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Update on the Shift (August 2023)

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I’ve received an increase in emails lately on a couple of things tied to The Shift, meaning the transition from the third dimension to the fifth dimension, and when this happens, I know people are feeling the changes happening. That’s when it’s a good idea to ask for an update from the Archangels on where we’re at, and how things are moving. Their answer and update follow.

Question: Can you please give us an update of how things are going with The Shift?


There are three significant areas of change that have skyrocketed over the last few months. The least of these, although still very important, is the climate change effects you are seeing and feeling. The Earth is healing herself, and the catastrophic weather patterns, which we first spoke about a year or two ago are in full swing. Fires, drought, hurricanes, tornados, an increase in temperatures all are signs of this.

These occurrences will continue to worsen in the coming years, and eventually, mankind will have no choice but to increase conservation practices of natural resources and modify some practices that have contributed to damaging the planet. The sooner efforts are made, to restore the Earth, the less drastic the changes will have to be, and the sooner the Earth will heal.

All of you can contribute by focusing on sending healing energy to the planet. Earth energy surrounds you. Set a healing intention and focus on that healing. The exchanges of energy will help. One person’s energetic contribution alone may not make a huge difference, but if many contribute that little bit, it can have a powerful effect.

Secondly, many more people have awakened to 5D energy, whether they know why they feel different, or not. You can see the effects of this in building unity among the people, the fact that more people are feeling moved and strong enough to weigh in on various matters when before, they would have assumed there was nothing they could do, and the escalation of conflict between those who are embracing 5D and those who are fighting it.

The rise in collective consciousness is building faster, much like the domino or snowball effect we have mentioned in past messages. As more people awaken, their energy will prompt others to follow. Guard your energy, and keep it at a high vibration. Practice self-care and bring more joy into your life. Do not participate in confrontations and conflicts. When you do, your vibration lowers, taking away from your causes and strengthening the opposing side.

The energy around you is such that healing happens quickly and vibration is enhanced to the point that you will not need to tell other people about The Shift or explain why things feel different; your energy will affect them in such a way that they will feel it, adjust their own energy without realizing it, and begin to heal and change their way of thinking.

This brings us to the third area of rapid change due to The Shift, and it does not feel comfortable for many. We have discussed before that past trauma must be dealt with in order to be comfortable in the 5D setting. Toward that end, many people are remembering and being triggered by unpleasant, traumatic memories coming to the surface of their consciousness.

Many are thinking of these things after years of them lying dormant. The reason for this escalation of past traumatic memories is due to the increase of people who are awakening and the clash in energy they hold with the 5D energy surrounding you. Trying to rebury them and avoid them will no longer feel comfortable, and they will continue to resurface until you face them.

No one enjoys this process until afterwards, which is quite understandable. It is difficult to think of traumatic events but it is necessary in order to heal from them. The healing energy you need to process these emotions is all around you and easy to access, allowing the healing to occur more quickly and more powerfully, but you must first allow yourself to feel those emotions attached to them and make an active choice to release them. Ask for our help, and we will give it. Once you heal, they will no longer trouble you, and you will feel much lighter.

Many people believe forgiveness is a necessary part of this process, and it can be, but it is not required. You will eventually find forgiveness, but not necessarily in this lifetime. Focus on your own healing and do whatever you need to move past these troubling emotional memories and put them behind you. This should be your top priority. Find someone to talk to, get professional help, or perhaps writing a letter and outpouring anger and resentment toward someone will help, as it did for our channel.

There are other effects of The Shift we can see, such as more appearances of psychic gifts and a continuation of people in power falling from grace and losing their power, but the three things we mentioned are the most prevalent and widespread right now. Humanity is struggling with all the chaos of the transition, but it is making great strides toward needed change.

We send you all Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

It’s not just a few people who are feeling an awakening to the new dimension, it is a landslide of people at this point, and their numbers are getting higher daily. There is a man who recently started writing on Medium, named Don Wright, aka the Ancient One. Don’s Guides actually give him a number that tells us where we’re at, a type of percentage figure, if you’re interested in finding out more about it. He’s been emailing me for quite some time with updates, and I think they add to the hope I feel.

Things are moving right along, although they’re not necessarily moving easily. The people currently in power want to hold onto it, so they’re going to fight change every step of the way, but the Angels say we can’t lose.

Think of the number of people in the world who are currently considered powerful and compare their numbers to everyone else. We outnumber them by a whole lot. Plus, the changes we want to see are positive changes that strengthen and equalize people. That’s the kind of energy that fits comfortably in the fifth dimension and that thrives.

The chaos we’re experiencing now is mostly due to the transition. The Angels have spoken about this in past articles. We know what we want to see change, but we’re not sure how to make that happen yet. With all the smart and good people in the world uniting, it’s just a matter of time before we sort things out.

Blessings, all.


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