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The Science of Intuition

The Archangels Talk About Proof and Truth

Before I begin working or writing for the day, I usually skim the headlines, rarely reading the articles but wanting to get a glimpse of what’s going on in the world. This morning I came across an article on the Apple News site from Popular Mechanics entitled, Scientists Believe They’ve Unlocked Consciousness — and It connects to the Entire Universe, written by Susan Lahey.

My first reaction was, “Yeah, I already knew that,” but I thought it might be a good idea to look at it from a scientific viewpoint, and I like it when science catches up to what many of us already know. Some people need to see the proof before they lend something credibility. So, I opened up the article, and I got as far as the second paragraph before I erupted in uproarious laughter. I’m talking belly-laughing and tears coming to my eyes as I tried to get a hold of myself, and I decided right then I had to write an article about scientific discovery. I closed the article and reached for my journal, so I could channel the Archangels for help.

This is what set me off:

“The new work builds upon the theory that Nobel Prize winning physicist Roger Penrose, PhD, and anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff, MD, first posited in the 1990’s, known as the Orchestrated Objective Reduction theory, or Orch OR. Broadly, it claims that consciousness is a quantum process facilitated by microtubules in the brain’s nerve cells.”

Truly, I mean no disrespect to science or the scientists behind this theory. I have a great respect for science and scientists, and I’m grateful for their work and recognize it’s made life easier and better in many ways. I find it funny, because although I have no idea what microtubules in the brain are and quantum physics gives me a headache every time I try to sort it out, I already knew that consciousness was universal in nature, and I feel that universal connection more keenly all the time.

I kind of did some research that led me to this conclusion, including talking to the Angels about it, but if you want to see scientific proof or a recount of scientific methodology that led to my conclusion, I don’t have anything to give you. Still, I know this to be true. I have no problem whatsoever if you disagree with me or cannot entertain the possibility that consciousness is connected to the soul and is infinite, that there are really Angels and I talk to them all the time, or that we’re all connected not only to the universe but to each other through a universal, divine bond, but this is my truth, and I believe it completely.

I channeled the Archangels for their response and insight about this “scientific breakthrough,” and their answer follows.

Question: Are you laughing and shaking your head about science with me? Let’s write about it!


We are, indeed. Like you, we do not do so maliciously, but there is something to smile about when there is a scientific breakthrough offering proof about something the heart and soul have always known, therefore everyone has always known, whether or not they have accessed that knowledge.

Science is a wonderful thing in so many ways. What we like about it the most is how it inspires curiosity and creativity in many people. We often suggest human beings take a step away from emotions and toward logic, especially when emotions can so easily cloud thinking and lead to reaction, rather than response.

Science is supposedly based in proof and logic, but if you think for a moment it is easy to see that, before the proof is sought and the logic is found, there is a bit of whimsy involved. There has to be, or the unknown would never be considered or investigated.

Science has uncovered so many fascinating, not to mention life-changing and enhancing things through the years. Progress is often a result of science, even if disaster can result, as well. Like everything, the findings of science can be helpful or abusive, depending on who uses it and why. Anything can be misused and become harmful if the user so wishes. It is not the fault of science, but of people when this happens.

We find it helpful to advise that science and its discoveries are very useful, but they should also be considered through a lens of common sense and directed by the perspective of the heart. It is absolutely acceptable and definitely helpful to listen to, consider, and follow your heart when making choices and decisions. Yes, yes, discernment must be involved, and especially the recognition of when the ego tries to involve itself.

Do not fall into the common trap of tricking yourself into believing that you are following your heart when you are really just looking for justification to do what you want to do. Own your choices and your reasons for doing the things you do. It is alright to indulge yourself at times and to do things for self-centered reasons, if there is no harm to others, but do not call it intuition or guidance from the heart.

Intuition from the heart or from your Guides or the universe is a knowing, not a wanting. This knowing usually comes with conviction and when you learn to discern it, it is very reliable. It does not come with a sense that you must justify it, and at times, there is no justification other than the knowing you received that you must follow a certain path. It may not make a lot of sense at the time, and there may not be proof or science behind it, but you know it to be true, just the same.

While science is often helpful, so is intuition. While science is reliant on proof, intuition relies on truth. We have said before that truth is relative, and many times, it very much is. If you believe in Angels, for example, you do not base this belief on science, not because proof does not exist, but because science has not advanced enough to find it yet. Still, many know this truth. There are more theories which cannot yet be proven than there are that can, but that does not mean they are untrue. It only means the proof has not yet been uncovered.

Science has misproven and later disproven many things and has had to correct many errors. This is good. There is nothing wrong with discovering that you have been wrong in the past, and you learn from error. We simply wish to point out that science and proof are as relative as truth and intuition at times. Nothing is absolute. The same can be said for intuition and inner guidance. Sometimes, it can be misleading, and truth can change.

The point to be taken regarding science and intuition or proof and knowledge without proof, is that it should all be considered. Some people gravitate more toward proof, while others depend more on inner wisdom and intuition. The wisest among you consider all of these things before reaching a conclusion or, better yet, leave an open-minded window cracked when they close the door on a thought or situation. When you do this, new information can be added to the old as it becomes known, and you are that much more open and available to change and evolution, which will always occur.

By all means, continue to seek proof and investigate through scientific means, but do not shut off common sense and feelings and thoughts from your heart, which can be just as true and equally important. If you cannot trust them without any proof behind them, at least leave open the possibility that the proof just may not have been discovered yet.

Is that not the basis of science, the beginning of theory, at its heart? If not, why do people formulate new theories and seek the proof of truth? Where do you think these possibilities come from, if they have not yet been proven? They come from the heart and soul and intuition from knowledge that exists without proof to support it yet. Just because something does not make sense to you and you question it without proof, does not mean it is untrue. Perhaps you are like our channel when it comes to quantum physics and simply are not ready or able to grasp it yet. Perhaps you will be more ready and able to do so in the future.

Scientific discovery has led to many wonderful things and should continue to be pursued, but so has intuition, which has guided people long before science, during scientific research, and will continue long after science and its sometimes erroneous discoveries based on proof becomes obsolete.

We send all of you energies of Love and Light, as yet unproven, yet helpful just the same.

Final Thoughts

Intuition and science do not have to be at odds. I understand that some people cannot accept truth without proof, but that doesn’t mean either that something is untrue or that proof doesn’t exist. Sometimes, it just means that we or science are not advanced enough or ready to know it.

Science helps us every day in so many ways. The same can be said for intuition, if you’ve discovered it and know how to use it. When I signed up for Reiki classes, I didn’t know how I would use it or why I needed it. I just knew I was supposed to go down that path, and thank God I did. It led me to the Angels, channeling, and my life purpose. When I registered my business at the end of last year, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it or how it would look, but I knew I was supposed to start it. It continues to evolve, as I do.

I’ve learned to follow my heart and my intuition. I usually trust it, and it has led me to many marvelous things. I know my Guides and the universe want what is best for me. I know they have my back. I know they watch over me, and they send me ideas, thoughts, opportunities, people, and guidance, which I’m grateful for, all the time. It takes practice to listen and hear this guidance, and sometimes it takes a leap of faith and belief without any proof other than the knowing that comes with this guidance, but when you learn how to use it, you can go anywhere you want to go.

That’s not to say you need to disregard everything else in terms of information for consideration. The best conclusions are reached when we gather all kinds of information from many sources, so our decisions and choices reflect many aspects and points of view. That’s the smart thing to do. If you limit yourself to only provable information or only gut reactions, you do yourself a disservice. Limit is the key word here. Why limit yourself to one or the other? Better to take it all into consideration and go from there.

Blessings, all.

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