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Is Love at First Sight Really a Thing?

The Archangels Weigh In

Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate it.  I had an email from a friend and reader last week who wanted to know what they Archangels had to say about love at first sight.  With the holiday, I thought it was a great time to ask, so I did.  Their response follows.


Question:  What are your thoughts about “love at first sight?”




How nice to have a day that is dedicated to love!  We will address this in two parts, one with regard to human, emotional love and its beauty, and one regarding the elemental Love many of you are just beginning to feel and find.


We wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, if you celebrate it.  We wish you much love in your life every day.  There are so many shades of love, are there not?  Love for family and friends, love that is romantic in nature, love of parents for their children, and many more.  Since the question is referring to romantic love, we will start there.


Is love at first sight real?  Sometimes.  Whether or not it lasts is another question, and that is far more complicated.  Love that is everlasting in the romantic sense does not automatically happen.  The emotion can be automatic for some, but for love to last, it takes commitment, effort, determination, forgiveness, acceptance, and many other things. 


More than any of those things, however, love for others requires love for self.  If you cannot feel love for yourself, lasting love with another will likely remain out of reach.  If you do not love yourself, that is the first corrective step to take, and you should know that you are very worthy of being loved.  A healthy, loving relationship revolves around equality.  One should not believe themselves to be superior or inferior to a romantic partner in any way.  If you cannot both see yourselves and each other as equals, the love is not likely to be lasting.


The idea that another person completes you is not necessarily a good thing.  You should know that you are already complete.  You were born complete.  Another person may compliment your completeness, but they do not make you complete.  If you are looking for someone who will make you happy, stop.  You must make yourself happy, then you have an option to share your happiness with someone else. 


So, when you meet someone, and they have a major impact on you, perhaps it is love at first sight, but there is more to it than that.  More than likely, there is a prior soul connection.  Nearly always, if a person either makes a strong first impression or whatever relationship you share with them has a major impact on your life, positively or negatively, having them in your life was a part of your life plan.  When you meet them or get to know them, it is a sort of reunion you are aware of at a soul level. 


Also possible is that you have a similar vibration which attracts you to each other.  We do not wish to strip the romance from the idea of love at first sight.  If anything, these things should add to it, knowing that love is often backed by energy and life plans, and that you invited each other into your lives before you even incarnated.


Most souls plan their lives in groups and help each other in different ways during different incarnations, so it is not such a surprise that you are naturally drawn to certain people.  If you find that kind of instant attraction, you would do well to explore it, whether through romance or friendship.  It is rather like an added bonus or a head start.


Moving on to elemental Love, this is an entirely different thing.  Elemental Love is used in the making of souls by the Creator, and it is what binds us all together, regardless of soul type or origin.  We all come from the same source of creation, whether you relate to this as God, Source, Universe, etc.  It is not religious in nature, and it does not exclude anyone.  We all carry elemental Love as well as a divine spark that connects us in a way that goes much further than any kind of emotion. 


Because we carry this, we are all connected, not only those on Earth, but those living beings throughout the universe.  More of you are becoming aware of this, which is why so many of you feel a new drive to help others.  It is why acceptance of others is on the rise.  Oh, we know the news does not reflect this, but it is very true.  This new awareness is leading people to defend others, take a stand for equality and personal rights, and also to avoid people and institutions that persecute, judge, and condemn others. 


Feeling this universal connection leads to unity and the desire to help others.  It opens your eyes to what is not working and what needs to change.  It will lead to action in order to make things better on Earth for everyone.  This connection is based on divine and elemental Love.  As it grows in awareness, wrongs will be righted and heart energy will be the strongest kind of currency available, high in demand. 


On this day, dedicated to emotional love, add to it elemental Love, as well.  Celebrate those you know and love, as well as those you do not know, may never meet, but also love, because we are all connected through Love.  Enjoy a little romance, if it is available to you, but also welcome and open to the universal connection and divine, elemental Love that is an innate part of us, that we all share.  Know, also, that we love you forever and unconditionally.


Final Thoughts


I’m really racking up the Valentines this year!  I started with my son, his wife, and my grandson, then my daughter, her husband, and my granddaughters, then my daughter, all their pets, all the Archangels and because of the above message, I’m just going to invite all of you to be my Valentines, too.  So, will you be my Valentine?  Maybe I should extend it further to any takers in the whole world!  Yeah, I should definitely do that! 


In all seriousness, we should all consider opening to that universal connection we all share.  We should all watch out for each other.  We should all send out loving energy and help where, when, who, and how we can.  We are all worthy of love.  We are all important and deserve to be accepted for who we are. 


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.  Sending you all love!



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