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Are We Capable of Changing Our World?

The Archangels Give Us a Pep Talk

Life is a big, fat struggle sometimes, isn’t it?  While it may take a little time and effort to find proof of good things happening in the world, hearing and seeing the really crappy, scary stuff takes no effort at all.  In fact, many of us, myself included, have reached a point where we avoid the news, because negativity is everywhere we look.  We know bad stuff is going on, and we’re just tired of hearing about all the details.  It’s depressing, upsetting, and downright overwhelming at times.


I know most of you are like me, and sometimes we wonder if it’s even possible that the world can change to the point where there is actual peace on Earth.  I hit that point a few weeks ago, and I was feeling a little low.  I’d been waiting to board a plane, and the news was playing on the TV in the waiting area, so I couldn’t escape it.  It was full of hatred, pain, and suffering.  The Ukraine was losing ground, more people were being killed and were suffering and dying in Gaza.  People were starving, when there is enough food on Earth for everyone.  College campuses were shutting down because hatred was being spread and people continued to choose sides.  In some areas of the world, there was no relief in sight, and things just seemed so hopeless.


When I got on the plane, I began channeling as I struggled to find something positive and hopeful after hearing the news.  I asked the Archangels if they were sure it was even possible for the Earth to turn things around and form a better world, and I asked if it had ever been done before elsewhere successfully, in a world that was as far gone as ours is.  Their answer follows.


Question:  Have there been other worlds as seemingly hopeless as Earth that have overcome their shortcomings and formed the kind of world so many of us dream of?




Yes, absolutely yes.  Many have overcome and reorganized themselves based on the universal connection they shared before you, and many more will follow, including Earth.  We know it seems hopeless sometimes, but it is not.  It is doable if the world resides in the fifth dimension or higher, as the energy must support this kind of life.  This is why we initiated The Shift, because Earth is ready for this change.


What we have witnessed and been part of is many worlds who started in the fifth dimension, as Earth did, but could not maintain that frequency level in balance with the physical beings living on the planet.  This is usually due to two factors.  Either there is unplanned interference from another world that lives in a lower frequency dimension, or the souls’ understanding or experience is uncomplete regarding universal knowledge, and they stray from their core knowledge.  Sometimes, it is a combination of the two, which is the case for Earth.  Earth started in the fifth dimension, but fell to the third, and it is now back in the fifth and in the process of raising its consciousness so that it may stay there.


On the original 5D Earth, the souls had universal knowledge intact, but they were influenced by incarnated souls from other worlds who convinced them that power and control were more attractive than equality and unity.  This was the beginning of The Fall of the Earth to the third dimension.


We know it is hard to have faith in humanity at times, especially with all the conflict, hardship, and current state of the planet.  We understand.  The known history of your world does not support the possibility of world peace or harmony around the world, but it existed before your currently recorded history, and we strongly believe it will exist again.  You are headed in the right direction, and the tide is turning.


You must strive for patience.  There is much hard work yet to be done, but more and more of you are committing yourselves to this work.  There is outside planning for Earth, also.  Technology will be discovered that will aid in this journey, and the problems that are today considered to be by many insurmountable will be solved and overcome.


Currently, there are many wishing for and considering different ways of living.  As you proceed, unity will lead to new ideas and new plans.  We know it seems impossible now, but it is not.  As we have stated before, it starts slow and small, and it gains speed and momentum.  Each phase carries over and adds strength, determination, commitment, and sustainability to the next, until there is no doubt and no stopping the transition into a 5D world style living.


Yes, many other worlds have experienced this kind of transition successfully.  Earth is not the only world to go through this, and Earth’s journey is not even the hardest among them.  Earth has maintained areas of what you might call humanity, always.  It has never been entirely overrun with greed, and there has never been a time when humankind has been completely careless regarding the needs and situations of others.  Kindness has always existed on Earth, at least in some places.


This sets Earth apart from many worlds.  There has always been a core of goodness on Earth.  Once that goodness is reflected in the top leadership tier, you will see more heart centered decisions being made that reflect the will of the masses, rather than the few in power.  The situation on Earth is far from hopeless, dear friend.  On the contrary.  If anything, the strides you are making on the planet are moving more quickly than ever, and you are speeding up in this journey.


We know many of you get tired of witnessing tragedy after tragedy.  We know it is disheartening to view the selfishness and self-centeredness that still flourish on Earth.  The fact the consciousness is rising makes these things even more painful to witness, we know, but the fact that they bother you so much is more proof that the world is changing.


You have many worries and few solutions at this point, but the solutions will come.  Throughout your history, there have been times when crucial answers remained hidden until you needed them most, and this will happen again and again as you make progress toward a better world.  No, you do not have all the answers yet to things like climate change, world hunger, disease, equality, a war-free world, and so many other things, but we tell you, the solutions to all of these things will eventually be found when the timing is right and will lead to a better way of life for all.


There will be advancements in science and technology right along with a continued rise in the collective consciousness.  There is a plan in place that many people of Earth, of other worlds, and the Angels are working on. Every one of you is here to assist in one way or another.  More of you are and will be joining in making a new Earth and reality.  We see it happening daily.


It is natural and understandable to feel frustrated and dejected, but hold onto hope.  There is much more to be hopeful about than there is for which to lose hope.  Take a break and refresh yourselves.  Practice self-care and focus on finding and holding onto hope and peace for yourself, and it will continue to carry over to others.  You are in a much better position now than you were even a year ago.  Next year will be better yet.


Trade your fear for hope.  You are not foolish to believe in a better future world.  You will participate and add to it.  Someday, you will live in a truly 5D world.  You are already well on the way.   Yes, there is still much work to be done, but you are far from alone.  We tell you with all sincerity that we have witnessed other worlds in far worse shape than Earth overcome far more than what you must overcome, and we are here to make sure you reach new levels of growth and a better outcome for all of humanity.  If we did not believe this, we would not have been able to initiate The Shift. We will not leave you until you have reached your full potential and even then, we will stay to help you maintain and continue to gain.


Earth and humanity are nowhere near the worst we have seen in the quest for a world steeped in and run by high consciousness.  There will come a day when you, also, will pitch in to help other worlds achieve what you will achieve.  We have great, unfailing faith in the future of Earth and of mankind.  So, indulge your hope.  Do not let fear replace it and do not allow current events to convince you the situation on Earth is hopeless.  It is far from it.  You continue to make great strides and progress, and things will get better.


We send all of you energies of Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


We humans tend to believe that we are at the center of everything and the only place where things are happening.  I’ve always believed there are other worlds, and it stands to reasons that life elsewhere is probably very different from where we live.  I find it comforting and encouraging to know that we’re not the only ones who have struggled with this kind of transition to a higher consciousness, and I gotta say what I’ve always said to myself when I was in the middle of something and things were hard or if the way forward seemed impossible.  If others can do it, I can, too.  I’m applying that to Earth and The Shift now.  If other worlds can make this transition from a 3D type living to a 5D landscape of living, then we can, too.


Happy Friday!  If you have the time and inclination, please join the Archangels and send loving energy toward the idea of strengthening the universal connection we all share.  As that becomes stronger, we can hopefully stop thinking in terms of “us” and “them” and switch it to “we,” as we’re all in this together, and we are all equally valued and important.  We can all do our part to make a better world.  We’re not there yet, but we’re headed in that direction, so let’s keep hoping and placing our energy where our thoughts are, toward a better, peaceful Earth we can all enjoy.  The Angels will add their energy to ours and disperse it to where it can do the most good.  I hope you all have a peaceful, hopeful weekend.


Blessings, all.


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