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Signs of Positive Change

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Have you noticed people are using a lot of qualifiers and clarifications when they speak these days? “I’m a republican, but I’m not a MAGA person,” “I’m a Christian, but not one of the crazies,” and some of my personal favorites, because I feel the need to use them from time to time, “I’m from Texas, but I don’t carry a gun, I’m not a redneck, I’m not a conservative, I’m not a republican, I’m not a Trump supporter, and I can’t stand our politicians.” It’s easy to get caught up in all the crazy stuff going on right now, but I asked the Archangels to point out some signs that things are at least headed in the right direction. Their response follows.

Question: I’d like to write about signs that show we are headed in a positive direction. Please help.


There are many signs to consider, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. Believe it or not, some of the things that seem to be making things worse are going to be the very things that will serve as, catalysts for change. As they increase the polarity, they will also prompt more unity.

There are some things that are obvious, such as movements like Black Lives Matter and #metoo. Both of these were brought about by people who had enough of the abuse others have suffered for such a long time, so old problems are generating new responses.

Please understand that these movements, while offering positive objectives, will inevitably upset people, also, especially those who have participated actively and those who have supported wrong doing. There are two kinds of supporters. The first are those who have participated actively in persecuting others, and the second are those who participated passively.

For example, racial and religious minorities have been mistreated for generations. The people who acted cruelly toward them were an obvious source of the problem, however those who were aware of the mistreatment and turned a blind eye are also guilty. While becoming actively against these misdeeds is not always an option for safety reasons, to do nothing when you know it is wrong is just as unhelpful as doing nothing because they condone such behavior.

Things are changing now because of The Shift. It is not so easy to look the other way, not only because others are choosing to take a stand, but because when you do not, it bothers you more, and you cannot forget about it so easily. Also, whereas self-isolation was well supported in the third dimension, it is not supported in the fifth dimension.

Those people who supported the persecution of others in the past, whether quietly or overtly, are feeling more threatened than ever in their lives, because people are beginning to join against them. They are complaining loudly, because people who stayed quiet in the past, who disapproved, are no longer avoiding taking a side, and those who have always condoned or participated in the mistreatment of others are beginning to be the persecuted themselves.

Instead of the long-held, linear cycle abusing others has always been, it is coming around, full circle, and the abusers fear being abused. And they will be if they do not release past patterns and beliefs or at the very least keep their thoughts to themselves or limit them being shared. Whereas this behavior has been accepted and allowed in the past, it will be denied and not tolerated in the future. We tell you this, not as a prediction, but as an inevitability due to the change in dimensions and the energy that is currently supported in 5D, as well as the energy that is no longer supported.

There is much turmoil around the world, not only in what are considered third world countries where rebellion is often commonplace, due to instability of the governments, but also in countries who have not had to deal with rebellion in a long time, such as England, France, and the United States.

This is frightening to many, but we also recognize it as positive change, as the masses are unifying and rejecting what has always been accepted in the past. For so long, governments in the “free” world have disregarded what the people want and done whatever they wished. Many laws do not currently reflect what the people want, what is best for them, because government officials have pursued their own interests and profits. This is coming to an end. It will come with discord, because those in power do not want to relinquish their power and position.

As you are beginning to see, the people are joining and becoming more outspoken and demanding, and things are and will continue to lead to change. Those in power will either accept this and cut ties with the powerful few who put them in position, or they will be replaced with others who cannot be bought.

We anticipated last year that powerful people would fall from grace, and that has become apparent and will continue. Many are still fighting against being held accountable, but it is a fight they cannot win. People have become more vigilant, and as more misdeeds are brought to light, you will see many defeated by their own past actions. The truth will come out, and they will have no justifiable defense.

What you must realize is that for every individual who falls, there are many others who go down with them, many of them unknown. Some are the ones who established power for others, and some are those brought with them. They are all members of the same team, but they cannot stand up to the masses.

People everywhere are beginning to question what has always been in place for themselves and for others. They begin to see through falsehoods, and they are gearing up to challenge the status quo and take a stand for themselves and against inequality and abusive power.

The days of the few ruling over and taking advantage of the many are coming to the end. Old strategies that have always kept people in check are no longer effective. The resulting chaos is what happens when people realize they are losing power and fight against that loss. Be prepared for more chaos, but stand your ground peacefully, and with determination.

Religion changes slowly, if at all, and religious institutions are now under fire for doing what they have always done. They are no longer considered to be untouchable. Churches are falling for lack of membership, and those who have always persecuted others are now the persecuted. We wish to be clear that we are not against any religion if it leads to kindness toward others, but neither are we for anyone being persecuted. We support no place or group who advocates cruelty or exclusion to others. Again, these kinds of energies will no longer thrive now that Earth in the fifth dimension.

It is unfortunate that a few zealots have established a bad reputation for entire religions, but people are no longer willing to stand by and do nothing. They will help and support their fellow man.

Instead of the isolation of certain people, you will see more overall unity. The connection between all of mankind is strengthening, and this will eventually spread further, including to other worlds in the universe. All will be joined, because all have a common Creator.

People are becoming more thoughtful and considerate in all things. Many of the problems in the world which seem unsolvable will be solved, because concerns will extend beyond the individual. People who have remained uninvolved are beginning to change for the sake of future generations in many ways, and that will eventually include the planet Earth. Realization is beginning to dawn that the current misuse of natural resources is unacceptable and harmful. Better care will be taken.

Many people are frightened by what they see happening in the world right now, understandably. However, it is important to see the whole picture, rather than the resulting chaos. Things are changing individually and collectively.

We send all Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to imagine some of what the Angels say, because we have always known people within the third dimension constraints. Part of the reason people are the way they are and have always been is due to the energy and boundaries of dimensions. Whereas clashes between world powers have always led to the discussion, if not the practice, of going to war in the past and still currently, I’m told that eventually, the energy needed for war will no longer be supported on Earth. So, it’s not just a matter of people turning over a new leaf, it has everything to do with what will be energetically supported now.

It’s the same with Climate Change. It’s hard to imagine people voluntarily changing to save the Earth right now, because we’re a fairly self-centered people, but the new energy will support these voluntary changes, especially for those who were born from 2012 on, because they will not have been exposed to the third dimension paradigm except through example by their elders. What we are seeing right now results from the panic and fight to maintain power by people who have always been able to control others and what happens in the world. The problem for them now is, people are no longer willing to cooperate, and more will join against them.

Look at the unity that has resulted after Roe v. Wade was reversed. It still makes me ill, but I’m not the only one. It’s the same with other abuses of power, such as movements against the LGBTQ+ communities. The majority of people are not on board with that. In every election that left it up to the people regarding personal rights, people were against restrictions. The same is being reflected by the polls. The recent changes to the laws and attempted changes are not going to hold, because they do not reflect what the majority wants, and politicians are beginning to realize that. Actually, we are leaving them no choice but to take notice.

We see proof of this also as people, just as the Angels said, are falling from grace as the truth of their dealings come into focus. Look at the mess represented by the Supreme Court. The faith placed in that institution is at an all-time low, and that has everything to do with the corruption being uncovered. How long do you think it will take before the people refuse to be controlled by those who have been proven to be corrupt? The same can be said for politicians. I’ve never labeled myself as democrat or republican, but anyone who can’t see the upheaval and inability to act on the republican side of the equation is blind or simply refuses to accept what is obvious.

In any case, all the chaos can be scary, but if it brings people together for positive change, it’ll be worth it in the end. We just have to hang in there long enough to see it happen and do whatever we can to see it through. We’re in for a rough ride, but at least we’re headed in the right direction. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Blessings, all.


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