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Does Sending Loving Energy Really Work?

The Archangels Answer and Explain

If you receive my monthly newsletter or read my Friday articles, you can usually find a reminder about Friday evening meditations.  Every month the Archangels announce a theme for prayer/meditation, and they invite all interested parties to take some time Friday evenings, whenever and wherever you find yourself, set a particular intention they’ve given us, and send loving energy revolving around this theme. They tell us they will gather all the energy and disperse it to wherever it’s most needed, and they will add to it.


I often send loving energy to readers, friends, family members, and complete strangers I come across who appear to need it.  I believe it helps, even if it’s just me alone sending it.  I think when people gather together with a common intention, it can be very powerful, but I wanted the Archangels to address it and explain if and why it works.  Their response is below.


Question:  When people send loving energy to a person or group, does it always reach them, and does it help?




Energy affects everyone in many different ways.  How it affects someone depends on many things, including how sensitive the receiver is, how experienced the sender is, and the difference in frequencies between the people involved.


Loving energy, healing, energy, energies of Love and Light never harm, but they may feel uncomfortable to someone who lives at a much lower vibration.  Even so, and even if the higher vibrational energy reaching them does not stay for very long, it can offer a glimpse of feeling better.  If frequencies of energies between people vary greatly, they can repel each other to a certain degree, or at the very least, they do not attract each other or veer toward each other without some kind of direction given.


Whenever you have a thought or experience an emotion, there is energy attached to it.  If you learn to direct energy, work with it, channel it, or transmute it, it can affect people more directly than if you just send loving thoughts to a person.  There is energy involved either way, but if you can consciously control or direct it, the impact becomes more potent.


When a person makes a conscious effort to send loving or healing energy to someone, they are usually operating from a place of high vibration.  So, their energy and the energy they send usually attract each other, which makes it easier to direct it.  If it is sent to someone of lower frequency it may not be strong enough to overcome or raise lower vibrational energy permanently, but it will still have a positive impact. 


Imagine a shooting star in the night sky.  For a brief period, it sheds light and can be seen.  It is not as strong as the sun, or the stars that shine constantly in the same place, but it lightens the darkness, however briefly.  It has an impact.  Now think of lighting a candle in a dark room.  This is like someone who knows how to channel energy.  It has a more lasting, focused effect. Perhaps it cannot overcome the darkness permanently, but it lasts longer, and if it stays lit until the morning comes and light enters through windows, it is no longer needed.  It did its job.


It is this way with the impact of energy on a person.  Sometimes it has a small, brief impact, sometimes, it has a greater, longer impact, and sometimes, like when the sun has risen and overtakes the darkness, it overpowers and changes the vibration.


It is also possible that lower vibrational energy can impact higher vibrational energy if there is enough of it and if the person affected does not have the skills or knowledge to avoid or overcome its impact, although it is much harder to direct “bad” energy toward a person that has a lasting impact, especially if that person’s vibration is much higher.  Because the energies are so distant in vibration they will likely repel each other, rather than attract, especially if the one at a higher frequency knows how to work with energy.


Higher vibrational energy feels better than lower vibrational energy, even though someone who is not used to it can feel uncomfortable around it.  Still, like the shooting star, when higher energy is felt by someone who is used to low vibration, it offers a glimpse of a better way to feel.  It can be overcome quickly if the person experiencing it does nothing to nurture it, but it still has a short, positive effect that can be pursued and grown if the person is so motivated. 


When someone is used to living at a higher vibration, when they are exposed to low vibrational energy, they do not like how it feels.  For example, when someone who is good natured and happy is exposed to someone or something that makes them feel angry, they do not like feeling that way, and if they are aware of this unpleasant feeling, rather than nurturing it, they prefer to expel it.  Some have stronger coping skills than others for doing this, but the drive to get back to a higher vibration is very present. 


On the other hand, when a person who is used to living at a lower vibration feels high vibrational energy, it may feel shocking or even uncomfortable, because they are not used to it, but it is not a bad feeling.  In other words, they get a glimpse of what higher vibrational energy feels like, and some people may be motivated to find more of it.  They can learn ways to do this if they are willing.


When we gather with you on Friday evenings and you pray or meditate on a particular intention, we are there, so you do not have to direct or manipulate this energy you intend to send.  We can do that for you.  It is the same when you call on us at any time to help send loving energy to someone.  If you do not know how to direct it, we can direct it for you.  We specifically ask that you include everyone who needs it in your intention on Fridays, because that creates the highest frequency of energy, compared to actively excluding someone, which lowers the energy frequency. 


So, please, continue to send loving thoughts and energy to others.  If you are unsure of how to reach them with this energy, ask us to direct it for you, and we will assist.  It may not be enough to completely heal them or turn their life around, but it will have a positive impact, and if you send enough and often, the impact increases over time. 


When a group does this, it becomes even more potent. Go back to the analogy of lighting a candle in a dark room.  Now picture lighting many candles in the same dark room.  The light becomes stronger, brighter as more candles are lit.  So it is when a group of people send loving energy, as more people combine to make a stronger impact with energy.


We thank you for joining us on Fridays and sending loving energy using the intention we set.  We gather this energy and add our own to it, then we spread it to those who need it the most.  All are impacted.  Some are impacted only briefly.  Others feel it and want more of it.  Still others actively look for ways to gain more of it and begin to make changes toward that end.  You make a greater impact than most of you know.


Final Thoughts


I know and have witnessed firsthand people who have benefited from receiving healing energy through Reiki.  When I first began to learn how to channel and send Reiki, I didn’t know how or why it worked, and I still don’t understand it completely, but I know good things come from it, even when the person is not aware that I am sending it.  And yes, sometimes it might be coincidental that someone felt better right after I sent Reiki their way, but as many times as this has happened, I have no doubt that it helps. 


Not everyone knows how to manipulate energy, and not everyone wants to learn how to do this, but what the Angels tell us is that we don’t have to know how to send it or “aim” it.  If you just set the intention and call on them, they’ll take it from there.  This is a way we can all make a difference.  We may never know who is directly impacted, but I trust them when they say it helps.


We still have two more Fridays in March, and the intention for March meditation/prayer is for people to find balance in their lives.  If you can join us on Friday evenings at any time, from anyplace, they will gather all our energy together and make sure it goes to where it is needed.  All you have to do is send loving thoughts for people who need more balance in their lives, and the Angels will do the rest.  If you can’t make it on Fridays, anytime will do.  Just set the intention and call on the Archangels, and they’ll make sure it gets to people who need it.


Then, feel good about yourself, knowing you’re helping in your own way.  Everything counts, and energy can be very powerful.  When I send energy on my own, I visualize the person receiving it and benefiting from it.  I have every confidence it reaches them.  It may not cure them of everything they suffer from, but I know it helps.  Give it a try!


Blessings, all.


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