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The Importance of Psychic Networking

An Experiment Leading to More

I’m terrible with names. I remember faces and conversations, but I often forget the names attached to them. So, when Jennifer, aka Metatron is Speaking and business owner of Orange Light Energy contacted me recently, I didn’t realize she was the lady who’d contacted me a couple of years ago regarding some psychic developments she and another family member were experiencing. It wasn’t until later, after she invited me to be part of her experiment and she reminded me of that initial contact that I realized we had history.

The thing about developing psychic gifts is that there aren’t many people who can or want to help you. When my gifts started showing up, I didn’t know if my mind was playing tricks on me, what I should do, or if I was going about things in a right or wrong way. Was there any danger? Between religious beliefs, horror movies, and stories about possessions, exorcisms, ET’s, etc., it can be scary before you gain the understanding you need to navigate this world.

I’ve been reading Jennifer’s work for some time, and I’ve enjoyed and commented on it. I haven’t always been able to relate to it, as our gifts and experiences differ, but I always felt a positive energy attached to her and her work. So, when she asked me if I was interested in a channeling experiment her Guides had spoken to her about, regarding channeling on the same topic and comparing answers, I was happy to get involved. It sounded interesting and triggered my curiosity. What I didn’t know was that Metatron asked her to involve me personally. What she didn’t know was that the Archangels had been guiding me to contact her, too, regarding a project I’d been working on over the last year. All that came out after I agreed to the idea.

Jennifer took lead on this and, after speaking with her Guides, she suggested the topic we would channel would be compassion. I would channel the Archangels, and she would channel Yeshua, then we’d compare answers. When we were both ready, we scheduled a Zoom call, she sent me a link, and we talked for nearly two hours! It was so cool!

First, let’s talk about the answers we got. They were not identical, but they were complimentary to each other. The Archangels discussed compassion as a powerful weapon against hatred and fear, while Yeshua — we both love Him very much — spoke about compassion from more of an individual standpoint. The whole time we were reading our responses, we were both nodding our heads, as the ideas melded and combined. I’ve copied my message below for you to read, and Jennifer plans on writing her own article with her message included.

Question: Jennifer asked me to channel you about compassion, and she’ll channel an answer from Yeshua. What would you like to say about it?


Compassion is essential in these troubled times, and it will become more so in the year to come. Most see compassion as a loving emotion, which it is, but it is also so much more.

Compassion is strength. It takes great personal strength to find compassion for someone who many would say does not deserve it. It is difficult, is it not, to summon compassion for people who have purposely caused harm to others, especially you personally. It is so much easier to return anger with more anger at a moment when you feel under an unjustified attack. Yet, when you learn to do this — and it takes great determination and practice — you use the inner power given to you by the Creator. This is the kind of strength needed today.

Compassion is being able to see beneath the surface of a person when they are hateful, to see the fear and torment that have overtaken them, because they have not found their inner strength, their divine light. When you can find compassion for those who wish to be your enemies, you have already defeated them, because their hatred, fear, and anger cannot reach you, or if it does, it cannot hold or trap you. You will overcome it and douse its effects, and the ones who would undermine you are defeated.

Compassion is a strength reserved for the most awakened of individuals, although it is described as something less. People think of compassionate people as soft-hearted, but actually, they are strong-hearted, led by the divine spark within their heart center, trusting it to guide them. It is this kind of strength that will see people through the chaotic times ahead.

During this transitional time, people must find their strength in compassion if the changes which are needed are to come to pass. Those in positions of power will not use compassion as a strength, because they do not recognize it as such. They still rely on physical strength and control, and those things will not keep them in power. It is very tempting to try to turn that control around, over them, but that is not the way. The few in power will be overcome with compassion, rather that force or control.

We know this is a different way of looking at things, and it will take time to completely understand and undertake such a strategy, but we will guide and help humanity to grasp this idea of using compassion as a strength and strategy, and many of you will help us.

Think for a moment. How do you wage war against compassionate people? How do you gain support to control people who compassionately refuse to cooperate with what they are told to do? It is easy to fight people who are willing to fight back, but how do you counter an offensive led by those who offer you peace while refusing to do things the way the way in which they were demanded? Do not think of this individually, think of it in mass numbers. How do you rationalize or convince people to support action against compassion?

If the governments in the world decide to go to war, but the people refuse, how then will there be a war? If a hate group persecutes and targets their victims, but all the rest of the people stand between them and their targets, how will the persecution take place? Will they widen their target to include everyone who is not a member of their hate group, or will they fade away, knowing they cannot achieve their goals?

The kind of compassion the world needs begins with the compassion people feel for victims, but it grows to be something far stronger when it extends to those who cause harm. When this happens, instead of raising resistance by meeting control with more control, which is not sustainable, people will eventually use compassion as a way to negate those who would force and control others. They will simply join forces and raise support for actions that are unacceptable without targeting those who would perpetuate them, but without cooperating in any way, whether that means refusing to work with them, refusing to add to their wealth, or whatever other ways are needed, until the power hungry have no choice but to cower, because they have no one to support them.

Compassion becomes a strength when your enemies are seen as fearful and misguided, rather than angry and hateful. When that happens, you can approach them without adding to their fear and anger. When you can see yourself in their faces and feel compassion for their pain and fear, you have a better chance of reaching them, so understanding and hope can begin.

Anger and fear, as powerful as they can be, cannot defeat compassion and hope. See beyond the surface and beyond their actions, until you see the haunted person inside. Offer them a better way. Show them what lies beneath your own surface. When they see love and compassion, their fear and anger will begin to subside.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always considered compassion to be a strength, but I never thought of it as a weapon against hate and those who perpetuate it. It makes sense, though, don’t you think?

But that’s not all!!! Jennifer and I agree that we were brought together, because people who are experiencing psychic gifts they haven’t always had need more support. Our Guides are telling us we need to network more, so we can support and help each other. We both believe we agreed to help with this before we came to Earth, and we’re going to pursue this further.

Would you be interested in a psychic support group of some kind? We’re considering Zoom meetings, but this is brand new, and we haven’t even begun to plan it yet, but I’d like to get a feel for the interest level out there. Please let me know if this is something in which you would consider participating. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email if this calls to you.

Blessings, all.


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