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The Best Way to Accelerate The Shift

Connect with Your Soul

Happy Friday, everyone.  This has been a very … enlightening week for me.  It started Monday when I did my weekly Tarot reading.  I use an Archangelic deck of 78 cards, and I do my own thing, rather than follow the directions that came with the set.  I start by calling on the Angels to guide the selection and interpretation of the cards, I pull ten cards out, and I consider them to be an overview of what I can expect during the week.  It’s usually pretty accurate and thought provoking.


So, Monday I followed this procedure, and after shuffling very thoroughly, I pulled ten cards, and five of them were under Ariel’s banner.  This called my immediate attention, because this doesn’t make statistical sense (not that I’m a statistician, but Ariel has the same amount of cards as all the other featured Angels, and half of the ten cards being hers isn’t normal).  When something like this happens, I take it as a sign that someone wants to speak to me, namely Ariel in this case.  So, after I read the cards, I channeled “her.”


I’ve been struggling lately, as so many of us have.  Politics, the Supreme Courts, the news, the wars, and the cruelty in the world are all triggers for me.  Even though I avoid those things to preserve my peace of mind, they can really drag me down at times.  Although I believe things will get better, and I trust the messages I receive from the Angels, hope is, at times, overshadowed by frustration and overwhelm.  I just can’t relate to the cruelty to others that is so prevalent right now in so many places.  I do a lot of grounding and self-care, which is helpful, but sometimes I feel the grind. 


After speaking with my friend and partner in the AAP project, Kathleen Johnson, I made an appointment with an energy healer who specializes in helping “lightworkers”.  It was a great experience for her which she highly recommended, so I scheduled a session for next week.  That’s the energy appointment Ariel and my soul are talking about, and I’ll let you know how it goes.


Anyway, I channeled Ariel, and this is what she said:


Jodie:  Ariel, are you there?


Ariel:  I am here, dear friend.


Jodie:  I’m guessing you have a message for me, based on the cards.  I’d like to talk about why I’m not very motivated, if it has to do with me being on Earth, and the upcoming energy rebalance I’ve signed up for, along with whatever is on your mind.  Can you please enlighten me?


Ariel:  The questions you have are why I approached you and spoke to you during the Tarot reading and why we led you to make an appointment for the quantum energy session with Tera.  While the majority of your soul is still with us in the Angelic Realms, the part that resides inside your body misses being here.  Your soul experiences everything your body goes through, but your human consciousness is not always aware of what your soul experiences.  We think it would be helpful if you worked on developing a stronger bond with your soul.  We know you can channel “her” at anytime, but you rarely do, and we hope you will do so more often. 


Dearest, we love you greatly, but we are not a substitute for your soul connection.  We are all so close, it feels that way, but your greatest and most helpful connections for the time you occupy Earth are your soul and the universal connection.  Your universal connection continues to grow and become stronger, which is remarkable, wonderful, and helpful, but you need to devote some time to the rest of you, your soul.


Spend some time, at least weekly with her, and the Earth will not seem so heavy, as you will feel lighter.  You are trusting of your soul, yet you are not comfortable with that part of you, and you should work on that. 


As for the quantum energy adjustment, you will undoubtedly enjoy it, and we will help to make it fun for both of you.  We will be there with you. You work with higher energy a lot, and that can make the human chakras, particularly the lower chakras, feel heavier, which affects your entire human physical system and sometimes your mental/emotional systems.


It is as you told Kathleen, your spiritual energetic system, from the heart chakra up, is highly advanced, and that can aggravate your human parts.  The older you get, the more you will yearn for home, meaning the higher realms, and the freedom they offers you.  This is normal and expected, especially for higher evolved souls such as yourself.  By forging a stronger connection with the part of you who still resides in the higher realms, it will help soothe the yearning and help balance the chakras, and you will feel better and more capable of dealing with human life on Earth.  Please consider doing this.



This gave me a lot to think about.  The human/soul connection has been difficult for me to come to terms with, especially after I learned that it is the soul who plans the life we live on Earth.  For a time, I resented my soul for the hardships I’d endured.  I’ve lost some very important people in my life to various diseases, and I’ve struggled greatly at times.  For a time, I felt like a puppet on a string, and I saw my soul as the puppet master controlling me.  I’ve outgrown this belief after learning more from the Angels and gaining a greater, more balanced understanding of what the soul does and why, but I still struggle in terms of feeling comfortable with that part of me.  Ariel was right.  I can channel my soul easily and clearly, but I prefer to channel the Angels.  Our relationship is comfortable, loving, and we are very close. 


It’s always been that way, from the first time I channeled the Angels.  It felt more like a reunion, rather than an introduction to them when I began channeling.  If you’re not familiar with my process, I usually write down a question, then channel the Angels for an answer, as I write it down.  The exception is Sunday, which I call Sunday, Fun Day.  On Sundays, I open up the channel and invite them to direct the conversation.  Sometimes they have ideas for me to consider, and other times, they encourage me and tell me they’re concerned about me for whatever reason. 


In any case, after I spoke with Ariel, I decided to pull out my soul journal and channel my soul to see what “she” had to say about all this.  She always starts with “I am you, and you are me,” so I know it’s her, rather than the Angels, and it went like this:


Jodie:  Hi, there.


Soul:  I am you, and you are me.  Hi there, back!


Jodie:  So, the Archangels tell me I should spend more time with you/me, as it will make me feel better and help me cope with living on Earth.  I have a question.  Do we dread incarnation as much as it seems or as I imagine?  I’m struggling with motivation these days, and it’s getting harder and harder to stay positive at times.


Soul:  We are very duty oriented.  We go where and when we are needed, and we go willingly, because it is so important to us to help others, but yes, there is always a certain amount of dread involved.  As a human currently, we are mostly positive and optimistic.  We are hopeful.  But whenever we are away from home, we are lonely and often frustrated with the limits on Earth we must deal with.


Gravity is a major “pain in our ass.”  We are used to going wherever we want to go, alone or with friends, in a heartbeat’s time.  There is no need to budget or pay bills or save money in the high realms for a trip.  We just transport ourselves wherever we wish to go.  We have no need for food, transportation, shelter, etc.  We just go where and when we want to go.  Because our human body cannot do this, we become frustrated and restless sometimes.  This is why you feel the need to go on a trip, even though you do not know where to go. 


Unless we are incarnated, we have no bodily needs.  This is very freeing for us.  We never get hungry or tired.  We never have aches and pains.  We are never sick, and we do not have any physical concerns like diet, cholesterol, aging, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, mobility issues, etc.  These things are part of the package of reincarnation, but resentment can subconsciously build as we have to deal with these things more and more.  It is normal.


Everything is harder in a human body on Earth.  We have touched on the physical issues, but the mental/emotional issues are just as difficult.  We have a loving, nurturing nature, yet when we see the idiocy practiced by others on Earth sometimes, it triggers a variety of emotions ranging from sadness to anger.  We cannot relate to cruelty, so when we witness it or hear about it, we hurt, for ourselves and for others.


There is much cruelty, anger, etc., largely triggered by fear and manipulated and strengthened by others.  The more prevalent it becomes, the more overwhelming it can feel.  It continues to grow and spread.  We are very cognizant of how it affects others, but we need to also be aware of how and when it affects us.  Grounding to and in the center/heart of Earth is a great idea right now.  The Earth has also been abused, and when we join with her, we comfort each other.


May I suggest that we transition from Sunday, Fun Day with our Archangels to a time for us to be together?  I think it would be helpful for all concerned, and I will relay any Archangel messages to you, or you may check in with them during/after Tarot, as you did this week.  I think this will serve you and us well.  I will reach out to you during the quantum energy session with Tera.  I think we will enjoy and benefit from it greatly.


We are partners in this life, remember.  It may seem as though we are separated, yet we are very much joined and together.  I look forward to spending more time together through channeling.



Final Thoughts


So, this is my new plan.  Rather than doing Sunday, Fun Day with the Angels, I’ll spend time with my soul.  I went to sleep last night with this in mind and I woke up with the knowledge that this is what we should all be doing.  I love the Archangels, and I love channeling them.  They are a huge part of my life, and I’ll continue to channel for them and share their messages with you.  However, on a more personal note, I’m also going to spend more time with my higher self and channel “her” in order to learn more about myself and to hopefully get through these difficult, transitional times with more grace and deal with them in a more positive way. 


This is a major piece of information we can all use to help us navigate these times.  I now know that connecting with our soul is not just helpful for us, it also helps speed up and facilitate The Shift.  I know what many of you are thinking.  “That’s great, Jodie, if you know how to channel.”  You can do this, too, though.  Set some time aside and sit down with a pen and paper.  Call upon your higher self and ask them what they want you to know.  Then start writing.  It’s going to feel weird at first.  Write down whatever comes to mind, even if it’s, “I don’t know what to write.”  Just settle in and keep writing.  You may be surprised at what comes through.  Write down all thoughts, ideas, feelings, memories, song lyrics, or whatever flits through your consciousness. 


Lee Harris tells the story of a lady who did this and told him she felt silly, and she thought she’d just written down her own thoughts.  He read what she wrote and asked her, “Do you usually give yourself such high praise?”  The lady took a moment to think about it, and she realized that she wasn’t prone to self-praise, yet she’d written a lot about how great she was and what a good job she was doing in this lifetime.  She looked at what she’d written in a new light. 


I hope you’ll take a little bit of time this weekend to try to contact your soul and listen to what they have to say.  Remember, your soul knows you better than you know yourself or than any other being knows you.  Your soul is your greatest advocate and knowledgeable not only about this lifetime, but all the other lifetimes experienced.  It has universal knowledge intact and can tell you so many things you would benefit from knowing.  Give it a try and let me know what you think. 


Also, tonight is Friday night meditation from wherever you are, whenever you’re available.  The intention for the month of June is to recognize and use your natural gifts to serve yourself, others, and to facilitate The Shift.  The Archangels will join all of us who contribute and collect our energy and distribute it wherever it’s needed the most.  Let’s spend a little time together and join our efforts.


I hope you have a peaceful, soul searching and finding weekend, and I wish you all many blessings.


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