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Have You Heard of the Shift?

What is the Shift?

The Shift refers to the elevation of the Earth from the third dimension, which if you were born before 2012, is all you’ve known, to the fifth dimension, where it currently exists. Eons ago, the Earth was a very different place where people were united under the umbrella of humankind. It was a peaceful, happy, beautiful place where God’s creations — people — came to experience a corporeal life and, in turn, create using their own special gifts.

To make a long story short, mankind behaved in such a way that deteriorated their existence to the point of necessitating the descent of Earth to the third dimension. This change is reminiscent of the casting out of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Life went from being joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling to a place of darkness, fear, and isolation.

Life in the Third Dimension

From that time on, cooperation was exchanged for competition, separation replaced unification, and direct communication with The Creator of All was mostly lost. Instead of using our God-given gifts to create a life of fulfillment, we lived from a place of fear based on past experiences which we worked diligently to overcome, and worries about what the future could hold. The present, then, was spent looking back at past failures, and preparation for things that might or could happen, that more times than not, never came to fruition. Enjoying the present became a rarity.

How many of us work in jobs that we love? Do we use our gifts in a way that makes us feel useful and fulfilled, or do we settle for jobs that make us feel more secure, so we don’t have to worry so much about the future? How much of our time is spent trying to help others less fortunate as opposed to working hard to get ahead of the pack? The answer is, most of us.

Life in the Fifth Dimension

The fifth dimension is very different from the third dimension in many ways. Life is easier as well as more joyful. In the fifth dimension, people feel connected to other people around the world. Instead of thinking about what’s best for the individual or smaller groups, thoughts and actions revolve around what is best for mankind in its totality. Local and national concerns are exchanged for global concerns and how actions affect everyone. There is no “us” and “them”; there is “we”.

The fifth dimension is based in love and unity. People work together instead of competing against one another. And people awaken to spirituality and make connections with entities of higher dimensions, like God, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Higher Guides. I have a connection with a group of Archangels. It’s easier, now, than you may think.


So, What’s the Holdup?

Actually, we can see signs of positive changes all around us. Look at the Me Too and Black Lives Matter movements formed to put an end to widely accepted practices that have been going on for decades or longer, showing people a better way of doing things, and affecting change.

The media would have us believe that the end of the world is coming. In a sense it is, although it’s the end of the world as we know it, and it’s being replaced with a better world where everyone works together in harmony.

The problem is, most people don’t realize what’s happening and continue to live in the third dimension paradigm. It will take time for people to catch up. In the meantime, there are people like me who have jobs to do. Some of us inform, some of us guide, and some of us spread love, among other things.  We volunteered for the job, even though most of us don’t remember doing so, since it was before we were born.

The Archangels I channel call themselves the Collective Consciousness of the Archangelic Realm, C-CAR for short. They told me that people like me, who have come to help others during this time of rapid change, will sow the seeds. Our children will nourish them. Their children will harvest them. So, it will take some time.

Effects of the Shift

Right now, people are in transition. There are side effects, like emotional upheaval, which needs to happen, so we can process old, negative emotions like fear and anger, and transform them into higher emotions, like love, forgiveness, and gratitude. So, if you’re trying to deal with things that happened a long time ago and wonder why they’ve suddenly prodded you to reconsider them, the Shift could be the trigger.

Because of all the light and energy being sent to Earth, we may feel more tired and rundown than usual. Sometimes, we might feel under the weather and don’t know why, because we’re not sick, although we sometimes have body aches, headaches, and exhaustion.

Children born from 2012 on will be more awakened than their parents in most cases, and things their parents do or believe may not resonate with them. They’ll come into the world with a closer connection to God than we did. They will learn faster and behave differently toward others many times, than in generations passed. They’ll be better problem solvers, but their perspectives will be more globally rooted. They’ll embrace others’ differences, instead of condemning them.

What Can You Do Right Now?

The things that have helped me understand and deal better in these times of change include prayer and meditation, avoiding most of the negative news and focusing on the positive, and opening my mind to possibilities I’d never seriously considered before. I’ve studied about things like Reiki, psychic gifts and how to develop them, and most wondrous of all, I’ve connected with the Archangels who continue to encourage me, answer numerous questions, and send me Light and Love, which will help me to help others. If you want in on this positive energy, just ask for it. They’re always listening, but they’re very respectful of your right to free choice, and they won’t give you these gifts unless you request them.

Other than that, buckle up! It’s going to be quite a ride!

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