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A Holiday Message to You from the Archangels

We wish all who read this happy holidays, good health, and a prosperous year to come.  So many of you work hard and struggle in life.  Life is often a struggle, but it is not without purpose!  All hardships, as well as happy times, are opportunities to learn and grow.  As cliché as it sounds, you would not enjoy good times without harsh times to which you compare them.  Have you not looked back at hardship and felt grateful that you have overcome it, that things are better?


As our channel has said many times, hard times never last forever, but then again, neither do good times.  Life bounces back and forth, through it all.  Have you considered what you have learned thus far from your experiences?


Many of you say you never want to come back to Earth again for another lifetime.  That is an option, but it is one that souls rarely choose.  Do you know why?  It is because they desire to continue evolving, absolutely, but it is also so they can plan and carry out various purposes, not just to benefit themselves and grow, but in order to help others evolve, as well as the entire universe.  You think of Earth as your home, but Earth is a home within the home of the universe.


All of life is connected through the Source who created it.  Your soul desires to grow and learn and experience, but it also wishes to dedicate time and effort toward helping others.  You might say souls want to contribute and give back, partly because they are grateful for the immortal life they have been given, but also because it is the soul’s nature to love, nurture, and help others.  This is true of all souls not just human souls. 


While in the soul realms, regardless of soul origin, all souls wish to be of service to others.  When incarnated, depending on the dimension in which their world resides, the energetic vibrations wherever they incarnate may change that desire to serve, but in the soul realms, this is the norm.


You may wonder why, then, there are so many problems in your world, as well as in others.Earth is but one of many worlds.  At any given time, there are many ET souls living on Earth for the sake of helping you, and souls from Earth – those who are more advanced – readily do the same thing for other worlds.  You all learn from and help each other.  We bring this up to show you that, although you focus on the world in which you live, it is only a very small part of a greater universe, one where different souls from different worlds learn to help each other.  Can you imagine the enormity of this?


Every world has problems, and no one world can solve all of them.  Whereas you hope there will be worldwide peace someday, we hope there will be universal peace.  As one world is stabilized another is adopted by the universe to help.  Right now is Earth’s time. 


Many of you worry that we are putting too much faith in the Earth and humankind, but we have witnessed many such changes and stabilizations once the energetic vibration rises enough to allow for it.  Now that the Earth has risen to the fifth dimension, the individual and collective consciousness will follow.  As the energetic consciousness of mankind aligns with the planet’s higher energy, peace throughout your world, along with connection and unity will become the norm.  There will come a time when mankind will not only rise to the occasion of protecting and nurturing the Earth and her people, but many will eventually wish to help other worlds and those who live there.  We will never leave you, but someday, the Earth will not need our help as much as it does now, because you will safeguard it yourselves.


So you see, we know what we are talking about when we tell you things are getting better, even though that may not be apparent yet.  We do not only hope, help, and believe in you, we know without a doubt that you will rise to your full potential.  We know who you really are, and of what great things you are capable, as many of you are already on that path to greatness. 


You still doubt you are up to the task of saving your world, but between your true nature, the new energy surrounding you, and all the help you are receiving from the universe, we know you will conquer your problems and thrive, not only personally, but collectively.  You will serve as an example to all worlds of how bad things can get, how they can be turned around and corrected, and how beautiful they can become.  This is your path, and this will be your legacy.


It is understandable to consider your world the center of life, but to use a quote frequently used on your planet, “This ain’t our first rodeo!”  Everything is in place for you and your world to succeed, and it will.  Remain confident and hopeful that things are improving, for they are. 


Build up your own loving energy and share it and your light with others, so that their loving energy will also increase.  Eventually, this individual loving energy will become so widespread, it will become the overall collective energy, and you will accomplish amazing things. 


We will stand by you, helping you, celebrating you, and protecting you through it all.  Call on us at any time for strength, comfort, and guidance.  Take time out to simply be, to enjoy these holidays, whether for religious beliefs or for love and peace.  We are here with you and for you.


We celebrate your traditional holidays as well as all days we spend with you, and we send you all Love and Light.



*This message raises new questions for me that I will address in the new year.  How like humanity to think we are the only world going through hard times!  The whole “This ain’t our first rodeo” really caught me off guard, but right now, I need to clean house and do laundry!  Happy Holidays, everyone, with love.




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