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Labels are so Limiting!

The Archangels Tell Us to Discard Them

I come from a rather large family by today’s standards.  We were originally a family of seven, two parents and five daughters.  I was the pretty one.  There was a wild one, a level-headed one, an odd one, and a snobby one.  They weren’t labels given to us by our parents, necessarily, but somewhere along the way, they stuck through the acceptance of extended family, friends, and most of the people who knew us.  To this day, I have family members and friends who describe me as the pretty one.  Discussions and reunions often revolve around the pageantry and modeling I did in my youth, and a lot of memories like that are attached to me through those times.  The problem with that for me is, that was the very least of me in terms of accomplishments, journeys, and the person I actually was and am. 


So, big deal, I was pretty.  I didn’t earn being pretty, and I’ve done very little through the years to maintain any beauty I was gifted with, and that’s okay with me.  I’m also smart, not because I have two college degrees, but because I can apply what I’ve learned to my life.  I’m kind.  I care about other people, and I want to help them.  More recently, I’ve become a channel for the Archangels, and my writing has been read by tens of thousands of people.  I’ve taught thousands of kids and helped them grow.  I’m good at solving a lot of life problems, I usually keep a cool head during challenging times, and I want to make a positive difference in the world and continue to work hard at doing that.  Still, when I run into people who don’t really know me now, the conversation usually goes back to me being the pretty one in some way.


Thankfully, I always knew and thought of myself as more than just pretty, which is a very good thing, because I’m not so pretty now.  I’m in my sixties, and between gravity, wrinkles, grey hair, and weight gain, most of my beauty comes from within.  It’s still there, where it’s always been, and I’m happy to say it’s grown, right along with my hips!  I don’t bring this up as a bragging kind of synopsis of my life, quite the contrary.  The point of this article is to discourage people from buying into the whole labels game.


I hate labels.  As a former educator, I saw firsthand how limiting they can be, and I grew to resent them.  I was a reading specialist, and I can’t tell you how many kids were brought to me labeled as dyslexic who were not.  They came to me convinced they couldn’t read, and they left, for the most part, reading on level or pretty close, having gained several years of reading levels while under my guidance.  It’s not that I was a miracle worker.  It’s more likely that I made sure I was well-trained, I was hard working, and I was able to look past the label on their file and embrace possibilities.  That’s what all teachers need to do.


I asked the Archangels about labels, and they agreed that they are very limiting and should be reevaluated and often cast aside.  Below is their message.


Question:  Labels are so limiting, yet they are given, chosen, and assigned so profusely.  What can we do to change this?




Labels have long been an accepted way to organize and categorize everything and everyone on Earth, and yes, they are extremely limiting, and we would add toxic, because the use and assignment of labels especially when it comes to people, is not about organization or categorization.  It is about control, power, and manipulation, even when people are tricked or pressured into choosing their own labels.


It is one thing to label someone or something for clarification purposes.  We do this in the Angelic realms in a very minor way.  For example, although there is much collaboration and crossover, Guardian Angels often gather to discuss and improve the protection they provide for their people, while Archangels are very focused on helping humanity live and manage their lives on Earth in a way that is good for them, for mankind, and that furthers The Shift.


There is no hierarchy, no competition, or worth assigned to these labels.  They simply provide clarification and focus for the sake of priorities.  Again, there is much collaboration and crossover to further all people, but we Angels know that while one group makes sure things are going as smoothly and safely as possible in their areas of focus, the other areas that affect human beings are also being covered and seen to, and progress is being made on individual as well as collective levels.  We all have an overall goal of helping the Earth and humanity, and we know and trust each other to make sure that all the bases are covered, so to speak.  We help each other, and we help you.


Unfortunately, most of the labels applied on Earth to places, things, and especially to people, have either a positive or a negative perception attached to them.  There are winner and losers, good ones and bad ones, successes and failures.  Worst of all, people too often comply with whatever label they have been assigned by others.  They are conditioned to accept these labels, and it is very difficult to overcome the assumption and acceptance that they are true.  People too often become stuck in whatever label they have been placed.  Many believe there is nothing they can to do change it.


This leads to frustration, self-doubt, and a lack of self-worth.  It serves many others well when people believe there is nothing they can do to change their situation.  We wish to tell you that the labels attached to you do not have to be limiting.  You can choose to reject them, disprove them, and replace them with others you select and about which you feel good.  Throw out the disclaiming words, such as “only” or “unfortunately” or “can’t.”  “I am only one person,” “Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do,” “I can’t change the way the world does things.”  These statements take away your power.


We do not suggest there are no perimeters or boundaries you must overcome, but we do say that you can find a way to overcome most of them.  The way to begin is to question the limits placed upon you.  The world has changed greatly over the course of history, because people questioned limits and dared to cross boundaries.


What is holding you back from creating the life you want?  Who told or convinced you that it was unattainable?  It is accessible if you consider it realistic and doable.  Perhaps you will have to find your way around the current obstacles under which you find yourself, but if you are determined and persevere, there is a way for you to proceed.  Do not give away your power to someone who tells you you cannot succeed.  Who are they to tell you this, and why would you ever concede to them?


Do not just wish things were different, make them so.  You should know your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and limits, based on your own knowledge, not someone else’s presumptions, errors, or short-sightedness.  Design priorities and goals that reflect you and what you want, make a plan, and change your life to something that fulfills you and offers hope and peace of mind.  Challenge every single label which has been applied to you.  If you do not like it or agree with it, toss it out, disprove it, and replace it with your own chosen label.  Better yet, the only label you need is “me.”


There are too many stereotypes being fed and kept alive, whether they are connected to gender, age, religion, race, education, intelligence, culture, society, wealth, profession, or anything else.  Throw out the labels.  Throw out the limitations.  Become who you wish to be, on your own scale and terms, based on your own choices and preferences.  This is why you are here.


Yes, Earth and society are overrun with labels.  The way to cast them aside is to begin with yourself.  Every time someone refuses to be kept in their assigned place, it is a victory for mankind. 


Question all limits, always.  Do not simply accept them, because you are told to or because others have accepted them.  Always choose to be true to yourself.  You do not need to seek approval from others, but you do need to accept and value yourself, your abilities, and your worth.  Decide your own limits based on what you desire and what you value.  Do not be told how you should be.  Decide for yourself who are.  This choice belongs to no one but you.


Final Thoughts


As I channeled this message, I thought of some of the labels and limits people have challenged through the years. 


-       A woman’s place is in the home.

-       Religious/spiritual people are weak.

-       Boys are better at math, and girls are better at reading.

-       Women are not strong enough to lead a company, country, world.

-       Men cannot raise and nurture children without a woman around.

-       Minorities are not as smart of white people.

-       Women make better teachers and nurses.

-       If you’re born into poverty, you stay there.

-       Success is based on your bank accounts and the stuff you buy.

-       You have to be ___________ in order to succeed.

-       _________ people are troublemakers, deviants, dangerous, unnatural, etc.

-       _________ people are a threat to society.

-       If you are against _______, you are the enemy of _________.

-       You can’t do that, because you are ___________.

-       Women can’t be in the armed forces, firefighters, cops, etc.


I could go on and on, and I’m sure you can add to the list.  Yes, some people still believe these things, but many have cast them aside as irrelevant and untrue.  More people are joining the movement to overcome these limiting beliefs than to join them.  They are on their way out.  Someone had to get the initial courage to question rather than to accept them at some point, or they would all still be firmly in place.


Consider the labels that have been assigned to you, and question them, even if you were the one to place them under your picture.  Do you like them?  Do you agree to them?  Do you feel limited by them?  Let’s stop labeling each other and ourselves.  Instead, let’s challenge these labels and consider which ones we’re happy with and which ones we want to shed.  Then, let’s do that.  Keep what we like, get rid of the rest.  The only one who has the right to choose our labels is ourselves.  Forget everything and everyone else who think they should be able to define us, our boundaries, and our choices.  As long as our actions and choices don’t adversely affect others, we should decide for ourselves who we are and what we are going to do and be. 


Blessings, all.


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