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Are There Gods and Goddesses?

The Archangels Give Us the Lowdown on Deities

I come from a Christian background.  I no longer practice Christianity, although I still love Yeshua, His mother, the Angels, and others, but part of my religious upbringing included the belief that there was only one true god and that you’d better not even entertain the idea of recognizing, much less worshiping any others.


I’ve long believed that all these different gods that people know and worship are all the same god in different forms, so different people can relate to them.  I don’t think one religion is right and the others are wrong, and I don’t think different ways of worship send you to heaven or hell.  I don’t believe in heaven or hell anymore.  The Angels told me long ago that we are not judged or punished after we die. 


I’m pretty comfortable with my current belief system, which revolves around love, but every once in a while, something makes me stop and reconsider, reevaluate, and question my beliefs, which I think is a good thing.  It’s uncomfortable to question long held beliefs, especially when there are taught punishments that go along with those beliefs.  It takes courage to question when you’ve been taught that to do so, leads to severe punishment. 


I’ve shared that I’ve begun channeling different beings in addition to the Archangels, and I’ve been contacted by some who have been considered gods.  At first it made me a little uncomfortable, taking me back to those stories of a jealous, wrathful god who punishes anyone who strays outside the fold.  After speaking to them however, I knew that they weren’t evil or that I was in any kind of danger. 


First of all, I’m under the protection of the Archangels, and they would never allow any entity to contact me if they meant me harm or did not have good intentions.  Second, after I spoke to some of them, I found them to be very loving and accepting.  None of them asked me to bow down to them or worship them.  They didn’t ask me to do anything other than accept their help and guidance.  They were loving. 


We have a lot of hang-ups about deities, and a lot of us were taught that to consider different deities was the worst of sins. So, I asked the Archangels to clarify these ideas and give us some insight about gods and goddesses, and their response follows. 


Question:  Can you please help me and others come to terms and put to rest concerns about other gods, who they are, and whether or not it is acceptable to be in contact with them?




This is such a great question for the time you are in, and we are happy to add depth, clarity, and perspective.  There are several aspects to address here, and we will begin with the title or label, “God” and “Goddess.”


Gods and goddesses did not, for the most part, label themselves as such; people usually did that.  Are there many gods and goddesses?  According to people throughout history, yes, there are.  Do they all demand and compete to be worshipped?  No, they do not.


Most beings who were labeled as gods and goddesses, who serve as high Guides, seek to help other beings who are evolving and have reached a point where they wish to help others.  Most beings who remain known or known of, throughout history, existed on Earth at some time.  Some are of Earth origin, and others are not.  Some had unusual powers, while some did not.  Some were simply more advanced psychically or spiritually.  Some had access to divine guidance.  Some came from different worlds and came with advanced technology, which earned them the title of god.  Some were just people who possessed great insight.


There were times in history that labeled people who were different in any way as gods and goddesses, while there were other times in history that labeled such people as witches and demons.  Humanity has always been obsessed with labels, and they have applied them liberally for a variety of reasons that often reflect the times.  Gods, goddesses, demons, angels, saints, oracles, psychics, witches, light workers, indigos, star seeds, and hundreds more are all labels applied to people perceived as different from others in some way.


Some of these beings are kind, while others tend to be mischievous at times.  Some are Ascended Masters who have reached the ultimate stage of enlightenment, while others are souls who continue to incarnate and evolve.  Some are high Guides, while others are not.  All of these beings, whether still known or lost in history, are different kinds of souls, all created from the same source, all connected to that source, each other, and you, because all of creation is connected.


Those who have evolved enough to qualify as high Guides wish to help any and all people, while those who continue to evolve do not generally have access to others, because they have not evolved to a point where they can effectively guide others. 


Just because one has been labeled a god does not mean that he or she is all knowing or any more powerful than anyone else.  The pharaohs of ancient Egypt were considered gods, yet they were mostly people, much like many others.  When the conquistadors invaded new lands, they looked so different with their white skin and bearded faces, arriving in huge ships with many sails which had never been seen before, and people called them gods, too.  They also were people. 


Labels and people make these so-called deities more complicated than they should be.  Whoever originated from The Creator of All has a soul, so they live on after an incarnation ends, and they are still present, whether on Earth reincarnated or elsewhere, whether within physical form or energetic form.  Those who are considered more powerful are usually more aware of their power and have tapped into it.


Brace yourselves for this next part:  In a sense, you are all gods and goddesses, because you were created with divine energy, and you carry that spark of divine energy in your soul.  When you are incarnated, you house that spark and your soul in your heart center, but whether or not a soul currently has a physical body, the spark remains, and it is divine.  You never truly die.  You already have everlasting life.


It is people who have pitted gods against each other.  It is people who have declared that some gods are good and others are not.  It is people who have assigned names and labels to gods, and it is people who threaten the wrath of gods.  Many religions promote their gods over others and denounce god of other religions.  You will not hear high Guides, whether labeled as gods, goddesses, Angels, etc. denounce other high Guides.  It is not done, because when you are a high Guide, you accept and welcome all others, whether they are labeled as gods or not. 


There is no competition.  Rather, there is cooperation and collaboration in order to help others. There is no demand to be worshipped above all others.  These beings are loving and offer various options in which people can relate to The Creator of all, who they all love, even as they serve you.  There is no hierarchy in the high realms.  There is peace and harmony and love.


These beings who serve as high Guides wish to help all who call on them.  They do not punish or reward, they help in whatever ways they can.  They do not demand that you worship them or exclude others.  They help.  Some continue to incarnate, and some prefer to help from the higher realms.  Those who are not yet high Guides, continue to incarnate like most other souls, so they can learn and grow spiritually.  When you call upon them for help, they will try to help you, always with your best interests at heart.  You should treat them with respect and show they gratitude as you would anyone who helps you.  If they are a high Guide, they know more than you, and they have evolved further than you have, so they should be treated in this way.  They do not seek to control you, nor could they.  They do not wish to convert or recruit you, nor would they.


The idea that there is only one acceptable way to worship and one god or group of gods who are worthy of worship is a human idea.  There are many different options of worship available and practiced, because there are many types of people who relate to god in different ways.  They are not here to show you the “one true way,” they are here to help you find your own way.  They are here to help you find the way that will lead you to joy, peace, hope, and love.


Our channel asked us once how – not who – people are supposed to worship.  Our answer was that the best way to worship is to treat others with loving kindness and to help whoever, whenever, and however you can.  We do not include religion, a holy place, holy relics, texts, Angels, gods, or step by step processes. 


It does not matter who or even if you worship a deity.  What matters is how you live your life and treat yourself and other people.  Note that all the world religions are based in love.  It is people who twist those beliefs and practices to suit themselves and harm others.  If practicing a certain religion inspires you to live a kind, loving life, this is a good thing.  Some people need the structure and guidance offered by religious doctrine.  As long as there is no shame or fear or persecution attached to it, it can be a good thing for some, but it is not mandatory.


Find what works best for you, what brings you joy, peace, hope, and love, and leads you to living in kindness and acceptance of others, whether that is a religion, non-religion, or finding your own spiritual beliefs and practices.  There is no reward or punishment tied to worship, religion, or deities.  Do what leads you to such a life, that guides you to these things and do what you can to make the world better.


Final Thoughts


A lot of people hate all religions, and I understand why.  Religion has been used as an excuse to do many terrible things, but again, it is people who use it in such a way that cause these problems.  I stopped practicing Christianity, because I didn’t want to hang out with people who thought their way was the only way to be “saved,” and because there was too much judgement, condemnation, and persecution of others, not to mention hypocrisy, in the name of this religion.  Again, that’s on the people doing these things. 


I’ve attended several different churches throughout my life of different denominations.  For a while, I was Catholic.  I remember one of my Protestant friends jestingly calling me an idol worshiper and said I was going to hell.  I jokingly returned that eating meat on Fridays during lent was a sure ticket to hell, too.  I’ve heard people say to pray to the Saints and the Holy Mother or in front of statues is a horrible sin.  Catholics and Protestants are both Christians, and even theycan’t get along sometimes!  Mostly, these accusations are based on ignorance and misunderstanding.


I know lots of fine people who call themselves Christians and actually conduct themselves in a loving way.  I refuse to lump them in with those who persecute others in the name of religion, who obviously don’t know Yeshua or follow His teachings at all.  Neither do I blame Yeshua, God, or anyone else for such behavior.  It’s people who are the problem, not religion itself.  To judge all people based on the actions of a loud few is just as bad as judging who is a sinner and going to hell. 


We shouldn’t be judging anyone except ourselves.  We shouldn’t be trying to control or change anyone but ourselves.  We all want to live in the manner we see fit, right?  So, we all need to extend that same right to everyone else.  Who is anyone to tell another how they should and shouldn’t live, when their actions do not harm others?  From what I’ve seen and experienced, not even the “gods” try to do that.  Instead, they are supportive and want to help in whatever way resonates.  Who doesn’t need help from time to time, with no strings attached?  It’s people who attach all kinds of strings and conditions.  I haven’t met a god yet who does that.


Blessings, all.



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