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Are Our Souls Energetically Balanced?

The Archangels Discuss the Soul's Masculine and Feminine Energy

I’ve written about masculine and feminine energy before, because there is a lot about it that is misunderstood.  First of all, the ideal balance is to have an equal balance between the two as much as possible, and second of all, it has nothing to do with gender, at least when we’re talking about divine energy with the Archangels.


The way they’ve explained it to me is that feminine energy refers to and includes creativity and nurturing, while masculine energy refers to and includes assertiveness and protectiveness, among other things.  In a perfect world, we would embrace and strive to balance both energies as much as possible, all the time. We would all strive to create things, most importantly our lives and how we live and design them, and we would do so in a nurturing way to ourselves and others.  That’s using the feminine side of energy.  In order to manifest and build these creative ideas, make them happen, we use the masculine side of energy, pushing forward with the plans and protecting them, ourselves, and others throughout the process.  In a perfect world …


However, we all know our world is nowhere near perfect.  Society fills us with ideas that confuse this process and ideal.  They assign gender specific behaviors labeled acceptable and unacceptable.  Patriarchy is alive and well throughout the world, and that adds to the confusion and struggle.  Old ideas still struggle to remain, including men don’t cry, wear pink, or clean house.  They protect, own guns, and solve problems by beating people up.  Women raise the kids and keep the house.  They nurture the children and support and defer to their husbands to take their family in the right direction.  Boys play with cars, and girls play with dolls.  God forbid they want to branch out.


Yes, things have gotten better in some respects, and some of these ideas have become dated, but don’t fool yourself into thinking they’ve disappeared.  Women are fighting for the right to make their own reproductive decisions, including pregnancy prevention, termination, and healthcare.  For years, Viagra was supported by companies who didn’t cover contraception.  There are still people who are horrified when they see their sons acting too feminine, wanting to wear their mothers’ high heeled shoes or girls who want to play football.  Men still make more money than women who do the same job, assuming they can get their foot in the door.  When they do, they’re labeled bitches when they fire someone, and there are often whispers about who she slept with to get where she sits.  And these things are rampant in “modern world countries!” 


All of these things got me wondering if our souls are normally energetically balanced when not incarnated, but we lose that balance when we incarnate, like we lose our universal knowledge, and the answer I got ties into that universal knowledge and why we come to Earth.  Pretty thought provoking, really.  You’ll find it all below.


Question:  I know the goal is to balance feminine and masculine energy.  When we are in soul form, between incarnations, are our souls in balance?




The balance of masculine and feminine energies is a lesson practiced and learned during incarnations.  It takes many lifetimes to find a good balance, so the quality of balance varies from soul to soul, depending on how much they have learned about it during their lifetimes.  Sometimes, it is one of the lessons targeted, and sometimes, it is not.  Regardless of whether or not it is a focus, something usually contributes to this knowledge, if not knowingly during the lifetime, then during the life review after the lifetime ends on Earth.  


This masculine and feminine energetic balance is a great example of a concept that can be taught and learned, but remains incomplete without firsthand experience.  While a person experiencing a human, physical life may not gain clarity regarding this balance while living on Earth, the soul’s understanding and experience leads to clarity and growth for the soul.


For example, in a patriarchal society, it would be extremely difficult to experience a healthy masculine/feminine balance, whether one is male or female, but a soul can also learn a lot about this through experiencing imbalance of these energies, perhaps from the position of an overabundance of masculine energy through the eyes of a man or a woman. Although the human might accept patriarchy, the soul will not, and after experiencing it, experience adds clarity and strength to the knowledge it already possesses, and the lesson is stronger and better understood.  During a life review, a soul can easily spot the imbalance and has gained the experience of what can happen when there is not a good balance.


A soul may gain more knowledge and appreciation for the balance of masculine and feminine energies through many lifetimes, as they experience it from different perspectives.  Perhaps they will live lives as a man who wields power through patriarchy, a woman who is suppressed through patriarchy, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a variety of sexual and gender identities, in different kinds of societies, situations, and circumstances.  Each lifetime adds to the knowledge and experience of this and a variety of other concepts.


So, although all souls know and understand all life lessons in theory, the level of experience and firsthand knowledge they gain can vary greatly, depending on the soul’s life experiences.  This experience has proven to be crucial for many reasons.  It is with purpose that souls reincarnate, so that they may continue to learn and grow through experience.  Each lifetime results in gains in many areas and life lessons, so that eventually, full understanding will be gained through experience to go with universal knowledge, and a soul will be that much closer to complete acceptance and true understanding of life and all its lessons. 


When this happens, they will have achieved a status that some people refer to as becoming an Ascended Master (of all life lessons).  This is complete, in depth, firsthand knowledge that allows the soul to see clearly through the eyes of the Creator and enable them to accept and guide others towards this end, should they choose, and many do. 


We send all healing energies of Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


I had several thoughts as I channeled this message.  The part about learning about masculine and feminine energetic balance through experiencing life in different genders, gender associations, sexual identities, societies, situations, circumstances, etc. explains why these experiences are so valuable, in my mind.  It’s not just for the experience gained on Earth, but it’s for a soul’s evolution and growth. 


This makes sense to me on several levels.  How can we truly understand something without some kind of firsthand experience?  We can point fingers at how people are doing things wrong or backwards, but how can we begin to grasp the strength and origins of cultural and societal choices and edicts without experiencing them? 


I’m not ready to sign up for a lifetime on the Gaza strip, believe me, and I know that there are more challenges when you’re a member of a marginalized group, such as in the LGBTQ+ community, when you’re a minority, from another country, religion, etc. than when you fit society’s definition of “normal,” and life is already hard enough for me as I am, not living in a war torn country, in poverty, openly persecuted, etc.  I remember the Angels saying once that if we humans designed our own life plans, instead of our souls, we’d all be rich, living in big houses, driving fast cars, and playing more than working, as we all know the world doesn’t work that way.  But our souls know better, and they also know what we need, even if we can’t see it. 


It’s through these experiences our soul gains from various lifetimes that makes it easier generation after generation to reincarnate at times, in some ways.  A couple hundred years ago, I could’ve been burned at the stake for being a witch for saying I speak to the Angels!  In some places in the world this still happens, or at the very least, I would be ostracized.  Not to mention, I’m an outspoken and opinionated woman.  I couldn’t have gotten away with that even a hundred years ago.  When did women get the right to vote?  Get a job outside the home?  Decide to remain single?  Own property?  Make their own choices and be independent?


My point is, that this message is thought provoking for me in that it gives a new, underscored meaning to the idea that our souls live our lives right along with us, and we benefit from the souls’ growth as much or more than we do from the humans’ growth, not just individually, but collectively, hopefully, so we can grow on Earth as well as beyond Earth, and do better.  It’s a new connection and appreciation I feel for my higher self, that we’re learning for ourselves as well as to make the future world a better place.  Cool!


Blessings, all.


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