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Guides and the Signs They Send You

I’m very fortunate and truly blessed to have a direct, two-way communication with the Archangels. I haven’t always been aware of our connection during my life, but now that I am, I treasure it and them. They’re a wealth of information and always teach me while they answer almost all of my questions, but just as importantly, I feel their Love for me and everyone else, and they bring me joy, peace, and hope.

Everyone has guides. Some are the people around us, whether we know we are both a part of the same soul planning group or not, and other guides are spiritual in nature. I asked my guides for some, well, guidance I could share with others who would like more information on this important aspect of our lives, and their response follows.

Question: I’m very grateful for our connection and all you have given me, and I would like to share some insight with others regarding their own guides, if you could please help me.


Everyone has guardians and guides who stay with them throughout their life. Every soul chooses guides to help them reach their goals while living on Earth without their universal knowledge. Some of these guides live human lives at the same time and are part of each other’s life plans, helping each other learn targeted lessons, while other guides remain in the higher realms, universal knowledge intact, and guide from there.

Our channel planned a life on Earth with other souls who have lived as humans also, and they help or have helped each other. All souls belong to such soul groups — we call them pods — who work together during many lives, in many capacities. Most key people in your life, which might include family members, friends, and even enemies are part of this group of souls who have planned together.

If you consider who has had the most profound impact on your life, good or bad, those people are most likely in your soul group, and your souls have likely lived several lifetimes together. Neither of you is likely to remember or even instigate your connection on Earth, but as it already exists and is part of the life plan, you will find each other.

The guides who help you from other realms could be human souls, usually in your planning group, who are not incarnated while you are, or they can be other kinds of souls, usually ET’s or Angelics. Our channel chose us, the Archangels, and we chose her. It is a long-lived connection and partnership we have shared. Whenever her soul incarnates, we partner with her. When her soul in not living in a body, we continue to partner in other ways.

This is true of everyone. You have incarnated partners who live during your lifetime, and you have spiritual guides who do not reside on Earth. Some souls change, add, or subtract spiritual guides, depending on their upcoming needs in the next life, and some, like we and our channel, stay together for many lifetimes, if not all.

Sometimes, people are consciously aware of these partners, and sometimes not. In this lifetime, our channel and we are both aware of each other, but that has not always been the case. Everyone has the ability to connect with spiritual guides, but most do not access these connections or are even aware of them. Still, spiritual guides find ways to communicate with you.

There is much talk about signs, symbols, and signals guides send to those with whom they partner. The most common signs we have used with our channel are repeated numbers and feathers, but there are many options. Since our connection has been activated on both our sides, and we can communicate with our channel upon request, we mostly send her these signs as reminders that we are with her. Every time she sees these signs from us, she feels joy and comfort, which is our purpose in sending them. She rarely looks for particular meaning anymore, which many have interpreted and made available as possible meanings, because she knows they all represent our Love and partnership with her, and they are simple reminders of this.

Some other common ways used by spiritual guides to communicate include dreams, animals, thoughts, feelings, memories, pictures, music, names, books, and more. Some people notice them, some people do not, and others note them subconsciously and don’t realize they have been guided. Regardless of the level of recognition by people, guidance is given.

Some of you wonder how you can know if something is a sign or just a coincidence, so we will tell you to always consider that, whatever message you receive in whatever form, should be considered as a possibility of guidance. The meaning does not have to be clearly understood by you, so do not worry if you do not understand the message. Simple consider that you are not alone, that there are those who know and Love you and who act in your best interests.

Simply acknowledging this will bring you joy, hope, and sometimes more clarity. You will notice the outcome of your acknowledgment will reward you with many more signs that you will notice often.

You can ask for guidance regarding any particular situation. We recommend you speak your request aloud. Not only does it solidify your intent and awareness, but it adds clarity for your guides. Many guides can communicate telepathically, although not all, but all can hear your voice. Also, consider asking for a specific kind of sign, so you will recognize the message and/or the presence of your guides. This will build confidence and understanding for you.

Know that your guides are aware of you, always, and that they always work for the best outcome for you. Although you may not know them, they know you, and you can always reach them. Be open and look for responses and signs.

Communication rarely comes in the form of a booming voice that provides step by step instructions on what you should do, how you should live your life, or what choices you should make. Communication from guides is generally more subtle. It can be a new feeling of confidence or knowing, it can be a feeling of new peace, or it can be a simple thought or intuition. Open your heart and mind to a response or message, and trust what comes to you.

Final Thoughts

When I first began to channel, there was a lot of doubt involved. Was there really a connection? If so, who was I connecting with. Was this dangerous? Am I just imagining this? I remember hearing in an online class to choose your own symbol, and ask your guides to use it, so you’d know they were there. Do not ask me why, but Oreo cookies flashed in my mind. This was when COVID had just started to surface, and they were only talking about shutting things down. As I was concerned for my mother-in-law who was in her nineties at the time, I had voluntarily stopped grocery shopping, choosing to get everything delivered instead to reduce the threat that she would be exposed to it.

I rarely bought Oreos, I rarely watched TV, and I never went to the grocery store, so I figured the odds of coming across any Oreos were slim at best. Later that day, I was watching a movie, and one of the characters was grocery shopping and, yep, she walked past a big old display of Oreo cookies. That was my sign that gave me enough confidence to keep going. Crazy, right?

That’s when I began to trust myself, my feelings, my intuition, and the signs I got so often, yes, mostly in the form of repeated numbers and feathers. One morning, I stepped outside, and there were about a dozen feathers on my front porch at the entrance, all close together. These days, I see repeated numbers, especially 1111 and 222, several times a day, either on the clock, in reading, while playing a game on my iPad, etc. And the Angels are right, every time I see these signs, I smile, knowing they are always close. It’s a great feeling.

Even if you don’t know whatever signs you receive are trying to convey, make an effort to take notice of them. Simply doing that will strengthen the connection you have with your guides. Pay attention to how you feel and what you think. Some people get flashes of images, others hear words, some have feelings or their intuition kicks in. Everyone is different. Just be open to receiving messages, and one way or another, you’re likely to get them.

Blessings, and enjoy your weekend.


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