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We've All Been Brainwashed

As chaotic as things are, and knowing they’re likely to get worse before they get better, our world is changing. Those of us who know about The Shift are more aware than others of what is happening as well as the effects. Even for those who don’t know what’s prompted these changes, more and more people are bothered by things that never used to bother them, at least not to a great enough extent to do something about them.

Now, however, the things in the world that are not righteous or fair won’t leave us alone. We are all getting to the point where we’ve had enough and have accepted that we have to do something to make things right, whether these things seem to affect us personally or not. That’s part of the change, you know, realizing that what affects others adversely isn’t only their concern, it’s everyone’s concern, and we have to work together to make things better for everyone.

For a lot of us, it’s like we’ve thrown away those rose-colored glasses we’ve used for so long, and we see things more clearly than ever before. The fact is, we’ve all been conditioned to believe certain things for so long, they have skewed our perspective and tamped down our willingness to reject what is not right. Now, we’re seeing things more clearly, and it is prompting many of us to take a stand that should have been taken a long time ago but wasn’t.

In short, we are waking up to the reality we have allowed to be created and even taken part in. We were trained a long time ago to act a certain way and accept some things as realities that we can not change. I asked the Angels to expand on this idea, and their answer follows.

Question: The Shift has brought a new awareness to many of us about things that have been happening for a long time which we have not adequately addressed in the past. The BLM and #MeToo movements are examples of this. What else have we been brainwashed about?


You are divine beings of light, but you have been conditioned to forget this. Your true nature has been obliterated for hundreds of years. What is truly your nature, that is, what feels natural to you has been systematically suppressed and redirected to the point that mankind has forgotten who and what they are, where they come from, and especially, their power and value.

It is no secret that most cultures on Earth are patriarchal by design. Sometimes this is easy to spot, such as in the places where women are overtly denied their rights and are at the mercy of whatever the men dictate. Others are more subtle, such as silently or not so silently believing that women are inferior in many ways, which is evident through differences in pay, selection for employment, and focus for research for diseases and medicines.

These things may feel normal, because they have been in place for so long, but they are not natural, and they do not serve anyone well, whether you are male or female. In your natural state, humans have an equal balance of both masculine and feminine energies. Both are needed to live optimally, yet men who show sensitivity and women who are assertive have been ridiculed.

Feminine energy is freeing and nurturing and leads to creation of all kinds of things using your natural gifts, while masculine energy leads to production and progress of these ideas. Most of you are unbalanced in these essential energies. The Shift will lead many to see this imbalance, and it will be conducive to finding a new, better balance.

Inequality has been a way of life and accepted for so long, you have been conditioned to believe that it is unavoidable, and it is not. Neither is it natural to ignore it or concern yourself about that which affects you and only you, rather than what affects others. The nature of humans is to be aware of each other, to socialize, and to nurture. That is why social reform is a much pursued topic of late. More and more people will find discomfort and awareness of the suffering of others, find it unacceptable, and be moved to intervene. The fifth dimension is no longer a comfortable place for apathy. More and more, you will realize the worth of everyone on Earth is equal in value.

Traditional religion that is confining and judgmental, while having many followers in the past who did not question their belief systems, is coming to an end. We do not say all religion will end, but that the passive acceptance of long established dogma and tradition will be reevaluated by the individual, and many will no longer accept what has been blindly accepted in the past. People will begin to question rather than automatically accept what religious leaders present to them as truth.

Judgments and stereotypes are already losing their appeal to many. The fifth dimension is not conducive to this, and neither is the true nature of humankind. It is human nature to approach people with an open mind and heart, rather than to make judgments beforehand. Neither will it be acceptable to judge others harshly anymore, especially for things that are not a choice for them, such as their race, sexual identification, gender identification, and physical attributes.

Mankind has been conditioned to perceive appearance and many traits a certain way when in reality, your nature would not place significant importance on these things. Although it is hard to believe after living so long within these confines, human nature in its unconditioned form is much more of the mind to live and let live according to individual preference, rather than demand that people conform to what others deem as acceptable. The upcoming generations will find these ways ridiculous, and they will not stand.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is how you have been conditioned to live in fear. This awareness will change everything. When you conduct your life based on fear, you adopt many limitations to joy and self-expression. It affects all aspects and choices when your first consideration is survival and safety, rather than joy and fulfillment. You have all been trained to fear the future to such an extent that it affects your present and shapes and dictates your path. It affects what you value and how you view success and what you prioritize, all leading to a sense of discontent, while the fear never ends.

Because of this ever present search for security and safety, you have been taught to believe that you have no control over things and must trust others to keep you safe by giving them extreme power in decision making. You have been brainwashed to believe that you are helpless and need others to make decisions for you, limiting your options. You have been made to believe that you are weak and that your safety depends on allowing others to control your life. You have been convinced to cede your control and power to others.

All of these things have been in place for so long, that they are only now beginning to be questioned or even realized. More and more things that have been in place for so long are now causing people to stop and reconsider, and they are finding they do not approve, and that current circumstances are ineffective. They see for the first time that things must change, and they are beginning to take action that will ensure these changes are made and old systems are replaced with better ones.

Whereas in the past, while Earth was in the third dimension, people were quite easily manipulated, it is becoming more apparent that this is no longer the case. People are beginning to question the status quo and think for themselves, rather than accept what others tell them automatically. This trend will continue.

At this point, most of you do not know the true nature of humankind anymore. You must relearn it and continue to question things you either don’t understand or with which you disagree. In time, a new normal will be established, and it will be much more comfortable and effective. Change can be exceedingly uncomfortable at the time it is happening, but in the end, it will serve you well.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always believed that there is more good in people than there is bad. After channeling this message, it would seem that most of the bad aspects we experience are not natural to us, but have been forced upon us by people who benefit from us believing that we are unable to do anything about it. I think of the times when people have been in trouble due to violence, natural disasters, or other conflicts, and so many have stepped up in the past to help them either by sending money or volunteering their time, etc. It always reinforces the thought that most people are decent and kind.

All the stuff the Angels talked about rings true to me. For so long, we’ve been aware of problems, but we’ve distanced ourselves from them many times, because we don’t think there is anything we can do about them. After all, what power do we have over these things? I think we are realizing more and more that we have a lot more power than we’ve been aware of in the past. We’re beginning to join together and plan to take action to set things right. This is a crazy time, but it’s also an exciting time. I hope that if we work together, those catastrophes that motivated us to help others in the past can, for the most part, be avoided, because we will have been taking care of each other all along. Wouldn’t that be a great world in which to live?

Blessings, all.


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