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Update on The Shift, December, 2023

The Archangels Tell Us How We're Doing

It’s fairly easy to get a world view via the internet these days, but we all know that it’s not complete or accurate most of the time. The media continues to report all the doom and gloom, and it’s easy to think things are looking pretty hopeless with everything going on. Between the Ukraine and Gaza, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and that’s not even counting everything else going on! It’s hard to see so many people suffering, and it’s easy to give into the fear, chaos, and overwhelm. For that reason, I make it a point to check in with the Archangels for an update on how things are coming along from their point of view, and below is their latest update.

Question: How is The Shift coming along?


We are pleased with the continual progress. We understand that to you, things are moving very slowly, but from our perspective, things have never moved this quickly, and they continue to gain momentum. In your current human state, you only remember watching and participating on the Earth during this lifetime, for however long you have lived. We, the universe, the Creator, and your souls have been watching the Earth since it was created, and we will tell you that there have been more positive changes, both individually and collectively, over the past decade than in all the millennia since The Fall. It is as if the tortoise has sprouted wings and is headed for the finish line more directly and swiftly than ever before, while the proverbial hare is running around in circles, in this case, representing those who have always held the power in the past.

Awareness is spreading. We know that humanity’s frustration in the world is very high right now and on the rise. However, we prefer that to the apathy and defeat we have seen for so long. People are rejecting that which they have accepted for so long, including helplessness, the false inevitability of outcomes, and the belief that they can do nothing to change their life or the world.

There has been plenty of frustration in the past, however it was mostly attached to the individual’s or a particular area’s personal concerns. People always want more for themselves. More prosperity, more safety, and more opportunity. There is still that, but added to it is the desire for everyone to live life with those things. Rather than focusing on one’s own neighborhood, people are seeing problems that need solutions all over the world. This is relatively new, and this is a precursor to change. Whenever people notice and address problems that do not affect them personally, unity arises, and change is planned and implemented.

People should ensure their own needs are met, and that should be a focused priority, however, once that happens, efforts should not stop there. They should continue to build, so everyone has what they need to live a balanced, joyful life. For the first time in a long time, people are considering the needs of others as well as their own, even when they reach a place of security and joy. Ignoring the struggles of others goes against the true human nature that is beginning to resurface.

It is an exciting time! What is changing steadily now is the nature of the things of which people want more. More people, every single day, are trading in their desires for more money, more approval, and more in terms of what society deems as aspects of success for things like more life balance, more fulfillment, more joy, and greater peace of mind. Do you see the fundamental difference and how it will eventually lead to a better world?

When people make this transition in priorities, many crucial things change. The power others have held over them in order to keep them under control begins to subside, because people are no longer interested in what they have enticed them with and promised. They stop viewing others as competitors and are more open to collaboration that is helpful to all parties involved. They cease worrying about what others think of them and are more concerned about their own lives, rather than the lives of others. They decide to mold their own life, instead of molding themselves based on who others tell them they should be and what they should want. They begin to question and think for themselves, instead of doing what they are told.

Those who have profited from the status quo of the past do not like this, and they will continue to fight this newfound confidence and individuality, because they feel threatened and know it will lead to unity. They will continue to promote separation and polarity, but they fight a losing battle.

More and more people are analyzing and reevaluating what they want out of life, what they wish to create during this lifetime. It is a great time to ask questions and make plans for a better future. Those who give into the fear and chaos are hesitant to change, but those who awaken and embrace the fifth dimension energy find the courage and confidence to hope for a better way of life. Eventually, that hope and courage, however initially small, will lead them to action and unity. It is beautiful to watch as it unfolds.

Continue to be introspective. Continue to be self-aware and to dream. Dreams can become plans, and plans can become actions. Indulge yourself in dreaming of a better way, then look for a path to make your dreams come true.

No, life is not a fairytale, but neither should it be a constant struggle. You must dare to use your gifts and talents to create a life worth living. More of you are considering this line of thought, and more are moving forward with it. Everyone on Earth at this time came here to help with The Shift, and you all have a part in it.

We like the recent metaphor our channel used when discussing a current project on which she and another are working. She noted that it was like a tapestry, with many threads joining right now. Note that all threads in a tapestry are important parts of the whole. Some strands are directly touching and intertwined, while others are not, but they all combine to make the final project, all adding their part to it. Such is The Shift, and everyone alive on Earth right now has a part that plays into the whole, even those who do things that present themselves in a negative light.

There will be times when a task will be minimal, such as sharing information or encouragement. As everyone on Earth has a part, no one person should feel pressure or strife in adding to The Shift. People will know what they need to do, and most will do it, but if they do not, there are others who will cover for them. Many of you will do your part without ever knowing.

It will seem as though some are working against the goals for a better world, yet their actions have purpose, sometimes triggering positive responses from others. You may trust that everything that happens serves a higher purpose. Try to remember that when people cause apparent problems. It is not that their actions are necessarily good or planned as positive, but they may very well provoke positive responses that lead to change.

We are playing for keeps. That is, The Creator, the universe, all souls, Angels, and Ascended Masters are working together to make sure that positive changes and the evolution of Earth and humanity are sustainable. Yes, it will always be a work in progress, but the work to make sure there is a strong foundation on which to build, so future changes will be improvements and solutions for every problem must be carefully coordinated. All who live on Earth will prosper and have the opportunity to thrive. Things sometimes move slowly, because they need to be, so taking steps will be moving forward, rather than backward. If things are rushed, they are not as likely to be sustainable.

As we have said before, fear is contagious, but not any more so than hope, and of the two, hope is obviously more attractive. Both hope and fear are ready habits. Make a choice between the two, as they do not attract each other. Your actions will be led by one or the other. Which will you choose? While it is possible to feel both simultaneously, one will eventually overshadow the other, and you will act on only one.

Hope leads to unity, while fear leads to seclusion. Hope includes patience, while fear leads to anger. Hope leads to compassion and acceptance of others, while fear imparts judgment and condemnation of others. Which kind of people do you prefer to spend time with, and which will you avoid?

You who are awakening are in the midst of growing pains. Those who fight this transition fight themselves as much as they fight others, and relationships are trying to readjust, as everyone is on their own path and timeline. Be patient with yourself and with others. You may find yourself straying farther away from some who you were once close to, and that can be upsetting, as you feel the distance between you widen. You may drift apart, close the gap, or replace old relationships with new ones as everyone finds their way through these times. Help where you can, and release when necessary.

Continue to process and heal from past trauma, so you can be comfortable in the new 5D setting. It is calling to you, but you must sometimes clear the way forward. Practice and learn to trust yourself and your intuition. Begin by listening and considering all thoughts before acting, because it is likely you are receiving guidance, especially if you ask for it. This is a process. Be patient and kind to yourself. Love yourself.

The Shift is not going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, it will continue to accelerate. Remember to practice self-care and self-awareness. Get to know yourself better than you ever have, and invite your soul and your high Guides to be a part of this exciting journey. As you find your way, you will share your light and help others to follow suit. Individual growth will lead to unified growth, and the rise in individual consciousness will combine and add to a rise in the collective consciousness. There is not stopping this transition.

Final Thoughts

That sounds promising, don’t you think? Those who have already begun this transition and are aware of changing are often impatient for everyone else to get with the program. I know I am, sometimes. However, it makes sense what the Angels said about building a firm foundation for the changing world. We don’t want to take one step forward and two steps back; we want to move steadily forward, right? That takes time and effort. The planning alone is time consuming, much less the implementation of the plans.

Add to that the fact that there are many powerful people who don’t want things to change, and that adds to the difficulty and time needed to make these changes. We certainly don’t want to rush something, have it fail, then give fuel to the people who are fighting change. We don’t want to hear the “I told you so’s” and strengthen their arguments for why things cannot change and improve.

So, patience is needed, and if you’re like me, that’s its own challenge. Really, though, what choice do we have? We just have to remain dedicated and optimistic and keep trying to do whatever we can to make things better. I figure it’ll take a few decades to look at things and be able to distinguish any sort of finish line, but as long as we’re making progress, we’ll get there eventually, or at least our descendants will! Remember what they said, everyone has a part to play in this huge tapestry. One strand adds to the whole, and every strand, however small, is important. We just need to keep on going and encourage each other along the way. Look for the positive, and don’t give into the negative.

Blessings, all.


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