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How to Reach Peace on Earth

The Archangels Discuss the Role of the Peacemaker

For the first time in forever, I decided to go to the movies about a week ago.  I’ve only been once or twice since COVID, and frankly I was in the mood for movie popcorn!  There wasn’t much to choose from, but there was a new movie with Henry Cavill and Alan Ritchson based on a true story about WWII I finally settled on.  I never watch war movies, but I thought, what the heck, I’d give it a try.  If nothing else I could ogle the actors (I’m old, but I’m not dead).


It was a very interesting story, especially because it was based on truth, which was what made it so thought provoking for me.  Briefly, the plot detailed a secret team put together by Churchill to undermine the German U-Boat system and turn the tide of the war, which up to that point was looking pretty bleak for the Allies.  Aside from attacks on the UK and other parts of Europe, the U-Boats, according to the movie, were a great deterrent to the USA getting involved in the war.  Long story short, the team nullified the U-Boat fleet, and the US entered the war.


I don’t know how accurate the movie was historically speaking, but assuming it impacted the war to the detriment of Hitler and his team, it made me think it was smart of Churchill to make that call.  That led to me thinking about how to manage situations like those in Gaza and Ukraine and the roles others should play.  Let me start by saying I’m not even close to an expert when it comes to warfare, and I’m lacking in places when it comes to history, not to mention that the history I’ve learned isn’t entirely accurate, not to mention unbiased.  Although I dream of a war-free world, I have no idea how we would get there. 


I know the US has entered or affected wars at times based on what is best for the US as much as what is best for others.  I know it’s complicated.  I know there are many factors to consider, and I’m glad I’m not the one to make the calls, but at the same time, I personally cannot turn a blind eye to people who are suffering.  The Angels have shared messages about not choosing sides in a conflict, other than to help those who are suffering.  I can apply that to Gaza more easily than I can to the Ukraine conflict.  It’s not that I have no sympathy for any suffering Russians, because I do, but based on my limited understanding, it seems to me that the Ukrainians deserve some help.  Forgive my ignorance and any short-sightedness I have.  As I said, I’m not an expert on these situations.


Here’s the thing.  That movie triggered a lot of questions for me.  If we’re supposed to seek the universal connection we share with all people, doesn’t that mean we’re supposed to help those in need?  If we’re in a position to protect innocent people, isn’t that our responsibility?  Armed forces exist on Earth.  I’m grateful to all the men and women who have protected us and our freedom in the past, and to me, they’re heroes, although I think war is wrong.  It’s quite a conundrum.  How many times have we heard that freedom isn’t free?  And it hasn’t been, but does that mean it has to be at the cost of others?


So, I asked the Archangels for some guidance and insight on the role of peacemakers in terms up making our way toward a war-free world.  Their answer follows.


Question:  How do we manage a transition to a war free Earth?  What is the role of the peacemaker when it comes to protecting others from tyranny, such as in Ukraine or during a situation like WWII?




This is a very difficult if necessary transition.  The key is to find ways to aid and support the oppressed without the use of violence in any form.  The past way of doing this was the use of fear as a deterrent.  Threats of violence was the beginning, whether spoken or unspoken, and in time, violence usually ensued.  Meanwhile, the side that was weaker in terms of force worked diligently to increase their strength, so the oppositional force was not as threatening.  Even when violence was only an insinuation it was always crucial to the plan.


Sanctions, although better than violence, still use force, power, and control as deterrents, so the playing field is already steeped in hostility.  Even if fear prevailed and managed to prevent certain actions, fear makes for a very unstable foundation upon which to build.  It is never likely to lead to better relations


The world is so interconnected now.  There is no true independence.  Rather than being a negative, this can actually be a positive.  Rather than using the same negative threats to control others, one way to build a stronger foundation and strengthen relations is to offer positive incentives.  Consider what is most needed in a country and offer to assist in that area, rather than trying to force them into compliance.  If the world made a kind of list of strengths and weaknesses or assets and deficits of which leaders are already aware and offered to exchange things of value and worth to help each other, this would go a long way toward building a foundation that is strong.


This should be approached with a goal of benefiting all concerned.  If a country is ravaged by famine, those who have more food than they need should help them, not for personal gain, but because they can spare what is needed.  When one country threatens another, determine the incentive behind the threats and find a way to meet those incentives in a positive way.  Focus on creating an atmosphere of cooperation, rather than competition.


We know there is more to it than this.  There are those who fight for more power and control, more wealth and more influence.  Those people must be replaced, and they eventually will be.  It will be up to the masses to take a stand against such leadership.  No, this should not include violence, but it must include unity.  It will take others who also have authority to oust some of these people, but in a way that these people in power positions know there is no place for them anymore. 


Usually this leads to someone shouting plots of assassination, but that is not what we are talking about.  There is no individual in power who runs an entire country by him- or herself.  They cannot possibly do everything necessary.  It will be up to the people who enable him or her to stop enabling them in order for them to be removed.  It will take people to unite for humanity, for the masses, rather than for personal power or gain, to tip the balance.  These people already exist, although they have not realized their power.


There are several conflicts which are already in progress on Earth right now, so they are not avoidable.  However, there are things everyone who is not directly involved can do to try to de-escalate things.  We have long said that people should avoid choosing sides in a conflict, yet this is a common practice.  Consider the conflict in Gaza.  There are people on both sides who are suffering, starving, and dying not due to their own action, but the actions of their leaders.  The people who continue to escalate the conflict are for the most part in safe zones with more than enough to eat, with secure shelter, and medical supplies and treatments at their disposal, unlike the people in Gaza and the surrounding area, who did not attack anyone or incite violence of any kind.  Rather than taking a stance against Israel or Hamas, stand up for those who are suffering on both sides.  There are people, parents, and children on both sides who are living and dying in desperation.


Stand against the actions and choices of their leaders, and strive to help those in dire need on both sides of the conflict.  Both sides of the leadership are at fault, and both sides have caused and continue to cause suffering among people who did nothing to invite it.  Although it is too late to avoid the conflict altogether, choosing sides only adds to it, rather than offering help or relief to anyone.


Why should people who had no part in orchestrating this war be persecuted?  What good comes from it?  To stoke and spread the animosity only causes more harm and has no positive effect.  Neither does it do anything to end the conflict.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  If you must be angry at someone, place the blame on those who planned, orchestrated and retaliated against innocents.  Shine the light on the harm being caused for others while those who facilitate these conflicts profit from them while remaining in power positions that cause and add to the peoples’ hardships.  Choosing sides strengthens the hatred born of those behind the violence and conflict and the energy attached to it.  Rather than building on anger, build on compassion for all.


Whenever people choose sides, whether or not they engage in warfare, they add to the war’s energy.  Do you realize that this increase in war energy perpetuates the problem?  Choosing sides should mean choosing in favor of all innocent people on both sides.


These changes you crave will not happen overnight, but they are possible.  Long-term solutions require long-term planning and implementation.  We know it sounds improbable right now, but it well become doable in the future.  For now, work on finding inner peace, then work on unity.  Do not engage in choosing sides and heaping blame.  The truth is, in any conflict, there is right and wrong, as well as fear and ignorance and lack of communication on both sides. 


Consider that the way violent conflicts have always been “solved” in the past has been through force.  Yet, obviously, the world remains at war, has always been at war in some place or another since recorded history, and the regions who have relied on violence and control to remain in power have all failed.  Look at Egypt, Rome, and all the places which once seemed invincible.  Look at Caesar, Atilla, Alexander, Hitler.  They stayed in power for a time, but they eventually fell.  This is the fate for all who rule through might and fear.  Eventually, someone will always become stronger, and the power held will wither.  This is not the way. 


There must be compromise and acceptance.  There must be learning and understanding.  There must be communication and unity.  These things lead to true, long-term solutions.  It will take time, but if humanity is committed to making peace a permanent solution, it can find the ways to make it happen.


We send you all peace and Love.


Final Thoughts


When you think about it, some of the stuff the Angels said has already been in practice on a small scale.  There are organizations who send aid to refugees of various nations, victims of catastrophe, and those hit by natural disasters.  Who among us wouldn’t reach out and help someone if they fell right in front of us.  Maybe some wouldn’t, but I think most of us would, if we were present and able to help.


Sometimes, it just seems so hopeless.  When it becomes overwhelming, the Angels remind me that the world’s problems are not going to be solved by one person or even a selected number of people.  The problems will be solved by the vast majority of people who are willing to us things like compromise, acceptance, learning, understanding, communication, and peace.  It’s hard to imagine, but I want to.  I don’t think I’ll see it during my lifetime, but I see signs that we’re headed that way.  I hope it’s enough.  I hope we’re enough.  I hope our children and grandchildren do a better job that we have up to this point.


Blessings, all.



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