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What Happens When You Die?

If you’ve read some of my previous articles, you’re probably aware that I channel a group of Archangels called the Collective Consciousness of the Archangelic Realm, or CCAR for short. The way it works for me is I write down a question, and they voice the answer in my head. It’s called clairaudience; I can hear them, and I write down their answers. I’ve learned a lot from them, and I’d like to share some of it with you.

Many people are afraid of dying. I asked CCAR what happens when you die, and you’ll find their answer below.

Question: Can you describe a typical crossing over when the soul leaves the body, please?


Obviously, things are tailored to the individual to some extent. Generally speaking, however, when life in a physical body stops permanently, the soul leaves the body.Although there are gifted people who can see this, the vast majority can only see the body left behind.

Human consciousness begins to join spiritual consciousness, which is painless, but sometimes confusing for the newly released soul that left the body. They can see their body and the room they “died” in, along with any people present, as well as hear everything. This doesn’t last long, as they begin to unerringly return to their original home. They may not know where they’re headed at first, but their spirit knows the way.

Although some are confused, very few are afraid. The overall feeling is light andfree. Most do not realize at first that they are no longer corporeal.

When they reach their destination, which varies by person, they are greeted usually by people they knew during their lifetime who have crossed over before them. They recognize them instantly as they see them how they most vividly remember them.Again, these souls no longer have a body, but they can appear as if they do.

If they are not acquainted with anyone who crossed before them, there are special greeters who immediately work to put them at ease and explain what is happening.

They are then taken to a scene from their memories where they loved to be and in which they felt safe. If there is no place like this in their memory, one is created for them, often with their input.

From there, it becomes a very individual experience, based on the needs of the newly released soul. There is never fear or pain during this time, but the soul does review his/her lifetime, “good, bad, and ugly” as needed.

By this time, the soul in completely whole, including having all knowledge previously forgotten during time on Earth, so there is no question or argument about their actions. No excuses, no lies, no explanations.

This is often uncomfortable at times, depending on how the life in review was lived. There is no penalty or judgement for bad deeds, but there is no hiding from them, either.

Time is of no concern anymore, and this process continues until the lifetime has been fully reviewed, privately.

Afterwards, the soul meets with a team, usually, that they have worked with before, often throughout multiple lifetimes.

They review the last lifetime plan which was devised with the soul’s input before going to Earth and discuss which goals were met as well as which were not; lessons learned, Karma, and comparisons to former lifetimes, etc. Then, the soul may take a break or plan the next lifetime. Although some must eventually return to Earth if they still wish to learn what they did not learn last time, they decide when and work with their team in planning their next life in such a way that the learning goals are most likely to be achieved.

Life on Earth as a human is designed to teach and experience many things. If there is Karmic debt or multiple failures to learn something important, adjustments are made in future life plans. If poverty or illness or violence assists in learning and experiencing a soul’s goals, these paths are chosen. Human suffering is secondary to spiritual learning in all cases.

Although it’s possible for a soul to choose to never return, this is a rarity, as the goals they set and experiences they need to accomplish them are worthy endeavors that are important to the soul. It’s common to put off returning, but almost all eventually do, as they feel incomplete.

Once a person has met all the goals they’ve set, some choose to stay and help other souls to reach their goals, and some volunteer to return to help humankind.

While souls are not incarnated, they are free to choose their endeavors. They may wish to spend time with team members or former family and friends, even former enemies. They may choose to commune in nature — a setting of their choice — alone or with others. Their time, such as it is, is their own. While some stay for what you would consider a long time, others’ time would seem short to you. This is a very individual choice.

Most who return try to learn from past human mistakes they made, so they can accomplish more in the next life. There are classes and “tutoring” they may access as well as having all manner of resources at their disposal to prepare them for their return to Earth. Some work with ascended Masters and other high guides to prepare themselves and their plans. The more they have to learn, the more precise their plans. When they are ready, they return to Earth in another body and begin their new life plan.

Often times, several team members are a part of their new plan and meet anew as humans. All have guardians to help and watch over them. Sometimes these guides attempt to subtly steer them in a direction that serves their goals, although free will always takes precedence. Guides do not interfere with the life plan, even when experiences are sometimes difficult and hurtful in order to learn what is needed.

That doesn’t sound so scary, right? There is no judgement except self-judgement, based on your life plan and how much you accomplished in it.CCAR has also told me that there is not a Hell for humans. No one is punished after they die. Instead, they make another plan, often leading to a life filled with hardship, if it’s what they need in order to experience and learn certain things.

I also asked them why life can be so hard, especially if we plan our own lives.They explained that some lessons are best learned through hardship, rather than easy times, which makes sense. The events in my life that had thegreatest impact have mostly been when I was struggling with one thing or another. I think the goal or lesson is what we often call the silver lining.

If there are things you’d like to know, you can send me your question by email to I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and may post the question/answer anonymously on Medium or in the book I’m writing.

In the meantime, I hope this brings comfort to you and takes the fear out of this last stage in a lifetime. Although our earthly bodies eventually stop working, our souls live on and continue to thrive. In short, no one really dies; we just can’t access them as easily once they cross over, unless we learn to do so, which is quite possible and something I would like to do in the future. As I’ve said in previous articles, I’m no more special than anyone else; everyone can make connections with higher guides. It just takes practice, effort, and patience once you learn what to do. And when you connect, the feelings of love, encouragement, and joy are well worth the effort.


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