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God Does Not Zap Us

There seems to be a rash of articles talking about how everyone should fear God and even Jesus. I don’t fear God. I love God, and God loves me. In fact, I believe God created and loves all of us. Is He/She all powerful? Yes, I believe so. Could He/She destroy us? Again, I believe so, but why would the Creator destroy the very creations He/She made? Why create the world and its inhabitants just to harm or destroy it? I talked to the Archangels about this idea that God sends punishments to us out of anger, and I’ve posted the discussion below.

Question: Can you please address the idea that God becomes angry with us and punishes us by sending things like diseases and natural disasters?


We know we say this a lot, but it bears repeating. Every soul plans their life on Earth, and that plan is geared toward learning lessons that bring the soul closer to the Creator. With this plan in place, it is highly unlikely a soul will exit a human life in an unpredictable way, whether it be from accident, illness, or natural disaster. Of all beings involved in a life plan, the One who is least likely to interfere in it, is the Creator of All. Let us provide some history regarding why life plans and lessons are required.

It is in answer to the Creator that life plans are made. The first reason for them is to learn in order to understand and commune with God. The second is to ensure that the destruction such as that which caused the Earth to fall will never happen again.

Before The Fall, most souls went to Earth to create and experience life physically on Earth in a human body. Learning wasn’t necessarily the priority over experiencing what physical life was like. Souls had universal knowledge, which remained with them while on Earth, but as we’ve explained many times, knowledge isn’t as strong as experience. Because the knowledge of things, especially emotions, came with no direct experience at that time, choices were made by humankind which led to Earth’s fall, for the sake of its survival, to the third dimension.

Because of this, many lessons are now required to be part of a life plan to avoid this kind of cataclysm from ever happening again. This is why life plans are honored and upheld almost always, with guardians and guides in place to make sure the planned learning takes place, putting the learning above all else. With this in mind, the Creator is not likely to ever intervene and distract from the plans in place.

Having explained the history and logic behind the life plan, now we will address the emotional misinterpretation many of you have pertaining to the Creator as well as why punishment is not visited upon Earth by the Creator.

People have a tendency to put limitations on the Creator based on their own traits and emotions. Whereas people succumb to emotional reactions, the Creator does not. Angry, fearful people sometimes react within these emotions, sometimes even violently, and they become emotionally driven and controlled by these feelings. The Creator does not. The Creator is not human. All creations are born of elemental Love, that is, Love in elemental form, not emotional in nature.

This Love and the creation that results from it are most powerful, much more so than any human emotion. The Love used in creation is indestructible, hence souls never die, even when humans do. The human body is fragile, but the soul is not.

So, ask yourself, even if the Creator did react emotionally out of anger — which He/She does not — what would be the point of punishing humans, which would not only dishonor the life plans required for ascension but which would not punish or end the soul, the original creation? Why would the Creator sabotage the required plan by ending or interfering in a human’s life, which would delay the master plan?

The Creator is all-powerful. Why create something just to destroy it later? What purpose would be served, especially considering that God is not subject to being overcome with emotions, as humans are prone to be. The opposite is also true. Why would God remove all hardships from life on Earth when that would prevent much of the learning needed and required?

The problems and challenges facing mankind are largely manmade or simply a product of natural design. Your science explains much of this clearly. The Creator does not wield these things to punish. Sicknesses come and go naturally. If anything, God sends help and guidance that can lead to cures and treatments. When natural disasters strike, they are exactly that; natural occurrences, not God-made or sent.

We have explained that there is no punishment for souls after a human life for various reasons. Why then, would God punish humans who live without universal knowledge in place? Without this knowledge, mistakes, actions, and choices are expected, and they lead to learning.

As our channel says, God does not “zap” people. The Creator is never out of control due to emotions, like people experience at times. The idea of God being angry, jealous, or wrathful is absolutely untrue. Mankind cannot begin to see the same “big picture” which the Creator sees. The overall picture and plan of the Creator is completely unfathomable to the human mind. It pertains to everything in all the universe.

The Creator desires harmony born of free will. This is the ultimate goal and can only be obtained through knowledge gained through experience during many lifetimes, which the soul earns and holds. To send hindrances and hardships beyond those within the life plan would only deter from this objective.

As for the religious stories that contribute to the idea of God punishing humanity due to emotional response, they are misunderstood, misinterpreted, or erroneous. The Creator is neither driven by emotion, nor driven to punish.On the contrary, God’s design is perfect, the plan in place geared to lead to universal harmony. You cannot attain harmony, freely chosen, by using fear or anger to control or cause people to act under duress. For it to exist and be maintained, it must be understood and desired by the majority of participants. For all of these reasons, mankind need not fear punishment wielded by God.

Final Thoughts

Maybe I should come up with a disclaimer to be attached to all of my work stating that I don’t believe in hell or demons, and I don’t believe the Bible literally. I can already anticipate the hate mail I’ll receive for sharing this message, because it will threaten some people regarding their belief systems. Spare us both the time and trouble it takes to condemn me on paper and tell me I’m either possessed or crazy. I am neither, but if you think I am, that’s okay. And please don’t bother quoting a book I do not recognize as being literally true. It doesn’t bother me any more than receiving mean comments does. As always, feel free to take or leave whatever I write. If it resonates and comforts, I’ve accomplished my goal. If not, you’re not ready to hear this stuff and may never be, and that’s okay, too. Everyone is on their own path and timeline.

I believe in the Archangels and the messages they give me completely. These are what I consider to be irrefutable truth, but if you don’t agree, that’s fine. I’ve said it before; if your belief system brings you joy, peace, hope, and love, and if it inspires you to lead a life of kindness, then you’re doing great and your way works for you. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind or disparage any religions. I’m just offering added perspective with the help of my guides.

It seems every time disaster strikes, people either blame God for allowing it to happen or believe God caused it in order to punish sinners. Neither is true. I remember when AIDS hit us, and people said it was God punishing the gay community. Never mind that many who suffered from AIDS that were not a part of the gay community. I guess they were considered just collateral damage? (For clarification, I’ve shared previous messages from the Angels stating that the lifestyles of the LGBTQ+ folks are not sinful.) Fanatics proclaim that God is angry with us and punishes us, but for many it’s a way to control people and keep them in line with what someone has dubbed the only right path. Excuse my terminology, but sometimes shit happens. How we react to it largely depends on our belief system and the hope, love, and peace it provides.

I respect God totally, but I do not fear Him/Her. God created us and loves us. God is not human or held captive by human limitations like emotional responses. God is above anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, etc. We’re the ones who need to work on that, not our Creator. When I feel God, I feel love, trust and strength. To think God is ruled by emotions is to disregard our Creator’s omnipotence.

With respect and love, I wish many blessings upon everyone.


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