely.  They are part of a universal system of energetic balances from which you benefit.


If you are one who meditates and you would like more personal energetic balance, set that intention.  Then, place your left hand with your palm facing upwards towards the universe and your right hand facing down towards the Earth.  Visualize receiving healing energy from the universe entering your body, as unneeded energy leaves your body to be recycled by the Earth, making room for energy that serves you better.  Call on us to help facilitate the energetic rebalancing, and we will help you. 


We send all energies of Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


I had thought of solar eclipses and the like as simply natural things that happened from time to time, just part of nature.  I think I have an expanded understanding now.  I think we just accept natural occurrences as just the way things are a lot of the time, and I for one don’t spend a lot of time considering the purpose behind them most of the time or the interconnectedness of it all. 


There is a purpose for everything.  Some of this we have discovered and understand, but a lot of it we just take for granted without realizing the importance and significance of how things work.  We accept the sun rises every morning and sets in the evening.  Day becomes night, then returns.  There’s high tide and low tide, the water cycle, weather patterns, and so many other forces of nature we just accept and take for granted. 


We rarely think about the balance of nature, until we mess something up and suffer the consequences.  We’re dealing with different aspects of climate change (all these scientists from all around the world cannot all be wrong), and we see more upsets to the balance all the time, without realizing how precarious things can be until we reach a point of crisis in so many cases.


I had my eclipse glasses out last Monday, and I thought it was pretty neat to watch the sun be covered.  I’d guess we had about 90% coverage where I live, and it struck me at the time that, even with only a tiny sliver of the sun visible, it was still plenty light enough to cast shadows and see clearly.  My kids live in Dallas, and it was a total eclipse there, and it amazed me how dark it got!  It looked like night time!  What a kick!  It wasn’t until I channeled the Angels and got a broader answer about the eclipse that I considered there might have been beneficial effects that came from it.  Pretty cool!


It’s a reminder to me that there is so much more going on than we realize, and there are aspects to cause and effect that we will continue to realize, hopefully not too late to make repairs and preserve some balance.  Nature can help us out, but we also have to help nature out, you know?


Blessings, all.


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