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When Does Life Begin

The Archangels Discuss the Controversy at the Heart of IVF and Abortion


I received an email yesterday regarding the IVF controversy around when life begins, which was newly triggered by the Alabama court system’s decision that has already affected IVF procedures.  There are some topics I prefer not to involve myself in, because the fallout is sometimes not worth it to me.  What some people don’t consider is that I can’t and won’t change the Angels’ answer or response, simply because they or I disagree with it.  I would never do that.  I would never misrepresent the Angels’ point of view, whether I agree with it or not, and sometimes, we don’t agree (although they usually have very good points for reconsideration).  I almost declined to channel an answer to this, but the Angels stepped in and guided me to ask them for a response.  It was not what I expected, and it follows.


Question:  With all the controversy regarding IVF and abortion, would you please address the question of when life begins?




We will, however it is not the answer that will satisfy either side of this controversy, more than likely.  We will include some thoughts for you to ponder further, but our view of when life begins is very different from the human view, which is limited. 


Life begins not with the fertilization of an egg or at a certain point afterwards, but with the creation of the soul.  A human life, without making less of it or its importance, is a physical representation of a soul’s life, the vehicle that allows the soul to experience a physical life.  Without the soul, the human being has no true life.  When the human life comes to an end, the soul’s life continues, albeit without a physical body to express it until it chooses to reincarnate again.  The soul’s life is everlasting whether it resides in a human body, whether an egg is fertilized, whether an unborn child is aborted, whether a murder, suicide, or accident takes place, or not. 


Though the life of the soul does not end, and the physical expression of life was never intended to be lasting or permanent, this does not intend to suggest that a human life does not matter, is unimportant or is disposable, but it does mean that life does not begin or end with a human body.


We can already hear some opinions forming regarding us sidestepping the issue, and we are not doing that, either.  Human life is precious.  We guard it and strengthen it, and we guide and treasure it during all stages, from pre-birth to human death and beyond.  We exist to serve mankind, and we do so with unconditional love and absolute devotion.  However, to put such emphasis on when human life begins dismisses other issues of equal and greater importance.


Great time, effort, and funding is placed on preventing women from obtaining abortions, however it has always remained narrow-minded in terms of the bigger picture.  So many people picture beautiful, innocent, newborn infants in their minds as they proclaim loudly that they need to be protected from abortion, yet the vast majority of these same people remain silent when it comes to the issues which drive women to seek an abortion.  They rarely protest against poverty, pre-natal care, lack of support for new mothers and children, lack of education, lack of opportunities for unwed mothers or fathers of their children.  In some instances, they even advocate to prevent education and birth prevention for women who find themselves in these and other dire circumstances.


Whereas we applaud the idea of helping and protecting others, this pro-life movement regarding the prevention of access to abortion is extremely short sighted and incomplete.  Perhaps if women had more support and options before and after giving birth to a child, fewer would seek abortions, yet little has been done to improve their situations.


Another aspect to consider is why these is such an uproar regarding unborn children’s rights even as loving children and adults’ rights are begin sidelined and disregarded.  An unborn child does not have the brain function or capacity to be aware of, much less make choices, whereas people who are alive and who have reached the point of reason do.  Abortions do not take choices from a being who has no capacity to choose.  They do not exist for the unborn child.  They do, however, or should exist for the mother of the child.  There is much controversy over an unborn child’s rights, yet the same right to choose for the mother tends to be very cut and dried, when in fact, it is much more multifaceted.


We do not wish to take a definitive stand on whether or not it is right or wrong to get an abortion.  We will, however, state that the soul, which is what brings life to a human being, is rarely present until shortly before birth occurs.  If the body which is forming and growing comes to an end, whether due to abortion, miscarriage, or whatever stopped the growth process, the soul lives on, therefore life continues.  The soul will come into a different body in the future. When you consider that, the entire argument regarding prolife, in a sense, becomes moot.


We will add one more point to consider.  We do not suggest that unborn children’s lives are not important or unworthy of protection.  We do, however, advise the consideration that one life is not more important than another.  Further, as we have said many times in the past, each person should be in control of his or her own life, choices, and body.  No one should have the right to control other people or take away their life choices as long as these choices do not involve them.


It is not the right of any person to judge or condemn someone else or their personal choices.  It is not acceptable for any person to control another person’s body, including violating someone’s body or limiting choices they make regarding their own body, whether that is forcing someone to get an abortion, preventing someone from getting an abortion, immunization, organ transplant or removal, or where and how someone lives.  Controlling someone’s choices over what they do with their own body and life is wrong and unacceptable.  These things, along with much simpler choices, such as what to wear, whether or not to get a tattoo, where to work, what religion to practice, and so many other things should remain under the banner of personal choice, and these decisions should be made by the individual, not someone else.


People are the creators of their own human lives.  That is what the Creator intended through incarnation into a physical body.  If you believe abortion is wrong, do not get an abortion.  If you believe a certain religion is right, practice it.  If you believe same sex relationships are sinful, do not engage in one.  If you believe that going to church and praying are essential, then do so.  These are all personal decisions and choices.  Choose for yourself, but do not make the mistake of thinking you or anyone else is entitled to control these and other choices for others.  Do not be misled or fool yourself into believing that you have the divine right or divine guidance to do so, for you do not.


Make your personal choices and leave others alone to do the same.


We send all Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


I’ve made no secret that I believe in a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body.  That’s my opinion, and we’re all entitled to have our own opinions.  I stand by the choice to agree to disagree with anyone, also.  Just because we disagree on something doesn’t mean either of us are right or wrong other than how that ties into our own opinions and understanding.


Having said that, the Angels made a few really good points I’d like to address.  They mentioned that people who are against abortion often think of beautiful newborn babies and their innocence and need for protection, but what about these precious babies who are born into homes unwanted, to abusive parents or simply parents who do not have the means to support them and make sure they have what they need?  You never see pictures of abused and neglected kids next to pro-life signs.  What about them?  It seems to me that they are just as worthy of people’s support and help as those who have yet to be born, yet poverty and abuse exist and are much more prevalent than abortions.


Secondly, I can’t help but note the hypocrisy involved in some people’s fight to prevent a woman’s choice to get an abortion.  Some fight against birth control options and sex education, both of which have been proven to prevent abortions.   Further, although some people say they fight for the rights of the unborn, because they are people, too, they want to inhibit the rights of others in other circumstances, including the rights to choose who to marry, which religion to practice or be exposed to, whether or not to give access to the truth in our history, among other things. 


Further, some who fight for the rights of the unborn fight against the rights of families to decide on treatment for transgender children based on and supported by extensive research and medical professionals, of mothers whose lives are in danger from giving birth and not having access to abortion in order to save their lives, or the right of a child or woman who is the victim of rape or incest, who has already had her life choices taken away by someone else to seek an abortion.  What about the rights of these individuals?  And how ironic is it that the very idea of protecting unborn lives is inhibiting people who want to have children, but cannot do so without medical assistance such as IVF procedures?


Who should get to make these decisions that affect other people’s lives irrevocably, if not the individual affected?  Who dares to think they are qualified to make decisions with long reaching ramifications to others, especially when their own lives are not affected?  Why should anyone have the right to make life changing choices that have nothing to do with them and which do not involve them in any way? 


I agree wholeheartedly with the Archangels that everyone should live in a way that suits their own beliefs and be able to follow their own code of what is right and wrong, but that right should not extend to forcing others to adhere to those beliefs.  If you don’t believe someone should be forced to get an abortion, how can you believe they should be denied an abortion?  If you don’t want someone forcing you to get a vaccination, what makes you think you should be able to deny someone medical help if they want it?  Parents should have the right to make health decision for their own underage children, but they do not have the right to make someone else’s decisions regarding their children. 


This need for control over others and the belief that others’ choices should be limited based on someone else’s values is at the base of everything wrong in the world.  Until we are all cognizant and supportive of everyone’s right to direct their own life and leave it to them, just as we want our own life choices left to us, we’re not going to be able to fix what needs to be fixed.  No one should be entitled to decide the fate of others when their choices do not affect others.  We should all have the ability to decide how we live our lives and what is right and wrong … for us, not someone else.


Blessings, all.



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