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Orbs of Light Seen All Around the World

Last night, I watched a show on Gaia TV entitled, “Orbs: The Veil is Lifting,” and as I watched it, I had such a feeling of joy, I couldn’t stop smiling. Not that you can ever have too much happiness, but I didn’t know why I was having such a strong reaction to the program. I try to stay on top of how I’m feeling and why, and I was intrigued. I’ve never seen these orbs of light that people are reporting more and more, but I’ve heard of them. I kind of thought they could be ET’s in their spaceships, but I didn’t give them much thought until I saw this show.

So, as usual, I asked my Archangels for more information and an explanation as to why I reacted so strongly. Below is our conversation, and unlike most of their messages which are written for my readers, this one is their answer to me personally, so when they say “you” they are addressing me.

Question: Seeing the show about orbs made me so happy! Will you please tell me about them? Are there orbs around me? Will I ever see them?


You feel joy, because you are remembering interacting with them as well as appearing that way yourself. Orbs are everywhere around you, wherever you are, and you can call to them. Yes, you will see them. You have the ability to see them now. Your high vibration combined with the thinning of the veil make it possible.

You are correct. They are living entities from other dimensions. Some are Angels, some are souls, and some are ET’s. Remember us explaining that whatever dimension a soul lives in, they can easily visit “lower” (vibrational) dimensions at any time? These orbs of living energy are visitors to your dimension.

For so long, they remained invisible due to their much higher vibration, but the Earth is ascending, therefore the Earth’s vibration is getting higher, making it easier to connect psychically and even by using the human senses of someone who has an open mind and heart. This is what happens as the veil thins, and it is just the beginning of discovering that there is so much more than what the human senses register.

More and more things will become known as the ascension of the Earth and individual and collective consciousness continues. There is nothing to fear as more is revealed. These orbs of energy, of entities, are protective and loving of the Earth and humanity. They have been assisting with The Shift all along. They will not likely be commonplace to the masses until much more of the 3D fear is discarded. Before that happens, however, individuals and groups of people who have awakened or in the process of awakening to the 5D paradigm will begin to see the orbs, as well as other things that have remained hidden to 3D Earth.

For those who are sensitive to energy, most will not be afraid when they are exposed to previously unseen entities and objects, because they will feel the Love that is so much a part of them. The Love in these entities will call to the Love in humans that has remained dormant in the past. Orbs are a common form, but it is not the only way to experience other entities. There are other forms such as flashes of light, sometimes in various colors, among others. Eventually, physical entities will appear in whatever form is natural for them in their own physical world, but this will take longer.

Those who are still experiencing life through the 3D lens are not likely to see these entities right away, but when they are ready to open up their hearts and minds, when it is their time, they will see them, also.

Our connection with you was established before your soul incarnated within your body, so there was no vibrational adjustment needed once you reached out to us. For many, this is not the case, and both entities who are trying to communicate with each other, such as a person and their guides, must collaborate and experiment to find a frequency they can both use effectively. This is also true for the orbs and their entities that people are beginning to see. They have always been there, but the Earth and some humans are only now close enough in frequency to communicate, or at the very least, for the human senses to register them.

The next step is likely to be communication with these entities. For most, this will be done telepathically, like we communicate with you. Eventually, vibrational frequencies will adjust to each other and communication will be more readily available to most. The biggest obstacle to this communication is when a person is not open to it. Everyone has the ability to communicate telepathically, but it takes time to learn and master it.

It is good that this awareness of things like the orbs and psychic phenomena is very gradual. In this way, those people who become aware and engaged will be able to guide others to do the same and will help to alleviate some of the fear that others hold.

If it was an immediate awareness of all that has remained hidden to the Earth for so long, fear would overwhelm the masses. By bringing on people in small numbers and adding to them gradually, people are likely to be more open and less afraid.

We rejoice with you as you resonate with these orbs and other new discoveries that will come to you. Your soul already has this knowledge, joy, and comfort that you are only now becoming aware of and remembering. More will be revealed in time. We are here to guide you through each new discovery.

Final Thoughts

This is so cool! I still haven’t seen any orbs yet, but neither have I tried. According to the show I watched on Gaia, they are attracted to music and joy and laughter. Some of the people who talked about them in the program had seen them with their own eyes, while others only saw them through digital photography. I can’t wait to try. I’ll keep you posted!


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