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One Question I Will Not Ask the Angels

Even Though Many People Think It's So Important

The Archangels have given me a few restrictions regarding channeling them and what kinds of questions they don’t like to answer, as follows:


1.     They don’t give personal information about other people, especially if they’re still living.  They guard everyone’s privacy and do not share stuff that’s really nobody’s business.  They’re not going to tell me if someone is guilty or innocent of something, they’re not going to reveal whether or not your spouse is cheating on you, and they’re not going to furnish us with anyone’s background or offer up any dirt on anyone.

2.     They don’t like to talk about the future except in general terms, because a) the future is never set in stone, and b) even if you think you want to know the future in terms of what will happen in your life, you probably don’t.  They’re not going to tell us who’s going to win the next presidential election, they’re not going to provide any life expectancy information, and they’re not going to tell us what the future will be like by a certain date.

3.     They are not going to reveal any information that could be harmful to someone else, whether that’s me, as one of their channels, or anyone else who could get in trouble or be targeted for harm because they know certain information. They will not reveal someone’s misdeeds that could lead to trouble for someone who might be involved either directly or indirectly.  They won’t tell me who assassinated JFK, they won’t reveal any government secrets, and they won’t provide information that people would kill to know of keep secret.


These are the rules and guidelines they gave me long ago, when I first began to channel.  I also have my own rules and guidelines.  I don’t tell people what they’re supposed to do or believe, I encourage people to take what resonates and leave the rest, and there are some topics that I feel are either unimportant, unhelpful, or so controversial I don’t want to involve myself in them. 


Although I give into my desire to rant from time to time about politics or current events, I make it a point not to involve the Angels in those articles.  I’m very clear about separating what I say from what they say, because I never want to put words into their mouths or assume they agree with me on something.  Truth be told, sometimes we disagree on things.  I know they know a lot more than I do, and I can be swayed by them to reevaluate and change my mind on some things, but sometimes, I’m not sure they completely understand things from a human perspective, because they’re not human, and they’ve never lived a human life on Earth, with very few exceptions.


There are times I risk delving into controversial subjects, such as the Bible series I wrote last year that tackled several segments of the Bible and what the Archangels had to say about them.  I cringe when I take on this kind of thing, because it sometimes brings out a few crazy people who sentence me to hell or tell me the devil is using me as a pawn.  Since I don’t believe in a devil or hell, they don’t really upset me, but frankly, I don’t need the aggravation. 


Another topic I stayed away from for a long time was suicide.  I eventually wrote about it, but I was concerned that by sharing that there was no punishment for committing suicide, people might take it as a sign that it was okay.  The Angels shared that, although there is no punishment for any of our actions, souls that commit suicide as humans generally regret cutting their lives short, as they are unable to complete the life plan in place and learn the lessons they’d wanted to learn during their lifetime.


Some controversy, in my opinion, should be addressed, assuming the Angels are in agreement.  I’ve addressed some controversial topics and been attacked for doing so, because people take exception to their beliefs being questioned or feel as though they are being attacked, which is never my intention.  This includes topics such as whether or not homosexuality is a sin (it’s not), whether the Bible should be taken literally and is infallible (is should not and is not), and whether or not there is one true, favored religion or people (there is not). 


I channel the Angels regarding these things, because I think it helps people, perhaps challenges people to reconsider some of their beliefs, and I think it puts people’s minds at ease in some cases.  I don’t invite or enjoy controversial topics, but I follow my heart and conscience regarding whether or not I should address them and share messages about them.


One question I get from time to time that I’ve chosen not to ask the Angels is whether or not Jesus was really crucified, buried, and rose again after three days, aka the resurrection.  I’ve never asked the Angels whether or not this happened as it’s stated in the Bible, and I have no intention of ever asking.  Why?  Because I don’t think it’s important.


I hear a lot of gasps out there.  Let me explain.  Yeshua (Jesus) was a great man.  I believe he acted selflessly, knowing His actions and teachings would lead to His torture and murder.  He knew He was asking for trouble and ruffling feathers, but he put aside His own safety and, in the end, His life, in order to try to teach and help people.  Whether or not he died as was depicted in the Bible and whether or not the Resurrection actually happened neither adds nor detracts from His actions, as far as I’m concerned. 


I think Yeshua is possibly the most misunderstood man in history, and I know He has been misrepresented probably from the beginning, sometimes because He was misunderstood or His teachings were misinterpreted, and other times purposefully to excuse terrible behavior done by others or to manipulate people. 


I’ve channeled Yeshua.  The best way I can describe being in His presence is imagining my body as an empty vessel, and Yeshua filling it full of Love until it’s coming out of every opening, every pore, every entrance to my body.  He is the most humble being I’ve ever encountered, and He doesn’t like to talk about himself.  What He does strive to do is to make you feel loved and accepted exactly as you are.  He does not want to be worshipped or treated as a God.  He wants you to think of Him as a brother or a friend. 


The Angels rarely criticize other people, but they are very clear when they tell us that anyone who uses Yeshua as a reason or excuse to persecute other people is wrong, and their actions do not represent Yeshua or His teachings.  They don’t mince words about this.  They say the same thing about the Creator.  This kind of behavior is not acceptable.  It’s forgivable, as all choices and mistakes are, but it is never acceptable.


I don’t mind asking the Angels about Yeshua’s teachings or about clearing up misunderstandings, because although some of those things are controversial, I think there’s merit in knowing.  I think knowing that it’s not acceptable to persecute others based on someone’s interpretation of the Bible or history is important information for us to have.  For some, knowing will make no difference whatsoever, but for others, I hope they will reconsider and reevaluate some of the things they have been taught and told.


Whether or not you believe Yeshua was a god, a man, or both really has nothing to do with what He was able to accomplish and the things He disputed that were common practices at the time.  He treated the outcasts of His time, including, criminals, tax collectors, women, adulterers, foreigners, and so many others with love, forgiveness, respect, and acceptance.  He was so far ahead of His time, He forfeited His life in order to try to help others.  Whether or not His physical body rose again three days after His human death has nothing to do with the actions He performed while on Earth. 


It might surprise you to know that Yeshua feels as though he had limited success while He was on Earth.  He shared with me that the world was much smaller then, than He became well known in the area in which he lived and the places that were close by, but He doesn’t feel that He accomplished as much as He would have liked to do.  I suggested to Him that, even though the world was much smaller then, and He might not have made the impact He’d hoped to make, over 2000 years later, in a world that has grown so much larger and wider, people are still talking about him!  I’d say that’s pretty impressive.


This weekend is Easter weekend, and there are all kinds of holy days and celebrations planned.  If you believe Yeshua was just a man, He’s worth remembering.  If you believe He is a god or the son of god, He’s worth celebrating.  Whatever you believe, I think His record speaks for itself.  He’s mentioned in many, many circles, not just Christian circles, and there’s no disputing that He’s had a huge impact on the world that continues to this day.  He is someone to be honored and remembered, along with others throughout history who represent all religions and other areas of belief and life, whether you worship Him or not.  If you are against religion, that doesn’t mean you have to be against Yeshua or God.  Stand against persecution, entitlement, and bad behavior, but don’t blame the world’s problems on religious icons, simply because some people worship and/or misrepresent them.  Persecution, war, and violence done in the name of religion is the fault of people, not the religious figures they misrepresent.  Yeshua never said you should kill people or shame them or persecute them.  He preached forgiveness and love for all.  That’s how He wants to be remembered.  The rest doesn’t really matter in the great scheme of things.


Blessings, all, and Happy Easter if you celebrate it.



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