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The Archangels Explain Intuition

Everyone gets flashes of intuition at times during their lifetime. How many times have you heard someone say, “I had a feeling …” or “I knew I shouldn’t get involved, but …” or “There was something about him that made me uncomfortable …”? The morning I found my husband had died during the night, I got a call from a very close friend within less than an hour of the discovery, before the ambulance had even left. She never called me early in the morning, and when I asked her what made her call, she replied that she just had a very strong feeling to call and check on me, and she did. That’s intuition.

A similar situation happened when I felt a strong urge to call my son and his wife out of the blue. When I called, they had barricaded themselves and their three cats into the bathroom, because there was a tornado less than a mile away from them, which thankfully, didn’t reach them. That’s intuition.

I asked the Archangels to explain these feelings we get from time to time and why we get them. Often, when I ask them a question, they’ll tell me to trust my intuition, which in the beginning was easier said than done. Following is their answer.

Question: What is intuition, and why should we trust it?


Everyone is born with intuition that is often quite strong in children but recedes as they become older. Intuition is a psychic phenomenon. All humans have the ability to develop a number of psychic gifts, but few do, at least until recently. Because of The Shift, more people are becoming aware that there is more to learn, to know. Many are realizing psychic gifts and developing them. It is becoming easier to access these gifts than ever.

Intuition can have different sources of origin, and these sources can vary from one person to another. Our channel always had the ability to speak with us telepathically, but she did not access this gift until later in her life, as per her life plan. She is clairaudient, which is different from being intuitive, but none the less, similar, as most psychic gifts are.

Intuition is another branch under telepathy. Some are able to receive words or brief messages from other sources, some are able to receive pictures or images, and others just have a strong feeling or reaction to different things. The source of these messages could be from an Angel, usually either Guardians or Archangels, they could be from the higher self or soul, from the Creator, from ancestors or loved ones, or from a variety of guides.

The most common intuitive reactions happen either when there is possible danger present, which is usually triggered by one’s Guardian Angel or guides, and the other common intuitive reactions are when a new person is met. Depending on how sensitive someone is to energy, the source of this intuition can come from guardians and guides, or it can simply come from one’s own reaction to energy.

This happens to many individuals who often describe it as being a good judge of character. Most people get feelings about people they meet or spend time with, both pleasant or unpleasant, but these feelings are subtle and often sub-conscious. Someone may not know why, but they either like or do not like to spend time with certain people. That is usually an energetic reaction which triggers your intuition.

Often, when a person realizes that there are more senses beyond human senses, they can begin to access them in a variety of ways. Once someone begins to practice one psychic gift, others can usually be accessed more easily, although some gifts will likely be stronger than others.

Going back to our channel, she began with her strongest psychic gifts, channeling and clairaudience, which led to our telepathic communications. So, our connection is the source, clairaudience and channeling are the gifts, and telepathy is the method. As our connection was already established before this lifetime for her began, once she opened up her mind and heart to the possibility, it was relatively easy to communicate with us.

Once someone learns to access one psychic gift, it is usually easier to access others, and many times other gifts are triggered. Our channel began channeling healing energy, before she channeled us. Since we’ve connected, she has become very sensitive to energy, her vibration is at a much higher level, her channeling of healing energy has become stronger, and with little effort on her part, she could develop other psychic abilities, although they are not likely to be as strong as her clairaudience or channeling.

When you feel your intuition in whatever kind of situation you find yourself in, you should focus on it and pause. Since the most common sources of intuition are guardians and guides, these intuitive feelings are usually triggered by them in order to protect you or to guide you. If you get a feeling of caution or danger, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as possible. You should always trust these feelings, especially if you don’t know why you are feeling this way, or if you feel anxious suddenly or when introduced to someone new. If you feel uncomfortable all of a sudden, or if you get a feeling of dread or that something is not right, redirect yourself immediately, as they are likely warnings.

Intuition is much stronger than feelings of uncertainty or shyness, or lack of confidence. They are stronger and persistent. Listen to them! And remember, your guardians and guides only act in your best interest. They would never lead you to do something that was not for your good.

Intuition is sometimes easier to access and to feel than it is for some people to trust it. You have been conditioned and taught to trust your human senses, rather than psychic senses. There is still some stigma attached to psychic abilities, although that is beginning to wane as more people become aware of their gifts. It takes practice, patience, and focus, and it requires an open mind and heart to develop intuition and to learn to trust it and use it, but it will serve you well in numerous ways.

Final Thoughts

Intuition is usually subtle and easy to push aside if you don’t recognize it for what it is, a gift. The Angels are always telling me to trust my intuition, and I have learned to do so for the most part. When I first started channeling, I’d often ask my guides if a particular source of information was one I could trust, and invariably they’d ask me what my intuition was telling me. They helped me learn to access and trust it in this way.

It can get tricky when I get mixed signals. For example, I once listened to a channeled message from a person, and the message resonated with me, but the next time, neither the message nor the the one who channeled it resonated. I asked my guides how I could trust my intuition if it kept changes its mind. That’s when they told me to consider the parts that resonated and leave the rest behind, that truth is personal and relative, and if it didn’t resonate with me, it didn’t mean the person was necessarily dishonest, only that her interpretation and point of view varied from mine.

That’s why I always tell my readers to take what makes sense to them and leave the rest. I’ve never lied or changed a message to suit my own purposes, but I’m only human, and I can make mistakes. Also, some people are not at a place where they are ready to accept or understand some messages. They’re not less smart or open or developed spiritually, they’re just on their own path, and things will make sense and resonate when the time is right.

The more you learn to trust your intuition, the easier it gets. If you feel confused, hit pause and focus on the situation and your feelings. Open your heart and mind, and ask for guidance. Listen. Don’t get caught up in whether or not it makes sense or try to figure out why you’re feeling a certain way; just focus on how you feel. Then, follow your heart and do what feels right. Always trust your intuition.

Blessings to all!


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