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I Never Want To Come Back

Reincarnation is one of those topics that is hard to grasp as human beings. For many of us who have experienced hardship and loss, the idea of coming back to Earth and suffering through life all over again is not only unappealing, but daunting. Yet we do, time and time again. Why? To learn important lessons that bring us closer to full communion with God, Spirit, Source, or whoever or whatever you relate to if you believe in a higher power.

When I first started channeling the Archangels, I was really hoping to broker some kind of deal, so I’d never have to reincarnate and return to Earth for another lifetime. Initially, my understanding was that everyone has to come back for many lifetimes to learn everything we need, but I’ve since learned that there is more to it than that. After asking more questions, I’ve come to understand that yes, it usually takes many lifetimes to learn what we need to know, we design our life plans in such a way that leads to opportunities to learn these lessons, some lessons require hardship, and once we learn a lesson, it sticks with us, so we don’t have to relearn it in subsequent lifetimes. Lastly, there are different realms and dimensions where different learning levels of souls reside. It’s kind of like graduating to the next grade in school. The more you learn, the closer you get to God.

I assumed we had no choice in terms of reincarnating to learn more, and that’s not quite right. Souls have a choice to reincarnate to continue to get closer to God, and they can choose if and when that happens. The part that is so hard for many of us to understand is that our souls pretty much alwayschoose to come back for another lifetime, because they (we) all want to get closer to God. No soul is forced to return; they choose to return.

The hardest connection for me to grasp and understand since I’ve been channeling is my higher self. We are two forms of the same entity, but it’s hard for me to fully understand that. The soul plans the life, and the human lives it, and that rubbed me the wrong way initially. It reminded me of when I was teaching, and the administration at local, state, and national levels would add more work to my already overloaded to-do list without consulting me and expecting me to deal with it and make it work, regardless of whether or not I thought it was possible or valuable, and without consulting me first.

In short, I resented my soul for planning my life and including all the hard times through which I had to suffer. It didn’t feel like my soul and I were one. It felt like my soul was an inconsiderate, uncaring boss, and I was a puppet on strings that had no choice but to continue to dance to its tune. I still don’t fully understand this connection, but I know enough now to trust my higher self to know what is best, whether I understand everything or not. When I channel my higher self, the first response I always get is the same introductory statement, “I am you, and you are me.”

We are at a distinct disadvantage as human beings, because although our soul has universal knowledge, we human counterparts do not, so not only do we not remember the life plan itself, we don’t understand why things happen the way they do in life. We can’t see that it’s all part of a bigger plan and everything serves a purpose, and is, ultimately, in our best interests. It’s extremely hard to imagine that when we cross back over, not only will we remember everything, but we will be grateful for everything that happenedthroughout our life, good, bad, and ugly.

The good news is, we neither have to accept this, nor do we have to understand it right now. We don’t even have to believe it. In any case, I asked the Archangels if there were any shortcuts to learning everything we need to know and if we have to keep reincarnating until we finish learning. Their explanation follows.

Question: Are there any shortcuts to becoming an ascended master who doesn’t have to reincarnate anymore, because they’ve learned everything they need to commune with God?


The time it takes to complete the learning of all life lessons depends on each soul and how much learning is accomplished during each lifetime. It is possible to learn everything in one lifetime, but it is highly unlikely. The goal during any lifetime should be to learn and to live a life of loving kindness toward others, as well as yourself. This is the focus everyone should keep in mind, because when you help and are kind to others, it eases whatever burdens you carry and leads to learning lessons needed.

As a human being, if someone sets a goal to become an ascended master, especially out of desperation and suffering, it is an indication that further knowledge is needed. To be an ascended master is to accept whatever life brings and to realize that suffering brings opportunity and that you are not the only one who suffers. It is normal and expected that humans resist and often resent the suffering that life brings.

There is no set time or right or wrong way to deal with hardship. There are stages most people go through, much like dealing with the loss of someone you love or being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Shock, anger, denial, resentment, and other emotions involved can eventually lead to acceptance and peace. The person must allow themself to feel and experience those difficult emotions to reach that place of peace. This is difficult and necessary.

It is not unusual for people experiencing such hardship to want to bury emotions, refuse to face them, hide from the truth, and dread the future. Neither is it unusual for someone who believes in reincarnation to declare they never wish to incarnate again. Human beings do not have the clear or full understanding they have at the soul level. Many people look forward to death, because life is sometimes so dreary, they just want to escape and never return.

This is not a bad thing or unacceptable. Without the full knowledge of the life plan in place, the vast majority of people cannot begin to understand why, as a soul, they planned such a difficult life. Once they return to the soul realms, however, they remember everything and rejoice at the lessons they learned.

We realize this is not of particular comfort for people who are suffering, so we will add that once the soul crosses back over, it is at the soul’s discretion when to return and reincarnate, should they still need to return. No soul is forced to return or has any kind of timeline in place. They can stay in their soul form for as long as they like and avoid a return. What is so hard to accept as a human being is that the soul eventually wants to reincarnate, because they want to fully understand and commune with the Creator.

Some souls choose to plan their next life as quickly as possible, while others prefer to rest longer. They can proceed at their own pace. No one is forced or “kicked out” so to speak. The only requirements soulsrei are held to are that if and when they choose to reincarnate, they must choose lessons to learn and plan accordingly, and they must plan some kind of purpose that will help others while on Earth.

Learning often involves hardship, but not always. A soul can focus on learning as few or as many lessons as they choose. They can plan an easier life with less suffering if they wish. These two requirements for planning a life are not meant as punishments. Life is not meant as a punishment. It simply allows for opportunities to learn and experience things as a human in a physical life.

Even ascended masters often choose to reincarnate to help mankind in whatever capacity they choose, and they have already reached the highest level attainable. So, you see, although life can seem like a punishment while a person is living it, it is something desired and chosen by the soul. They are not forced to live another life, they want to do so.

As a human who cannot imagine choosing to live the current life they are experiencing, they do not need to understand or accept any of this. If it is helpful to simply hold onto the fact that they will never be forced to return again or endure further hardship in future lifetimes, that is completely understandable, and there is no need to ponder further.

The other thing that is particularly hard for people to understand is the soul/human dynamic. The soul is not the boss of the human, and they do not plan a life without concern or consideration for what the human experiences. Every moment of human suffering is also experienced by the soul. The soul doesn’t simply watch from a distance and study their human entity suffering. No, they suffer everything within their human counterpart.

The only difference between these experiences is the soul has complete knowledge and understanding. That is why all channeling, all connection with high guides, eventually leads to connecting with the soul, so the struggle of life is better understood and more easily accepted. Even then, the human may not fully understand their life, but trust and peace of mind are more easily reached and maintained.

Eventually, connection with high guides and the higher self will be available to everyone who has an open mind and heart, and comfort and guidance will be readily available. In the meantime, it is important to remember that all suffering is temporary. This does not necessarily mean that hardships will end, but that they will become more acceptable and easier for the person to handle.

For this to happen does not require one to become an ascended master. It simply requires finding the path that leads to a more harmonious balance. Once this balance is found, whether or not the hardship ends or continues, it is lighter to carry. Once you get through all of the stages of emotions, you can choose to release them and replace them, as your focus veers away from suffering and toward loving kindness for yourself and others.

Final Thoughts

I still struggle with the human/soul connection, and it’s still hard to believe that any part of me would plan some of the things I’ve dealt with during my life. I don’t remember my life plan, I don’t know what comes next, and I don’t understand why I had to experience some of the things I have.

However, I have learned a certain amount of trust for the process, the plan, and my guides, including my higher self. I’ve just accepted that I may never understand everything in this lifetime, and I can live with that. I trust that my soul and the Archangels and guides who help me have my back, and I’m never left alone to deal with anything. I find great comfort in that, and everyone else can, too.

Many blessings to all of you. Enjoy your weekend!


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