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Stop Chastising Yourself

The Archangels Guide Us to Give Ourselves Compassion

I get really bad fever blisters.  No, really bad.  They’re more than unsightly or an inconvenience; they make me sick, like I have the flu, with fever, chills, body aches, etc.  Sometimes, the entire left side of my face swells!  They’ve been so bad, a doctor from long ago took pictures of me, hiding my eyes from the photo to make it more anonymous, and put them in a medical journal and presentation.  He really needn’t have bothered with covering part of my face, because I was barely recognizable as a human, appeared more like … the creature from the black lagoon, maybe.  I used to get them several times a year, and they’d knock me down for a week or so.  Thankfully, the older I get, the less I get them, and when I do, and the anti-viral meds I take don’t head them off, they still don’t get as bad or last so long as they used to, but they can still make me sick for a few days.  The number one cause for those fever blisters?  Stress!


You’re probably wondering why I’m sharing all this fascinating information with you.  For the last several years, getting fever blisters has been a rarity, but with all the changes I’m going through lately on many levels, I’ve had two in the last month or so.  As a matter of fact, I’m recovering from one now. 


When this second one showed up, I got very frustrated, mostly with myself.  My primary reaction was, I’ve got to do a better job of balancing my stress levels.  I thought I’d gotten pretty good at that, but apparently, I’m not doing enough, or maybe I’m not doing the right things.  I check in with myself and my moods, how I’m feeling daily, I practice a lot of self-care, I meditate and do a lot of grounding.  I channel the Archangels, for heaven’s sake, so you’d think I’d have a better handle on managing my stress! 


Then, I stopped.  It occurred to me that if anyone else told me they’d been sick twice in a month and was dealing with a lot of stress, I wouldn’t answer them in frustration or berate them.  I would show them compassion and try to make them feel better in some way.  Why wasn’t I doing the same thing for myself?


That’s what prompted me to channel the Archangels last night for help in writing an article about this very thing.  Their response follows.


Question:  I would like to write an article about fighting responding with impatience for ourselves, like I have a tendency to do, for instance, regarding the fever blisters I’ve dealt with recently.  Please help.




This is important right now, especially with more people awakening and sharing and spreading their light.  Spiritual people often feel as though they are doing something wrong or slacking off in some way if they feel ill or tired or even moody.  We wish you to know that, regardless of how spiritually aware you are, these things are unavoidable and part of being a human being.  All human beings have bad days, whether the discomfort comes from physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or simply energetic issues from time to time.  In some ways, you are more susceptible, especially as you become more sensitive to energy and more self-aware.


While people who are not sensitive to energy on an individual or collective level can go about life oblivious to energetic changes, at least that they are aware of, the more awakened you become, the more aware of energy and affected by it you also become.  As the saying goes, being forewarned is being forearmed.  If you make it a habit to tune into yourself often, hopefully daily, you will be aware of any energetic fluctuations and their effects on you, so you can address them right away by grounding yourself or practicing self-care.  Being spiritually awakened does not mean you no longer suffer the ails of being human, it means you recognize these issues sooner and can deal with them faster and more effectively.


Some people assume that spiritually awakened people do not struggle, and that is not true.  People who are growing spiritually sometimes erroneously believe that when they reach a certain level of spirituality, they will no longer have these aggravations, so when they do, they think they must be doing something wrong, or not doing enough.  Neither is that true.


In some ways, spiritual people have unique challenges, because they can be more aware, therefore more affected, by things and people in the world that are decidedly unspiritual.  The more awakened you become, the more aware you become of things that must change, because they are unfair, unequal, or harmful.  Also, the spiritually awakened usually feel more connected to everything, including the Earth, nature, animals, other people, and the universe, along with all that is in it.  So, when harm is done in any of those areas, it is troublesome.


So, why should you seek that which spiritually aware people attain, you might wonder.  We will answer that.  When you are spiritually awakened and aware, you realize you are no longer on your own, alone to deal with whatever happens in your life.  You know there are many other beings, including souls, Angels, other high Guides, and each other, who are working with you to make things better, and you can feel the divine connection you share with them.  You begin to connect with not only them, but the energy of the elemental Love you share with them, and that leads you to your own power and strength.


Spiritually aware people begin to realize their worth, their power, and their legacy, and they know they are loved by many, and when they are in an uncomfortable or aggravated state, they can temper it with the loving energy within and around them.  They learn how to do this through awareness and practice, and they learn to overcome obstacles and setbacks.


This is not to say that they always and automatically manage to do so quickly and efficiently.  Sometimes, they wallow in dissatisfaction, just like everyone does, because they are human.  However, the more spiritual a person becomes, the less time they spend in the darkness, because they know they do not belong there.  They find their way back to the light, and the light is within and around them, and they belong there. 


Spiritual people are kind people, because they feel that universal connection they share with all of creation.  This is beautiful, but do not forget to be kind to yourself, also.  If you feel unhappy, uncomfortable, or ill, do not automatically wonder what you are lacking or doing wrong.  Is that how you would react to someone who told you they felt that way?  No, you would offer them comfort, you would reach out to them with compassion and try to make them feel better.  That is exactly how you should react to yourself when you are not feeling well or happy or optimistic.


Instead of berating yourself and being down on yourself for losing your sense of peace, joy, love and/or hope, give yourself some tender loving care, patience, and understanding.  Baby yourself.  Indulge yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Give yourself the same loving care you would offer to someone else.  You did not do anything wrong.  You are just being human, and you are going to have bad days, bad feelings at times.  You know how to feel better, and you will.  Before you meditate, ground yourself, or speak to your Guides, first give yourself love and know that you deserve it. 


Once you do that, you will be headed in a better direction and regain that which you momentarily misplaced through no fault of your own.  Being spiritual does not make you less human.  It makes you more aware of the greatness that you carry, both human and divine.


We send you all Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


I hope you’ll take this guidance to heart, as I’m trying to do.  Give yourself a break!  When you have a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual upset, rather than responding with impatience and self-doubt, start with love and compassion, just like you would offer to someone else who is feeling off kilter for whatever reason.  Sometimes, you can’t make someone instantly feel better, but knowing that you care about them and are thinking about them lovingly can go a long way to restoring what they feel they’re lacking.  Give that gift to yourself, also.


Be self-aware, and when you’re not yourself, take note, try to figure out why, and respond first with love and compassion.  I think back to so many times when I’ve offered those gifts to others.  The number of “bless your hearts,” “I’m so sorry you feel that way’s,” and I’m thinking of you and sending you love’s” I’ve sincerely given to others are unquantifiable.  Now, I need to remember to react to my own rough edges in the same, comforting manner.  It’s great when you get that from others, but when you gift that to yourself, it’s immeasurably and powerfully healing.


Blessings, all.

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