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How Are We Doing With The Shift

A whole lot is going on, and it’s easy to focus on the negative, because so much of it is bad, but I asked the Archangels how we were doing overall, and they’re very pleased. Below, they give us an update on our progress.

Question: Can you please give us an update on how things are going with The Shift?


We know for humankind the time often passes slowly, but for we Archangels, things are happening faster in terms of change and awakening, than ever before.

Obviously, there are still the problems on Earth that have been there for generations. There is much work to do. However, never before have we seen so many people taking notice of these problems and coming to the conclusion that they will not be solved by others. They begin to see that those in power act for themselves, not others. And finally, finally, they are beginning to gather and plan together what must be done.

Think of all the unfair, even tragic things that have happened, just in the last year. Despite how badly some of these things have affected so many of you, they have also triggered unity to a higher degree than ever before since The Fall. Many are feeling outrage not for themselves, but for others. People are exchanging fear and apathy and finding power and unity. Whereas before, people did not believe they had the ability to make a difference and correct the things holding them down, they now know that the only way things will change is if they step in with others and make them change.

Another thing we clearly see is the panic being felt by those in power. They are scrambling to keep their control and power over others, yet they do not know how to stave off their opposition. We warn you, many of their possible plans include violence and instilling more fear in the masses. They will continue to instigate controversy and anger between the masses, because it has worked so well in the past. They will be at a loss as they continue to lose ground.

Be wary of group demonstrations, even those that only intend peaceful action, for those in power will try to spark violence to place a shadow over your plans. They wish to discredit you. Also, brace for more revelations of wrong doing by people in power. The truth and horror of their actions will be known, and it will spur further action from the masses to make sure their wrong doing will not be repeated.

We are happy to tell you that as more violence and control is exercised by those in power, it is resulting in smarter, peaceful reactions from the masses. People are beginning to see that violence will only add to their current problems, and they are responding with peaceful, more effective measures which are not so easily defeated. Peaceful unity will defeat violence eventually every time, because it will trigger more people to not only see things more clearly, but to condemn the oppression and get more involved. All of this is good. Be patient, and you will see this is true.

You still lack obvious leadership, but we will tell you that leaders are stepping forward in many places. Once they begin to network amongst themselves, things will begin to happen that you will easily notice. You will see the tide begin to change.

Because of all the oppression and control being waged by those who are desperate to maintain the status quo, people are getting involved and taking back their own power to set things right. Right now, you can’t see it, but you will. You are well into the first stage of seeing, talking, and sharing, and soon you will go on to planning and taking action. There is little that can stop peaceful action through unity.

When pitting you against each other ceases to work, they will fall from power. Find common ground with peaceful yet strong people who are willing to get involved, who see things clearly, and who will do their part. Stay away from unreasonable people who feel superior to others. They, also, will fall. They are simply pawns in a power struggle.

The changes taking place are still largely on an individual basis. More people are awakening daily. Some do not understand why they feel different, but their eyes and minds have been opened. Awakened people will unite with others who have awakened, and this is where power is shared and gained. Because they have awakened, they will be smarter and stronger than others who have not. They will be more courageous and will eventually prevail.

So, take hope in what we are seeing, even though it is not yet apparent to you. Avoid violence and even verbal engagement with closed minded people. They will not hear you, and they are yet unable to reason through things clearly. Stay together, work together, plan together. Know that we are with you, and we see much for which to be hopeful.

Final Thoughts

That is good news, and it makes sense to me. In the past, we’ve been manipulated with fear and anger. Now, more and more of us are wising up and not only becoming more aware about the problems we all face, but we are beginning to realize that the only way things are going to change is if we stand together, peacefully, and make them change. This is happening!

It makes sense that these changes in people are not yet well known. Just look at our own small community here. My faithful readers and friends are encouraging each other, and we are sharing our views and ideas with each other. We worry, but we are aware. Things still scare us, but we’re asking ourselves what we can do about them, rather than locking ourselves away and hoping for a miracle. We’re standing up for what we believe more and more. We’re caring about each other and people we’ve never even met, rather than limiting our concerns to ourselves and those we care about.

If we’re beginning to stand together here, that’s got to be happening elsewhere, too. The world is a really big place, but we’re able to connect with each other globally and more easily than ever before. It sounds egotistical, but we’re smarter than the folks who are still stuck on trying to control others and force them to do things they don’t want to do. Our focus is not to control others, but to ensure that everyone has the freedom to choose for themselves. It is a just cause. It is not selfish or self-centered. More and more, I hear people talking about ‘us’ and ‘we’, rather than ‘me’ and ‘them’. I think we’re on the right track.

Let’s stick together and support each other. I’m so happy to have met so many good people here. Virtual friends are still friends to be counted! I love you guys!

Blessings, and let’s hold on to this hope and build upon it.


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