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An Easter Message from the Archangels

Guidance on How to Find Success in the Future

Whether or not you celebrate the Easter holiday, we would like to spend some time with you and speak not of religion, but of love.  Love for spiritual beings, love for each other, and love for yourself, and we wish to offer guidance to help you achieve future success.


Our channel is channeling, meeting, and getting to know other high Guides and Masters of spirituality and Keepers of Light and Love in addition to channeling us, and this pleases us.  We do not own a monopoly on helping and guiding others.  We have a lot of help both from beings in the high realms and beings who walk the Earth right now.


In fact, you all help in some way, whether you realize it or intend to do so.  All of you reside on Earth right now to assist with The Shift, even those who seem to be causing problems in the world.  Without these problems, you would lack conviction and direction in terms of knowing what needs to change and how to make the world a better place.  This is why we ask you to answer anger with compassion.


It is easy to spot things that need to change or be stopped altogether.  They are everywhere, and include great systemic changes.  There are some things that will completely fail and fall into ruin and will have to be built up again, a complete and utter makeover from the ground up.  No tweaks or minor adjustments will be enough.  There are other things that can be changed without total demolition.  Also, there are things which can be built upon, improved, and serve as models.


If you want to know how to spot the up and coming, ingenious items of the future, look for things that come from the heart and that are sustainable, because people will want them to remain and grow.  It may be hard to believe now, but the way of future businesses and careers will not focus on the bottom lines of profit and loss, but will instead be built upon how many people benefit from products and services and the degree of help that positively affects the greatest amount of people, both employees and customers.  Why?  Because those are the companies with which people will choose to frequent.  Most CEO’s today have not figured this out yet, but their replacements will.


People will seek companies that demonstration heart-centered actions.  They will choose to work with places and people who help others, even if it does not directly translate to profits.  The pharmaceutical company that makes sure that people who cannot afford to buy their medication receive it anyway, the doctor who heals people who have no money to pay for his services, the lawyer who defends the innocent, even when they do not have money to pay for his help, the teacher who stays after hours to teach a student who learns differently will all be chosen and supported by those who do have the means to pay for their products and services over the companies and people who continue to work on the sole basis of profit and loss.


In the near future, success will not be based on how much money someone makes, but rather on how many people he or she helps.  People will want to work for, work with, and support places and people who care about people and who help them the most.  This will be the measure of the future. 


Budgets will not be solely based on how to make the most monetary gains in the future, especially if budget cuts adversely affect others.  Instead of planning for the sake of monetary gains, planning will focus on humanitarian gains.  Money used to protect and help other people will not be considered losses in profits, but rather overall gains.


This will work, because the people who spend money and support companies will choose them based on their humanitarian efforts and gains.  Companies like so many today who only focus on monetary profits will be unable to find patrons or even employees.  Unless they are concerned about people more than business profits, they will not be sustainable.  This is what is coming.  This is the way the world will change.  Everything sustainable will be heart-based.


We share this with you to give you hope.  You are tired of the rat race into which you were born.  Release this expectation for a dog eat dog, survival of the fittest mentality.  Embrace a way of living that includes caring about others, collaboration, rather than competition, and service and care rather than profit and loss.  Do not allow yourself to be enticed to harm others in order to get ahead yourself.  That old way does not include peace and joy.  Rise up and bring others with you, rather than walking through and over them. 


Let today be a day of hope and vision for the future, a new beginning.  Look to each other and see, really see, that you are in this life, this world together, and together you can make it better.  Make sure your dreams and desires are not wholly self-centered.  There is nothing wrong with wanting more on a personal level, but reach for that “more” in a way that also helps others.  When you seek to help yourself while also helping others, you find the peace, hope, love, and joy that makes your life absolutely sustainable and worth living.


Look forward and move forward with this in mind.  Ask for guidance and assistance to get there, and you will receive it.  We want this for you as much as you want it for yourself, but you must also want it and work for it for others.


This is a time for strong, rapid manifestation, but there is a catch, so to speak.  It has always been the way of the universe to help those who help themselves, but there is an additional point to consider.  When you move forward, ask yourself how your choices and actions will help not only you, but others, as well.  How can you use your gifts and make your dreams a reality while also helping others do the same?  This is a key to true success through manifestation.  The universe and all within will help you as you help others. 


We send you all energies of Love and Light, and whether or not you celebrate today as a religious holiday, we celebrate today with you.


From Jodie:  Happy Easter and many blessings!


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