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Update on The Shift

I hope this finds you all doing well. I was sitting next to my grandson this morning, who I’d just rocked to sleep, and I contemplated what I would write about today. It occurred to me that I hadn’t asked the Angels for an update on our progress in The Shift in some time, so I asked them for an update. Following is their response.

Question: I’d like to post an update on how things are progressing with The Shift, if you’ll please help me.


When you asked in the past for an update, we remarked that there would be many revelations and secrets revealed regarding governments and the people directly connected to them. Have you noticed this phase has begun? There have been several people who are being investigated, their secrets revealed, and more will follow, some more serious in nature.

Those in power are beginning to see that things are changing. People are beginning to unite in their efforts to set things right. Already, most people are taking notice of things that do not resonate, that are unfair and unequal, and they are beginning to raise their voices in disagreement.

Those who are not being persecuted directly are joining those who have been adversely affected, and they are beginning to see through those who are attempting to manipulate them. More and more are outraged at the gall and attempted control over others that is happening, and they are beginning to see that their own freedom and lives are in danger of being controlled by others. They see that the problem is as much theirs as it is those in targeted groups. This is when change is demanded and occurs.

On an individual level, many are now beginning to notice, feel, and embrace the fifth dimension paradigm. They are beginning to slowly replace fear and isolation with love and unity. This began years ago, and not once has it regressed. The number of people who are awakening continues to increase daily.

As individual consciousness continues to rise, it contributes to the rise in collective consciousness. We are seeing fear and indifference replaced with awareness and courageous power. This is well underway in places where it is safer to express dissatisfaction and opinions, and it is spreading to places where it is less safe.

People everywhere are questioning, at least mentally, the status quo and the previous idea that they are powerless. This is beginning to expand quickly, and the people are beginning to realize that they are more powerful and outnumber greatly those who are controlling them. These things will continue for some time, building a greater following and increasing in strength and voice.

Many are beginning to realize their purposes in regard to The Shift. There are many more lightworkers and way-showers stepping forward, and those numbers continue to increase. Those who have not already connected with their Guides or begun to realize psychic abilities are becoming more open-minded to the possibility that they exist. Also, people are becoming more open to the possibility that they have been wrong, regarding beliefs and actions. This also is a sign of fifth dimension awakening.

There is a rise in righteous anger on the planet that we would like to speak to you about. It is indeed righteous, as more of you notice and take issue with all the things wrong in the world that must change. There is also building resentment toward those in power in governments as they redouble their efforts to control the people. However, we bid you to be conscious of this anger and not focus on or feed it. If you do too much of that, you can become lost in it, and it will have a negative effect on individual as well as collective energy. Instead, we hope you will transform this anger and resentment into determination and action.

When you angrily say to yourself, “That’s not right,” or “That makes me so angry,” follow up that thought with one such as, “What can I do to help change it?” Think of the gifts you have to offer and identify some way to contribute to a solution. It does not have to be on a grand scale. It can be something small, including self-care, which adds to positive energy.

If you do this, you will begin to find your power, and it will increase your joy, confidence, and make a difference to something important to you. Be aware of your emotions and use them for something positive and powerful.

We would say that things are going quite well and building momentum, and we are very optimistic that things will continue to grow and increase momentum. We are very proud of your continued progress and determination to see things change.

As always, we stand with you in support and guidance. Please call on us for these things as well as strength, persistence, and comfort.

We send you all energies of Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

These things move slowly, don’t they? But, it’s nice to know that we’re headed in the right direction and making constant progress. The number of people who want things to change is growing steadily. People are beginning to be more vocal about their unrest and disagreement. Questioning the status quo and challenging old misconceptions about not being able to change anything is on the rise. We’re beginning to see it in politics and unrest in the masses. We’re gaining ground slowly, and they’re losing it.

I know many of you, like me, are impatient for change, but considering how long it’s taken to make such a mess of the world, it’s bound to take a lot of time to make things right. The main thing is we are not stuck or stagnant. We’re growing in numbers and power insofar as a need for equality and accountability. We’re no longer stifled by empty promises and detours full of excuses and proclamations that there is nothing we can do about it while casting blame on others.

We’re still going to have to traverse rough waters. As those in power increase their efforts to re-strengthen their control over us, things are bound to become more challenging. I wonder how many of them have realized that their old ways of taking control are no longer working, and I wonder what they will come up with next out of desperation. I don’t let myself give into the fear of what might happen in the future, but it is concerning at times.

I know a lot of us are still put off by the idea of getting involved in changing things, but I think it’s important to remember what the Angels said about our actions and contributions not having to be on a grand scale. We can make small contributions in ways that we are comfortable with and make a combined, huge impact. We decide what we can do and how.

Overall, I think this is a very positive update, don’t you? Despite impatience, we’re still moving forward. Things are not slowing, they’re gaining momentum. We’re doing a good job, and we should celebrate the seemingly baby steps we’re taking. Baby steps get bigger and bigger as the baby (in this case, our future world) grows, right? Let’s keep up the good work.

Blessings all, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Do something that makes you laugh!


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