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Seeing Things in Shades of Grey, Rather than Black and White

The Archangels Tell Us Why It's Important

I recently started listening to the Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe and Pete Hawk. I’d heard of them, but I hadn’t gotten around to them, and when I saw they were available (some of them) on Apple Music, I downloaded them. Listening to them makes me very emotional, not in a bad way, but in an overwhelmingly loving way, which inspires me to believe they’re legit.

One of the things I heard was that Yeshua (Jeshua, Yeshua, and Jesus refer to the same person), said we are remarkable, because we have the capacity to experience all polarities and everything in between. We can be both right and wrong, loving and hateful, judgmental and forgiving. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it makes sense. We make choices every day, all day long, that affect who we are and how we feel. That’s our free will coming through. So, I asked the Archangels for some guidance about how to avoid seeing only in black and white, and their answer follows.

Question: People tend to see things in black and white. Something is either good or bad, right or wrong. How can we learn how to think in shades of grey, and why is that important?


There are few absolutes in the universe. Absolutes require judgment, and clear, sound judgment is nearly impossible, because people rarely know the complete truth in any situation, the entirety of it. Most cannot know the heart of what is behind an act, because you cannot know the complete history of someone. Neither can you know the true purpose behind one’s actions or the part they play in the greater, universal plan. There is nothing absolute when human beings are involved, because there is always more at play than what is obvious.

While certain actions can be categorized in black and white, good and bad, right and wrong, the people involved in these actions are never one or the other in his or her entirety. Humans are much too complicated for that, and it is a rarity to find someone who is not influenced by external sources, whether it is through society, family, friends, religion, the media, education, upbringing, etc. Although this is changing, few people are guided by their heart and soul at the forefront, so they begin any action at a deficit, relying on outside factors for guidance.

Add to that the past habits from third dimensional energy of relying on fear before anything else within which many people remain and the tendencies to label and categorize everyone and everything, and clarity is often lost. People who have not yet reached a sense of awakening within fifth dimensional energy are yet unable to see beyond their fears.

For example, the religious zealots who persecute people within the LGBTQ+ communities do so out of fear. To persecute someone for being different is an absolute wrong, but the people who act in this way are a mixture of right and wrong, not necessarily regarding their thoughts and actions on a particular situation, but regarding the whole of them. Their actions represent their upbringing and background more than their heart and soul. They are as out of touch with their heart and soul as their actions demonstrate. They have been misled. They are usually misinformed. They are almost always ignorant of the truth and the facts. This does not excuse their actions, but if you allow yourself to consider these factors, it may lead to more compassion and understanding.

Understand that the true human nature is based and steeped in love, but people have been misguided and have continued to allow fear to guide them, instead. No one requests to be misguided, and it takes great courage to contradict lifelong beliefs. In some circles, to do so is forbidden, in fact, and if one is brave enough to challenge, there can be much at stake, including the loss of support and acceptance from everyone and everything they have always known.

So, when you question how someone can possibly believe what they do, there is never a black or white answer. Although their actions can be clearly right or wrong, the reasons behind them are varied and far more complicated. Treating the ones who acted wrongly and labeling them based solely on their actions related to a particular situation never reflects the entirety of who that person is or provides adequate clarity. Neither does it hint at what they would have had to face if they had acted differently. This is the problem with judgment and seeing things in absolutes.

Try to find compassion for those who have yet to find their way to their heart and their sovereignty. We do not say to excuse them or even to accept them as anything other than a member of the same humanity to which you belong. Whether or not you know what has led them to behave as they do, know without doubt that they act against their true human nature, and as long as they pursue this alternate nature, they will not know peace, because their heart and soul, the divinity within them, knows what they do is unacceptable, even as the ego and human consciousness shut out this truth.

Your science does not yet understand the totality of energy or the exchange and blending of energies, but it is profoundly powerful and affects everyone involved.

When you retaliate against others, even if their actions are unacceptable, you make them stronger and yourself weaker. It solves nothing and, in fact, makes the situation worse.

When this happens, the energy driving the person to act unkindly becomes stronger, and their views become more comfortable to them. They walk away feeling praised and vindicated, as though they have accomplished something, and it is that much easier for them to shut down the truth. The person who meets their anger with more anger walks away more upset, because he or she knows the truth and sets it aside briefly during the altercation.

Anger and fear have difficulty blending with love and hope, and so the person who was enticed into anger continues to feel unhappy and uncomfortable until they restore balance in a way that replaces anger and fear with love and hope, which is the energy they are accustomed to and with which they are comfortable.

Meanwhile, the other person or people believe more strongly than ever that they are acting appropriately and continue along that path until and if they awaken to the different mindset supported by the fifth dimension. When they are met with kindness, hope, and love, they can clearly see that their perceived enemies are functioning in a better mindset, and it makes a stark contrast to their own mindset. They will crave that peace, which will continue to elude them, until they begin to awaken and change.

A better way to deal with such people is to either ignore them completely or to answer with love and compassion. They will not understand such a response, but neither will their energy be strengthened, while your energy will remain sustained and balanced. You will walk away comfortably, while the other person walks away more disgruntled, due to your energy unbalancing theirs and making them feel uncomfortable. Their purpose is to upset you, and when you deprive them of that goal, they lose strength.

If you are upset due to someone else’s actions, and you are unable to find compassion for that person, instead focus love and compassion on yourself or other injured parties. When you feel anger, send love to those feelings, love to yourself, and feel the anger fade. Rather than meeting someone’s angry, reprehensible actions with anger and fear, send love to those who were adversely affected by them. Love is the human norm, and if you focus on it, it strengthens, and so does your energy. Be for someone and against no one. They are always their own worst enemies.

Beyond your own wellbeing and strength, know that reprehensible actions at this time often trigger a sense of awakening in others. Believe us when we say we do not want more of them, any more than you do! However, we count it as a win whenever someone is shown and reminded of what is and is not acceptable. This leads to unity and change. Just make sure the change applies to positive, heart-based actions, rather than actions based in anger and fear.

We send you all energies of Light and Love.

Final Thoughts

It’s a whole lot easier to feel compassion for angry, misguided people when they’re not in your face, isn’t it? It’s one thing to send love and compassion when you’re not directly affected by someone’s actions, than it is when their actions directly affect you. Still, this is something to strive for and in our best interests. I don’t feel comfortable when I’m angry. That doesn’t mean I never get angry anymore, because I do, but when that happens, even when I’m justified in my anger, I don’t like how I feel.

When I was a teacher, and I had to deal with irate parents for one reason or another. The louder they got, the calmer I got, and invariably, they quieted down enough to listen and discuss the problem in a way that led to a solution. I rarely failed to reach them. I try to avoid reading about politics and politicians, because all it does is upsets me, and I don’t need the aggravation.

Sometimes I can’t bring myself to send love to these people, because it wouldn’t feel sincere, but I can send love to the situation and to those who suffer from the decisions these people in powerful positions make. I don’t worry about whether or not sending love affects change. It may or may not, at least in a noticeable way, but whether or not it affects the situation and the people involved, it affects me, and it makes me feel better.

Staying in an angry state of mind accomplishes nothing but adding to your upset. It’s not a pleasant feeling, and it serves no purpose. If we can’t send loving energy towards the fearful, misguided people who continue to cause problems for us and/or others, we can at least send it to ourselves to alleviate our anger, and we can send it to the world in general, right? One thing’s for sure, it’s not going to hurt anything. To hope someone gets “payback” for their actions is harmful to us, not them. Let’s try to avoid doing that and focus instead on love and hope.

Blessings, all.


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