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The Year of the Light Worker

The Archangels Explain How Energy Can Affect Different People

If you follow my work, you’ve likely heard me mention Lee Harris in the past. I really hope I meet him some day in person. Lee channels the Z’s, and he does a lot of good work. Among other things, he has a YouTube channel and a website, Lee Harris Energy, and he gives us monthly and yearly updates and energy forecasts.

According to Lee and his Guides, this is an energetic time for “light workers.” I’m not wild about that term, meant to describe awakened (don’t love that term either) folks who are actively involved in helping with The Shift, among other things, but it’s one of the more common names thrown around these days to describe people like me. Anyway, I found Lee’s forecast for this year very helpful, because it helped to explain some of the wild things happening in my life right now, some of which I’ve shared with you in other articles.

The Shift and the energy associated with it affects everyone. There’s no escaping it, but depending on how you process it, it can make your life harder or easier. I’ve been chatting with several “light worker” friends over the last couple of months, and we’re all experiencing changes and fluctuations in energy that affect us in different ways. That can be true for everyone, but what I’ve noticed is that these energies seem to affect some groups in certain ways. I have a theory. I think for people like me, who already channel or have experienced other psychic gifts, the current energy is triggering more gifts to be discovered and experienced, and we seem to be getting some kind of energetic “upgrades” for lack of a better word. I channeled the Archangels about this, and their answer follows.

Question: The Shift seems to affect people in different ways, depending on how “awakened” they are currently. Can you please address this and include how “light workers” are being affected lately?


You know that everyone is on their own path and timeline in terms of enlightenment and spirituality. There is no right or wrong way to grow and evolve. Having said that, we can address some of the differences and changes people are feeling, with more detail given to those who are newer to this awakening as opposed to those of you who have been evolving for some time and how 5D energy affects you differently.

These days, although life and times are just as hard or harder as they have been in the past, since The Shift begin in 2012, energetically speaking, personal changes and evolution have become easier. 5D energy invites change and unity and love. These changes are beautiful of course, but they are still change, and as you all know, change is usually difficult and uncomfortable, and so is the changing and adjustment of new energy.

Some began feeling a difference early on in The Shift, enough to seek answers to why they felt different. Most did not notice early changes, and some still do not, either because they are fighting it or trying to control it. Until they at least begin to acknowledge feeling differently and consider opening enough to ask why, they will remain afraid and increasingly uncomfortable. These are the people who are trying to control others and often follow a doomsday agenda.

Once you open and consider how and why you feel differently, you see things more clearly, and things you accepted in the past become increasingly unacceptable. Regardless of whether or not you try to shut these thoughts and feelings down, they will persist. Once you open that energetic door, you will be unable to close it entirely again, more than likely.

It is not as though life stops, with all of its business, while you try to sort things out. Few people have the freedom to stop living their lives long enough to find a master teacher and learn to channel or learn all the secrets of the universe, correct? So, most people continue on, changing and understanding things gradually. Meanwhile, those who refuse to crack open the door or even look through the peep hole, begin to panic, and their fear, anger, and unhappiness grow, because they do not understand why they feel differently, and they assume things are getting worse and more dangerous for them all the time.

Now, let us look at those who many of you call light workers, way showers, gurus, and so many other terms of description. These are the people who not only sense a difference, they embrace it and find ways to act on it. Many people think they have an easier time of it, especially if, like our channel, they have discovered psychic gifts and can access divine guidance. In some ways, things are easier, because they are aware of and understand what is happening. However, in other ways, they are especially challenged.

Those who are just now awakening to 5D energy often face healing trauma from the past, changes in relationships, and a kind of outgrowing of their previous way of life. Those who are further along this path have already dealt with and continue to deal with these things, but in addition, they often begin to grow in power and discover new psychic gifts and may have access to more opportunities attached to this psychic growth and stretching.

That may sound fun and exciting, and in many ways, for many people, it is, but it comes with more challenges and adjustments, as well. No one can remain in the same place spiritually and remain comfortable. It is not the human or the soul’s nature to be stagnant. You have a need to grow and explore, even if it feels intimidating and overwhelming at times, and when new ideas occur or options present themselves, they cannot be avoided forever without affecting your peace of mind.

This is what many “light workers” are experiencing as The Shift progresses. As we said, change is challenging, especially when it is outside your comfort zone. Some of the changes being felt are psychic in nature, and others are energetic. Everyone is affected by the energy on Earth right now, and when someone has embraced 5D energy for some time, that does not mean they are less affected now.

On the contrary. The energy triggers even more changes, and when you are already used to higher vibrational frequency, it actually attracts more high vibrational energy, which must be processed, blended, and absorbed in different ways, depending on the individual.

As these people take in more energy, it can have occasional side effects including headaches, body aches, a lowering of the natural immunities you carry, and emotional overwhelm. These feelings are usually minor and short lasting, but they can aggravate and even frighten some people.

Our channel, for example, has succumbed to a few viruses over the past few months. Many who have awakened psychically have had similar issues as they process energy and psychic upgrades they are receiving due to The Shift and the energy attached to it. Processing energy on top of energy can be draining after a while, and it can temporarily affect a person who is so sensitive to energy already, in not completely pleasant ways.

Then, there are new gifts developing and introducing themselves, which is becoming increasingly common among those who are already tuned in psychically, as well as for those who are only beginning to experience psychic gifts. Our channel has shared some of these experiences, and they continue to rise for many, including her. She is completely comfortable channeling the Archangels, but as more and more beings and high Guides approach her, who she has no memory of meeting in the past, there is a certain level of discomfort involved. She is not afraid, as she knows we would never allow any being who did not have her best interests in mind to approach her, but that does not mean she is automatically at ease with these new beings and experiences. We know this. Few things new are instantly comfortable.

This is happening to so many right now. Just because some have progressed further into 5D does not mean they are finished evolving. Not at all. Further, there is often pressure they had not expected. Not only are others approaching them for guidance on Earth as they navigate the 5D, but more beings from other dimensions are approaching them to offer and ask for help in furthering The Shift. It is similar to those who are still struggling with raising their children and take on the added challenge of caring for elderly parents, do you see?

Everyone is struggling during this time. It is necessary and will lead to many great things, yet it is still challenging, yes? For people who are already trying to help, it can feel overwhelming in so many ways.

We help our channel, we will help you, and you can help each other by sending out loving energy, kindness, and support to all, including yourselves. Do not feel as though you are alone, for you are far from the only one suffering from these growing pains brought on by The Shift, whatever phase you are experiencing at this time.

Once again, we stress the need for self-care, self-awareness, and reflection. Breathe. Spend time in meditation and contemplation. Share with and invite others into your life who can relate to you, who accept and understand you. Know that all is as it should be, as it needs to be, and all will be well. What you all are experiencing is normal and necessary. We are here with you. Call on us for comfort and strength. Share and exchange comfort and strength with each other. As you send loving energy to others, send it to yourself, also. As you care for others, care for yourself.

Yes, the world feels chaotic right now. It is alright if you, also, feel a bit chaotic at times. It does not mean that you are doing something wrong or you need to do something differently. It does not mean you are going crazy or are an emotional wreck, as our channel wondered recently (we smile with her as she hears this). Sometimes, it just means that you are evolving, and evolving is a good, if sometimes challenging, time in your life.

Settle and seek your new balance, but do not become too comfortable, because your evolution will be ongoing. Sometimes, it will be so gradual, you will hardly notice, and other times, it will come in massive waves, as it is doing now for many of you. You will be alright. You are coming into your power and your greatness. You are reaching for your great potential, and it is more than you ever imagined. You are becoming the person you were always meant to be, and it is extraordinary to behold. Celebrate yourselves, as we celebrate you.

We send all energies of Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

Things are beginning to even out for me now as of a couple of weeks ago. For a while there, it was a little rough, what with beginning to channel new high Guides, experiencing new psychic gifts, processing a whole lot of intense energy, etc. What made it easier was embracing the new gifts and energy, rather than trying to control them. Yeshua shared with me that yes, these things often translate into new and more work, but I should remember that this work is also fun and fits in with the overall theme I’ve got going to help as many people as I can.

I’ve been asked to consider all opportunities that come my way. Rather than cast them aside, because they’re either intimidating or just too hard to manage right now, I’m just going to set them aside for now and reevaluate them later on. In the meantime, I’m experimenting and experiencing new things, and I’m keeping an open mind.

The reason I wanted to write this article is to reach out to others, especially other “light workers,” who may also be struggling like I was for a bit (and will be again as things progress, I’m sure), a little bewildered about the changes we’re experiencing. I’d settled into channeling the Archangels and sharing their messages, and I love that. I thought I was pretty set, that I’d arrived, so to speak, and I was prepared to continue this work for the rest of my life. Then, BAM, other guidance and opportunities arose, and I had to sift through them and re-find and redefine what I thought was the perfect balance for me. Still working on that! I think it helps to know that a lot of people are experiencing changes and energy updates right now, and they’re not all roses in full bloom! Frankly, some are like intruding weeds!

We’re not going off the deep end, we’re just evolving, all of us. It’s an exciting time, but it’s also disconcerting at times. Let’s hang in there together.

Before I forget (like I did last week), I just wanted to remind all who are interested that the Archangels invite everyone to gather and spend time in prayer/meditation every Friday evening, any time or place of your convenience, to send loving energy to those who need it. The intention for February is Compassion for All, especially those who are hard to deal with, because they’re the ones who need it most.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you spend a little time reminding yourself that evolution is a good thing, and that everything, including you, is going to work out and be alright. Remember, the Archangels await your invitation to be an active part of your life, as does your soul, and you’re not alone.

Blessings, all.


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