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Will Jesus Come to Earth Again?

The Archangels Offer Insight

I received an email from a reader today regarding his views and interpretations of the Second Coming of Christ as presented in the Bible.  It was obvious the topic sparked some frustration in him, and honestly, it did in me, as well.  I told him I might have to write about it, and here I am.


For me, the frustration comes from the reasons so many people await this second coming.  I am not anti-religion or anti-Christian, and that’s not what this is about.  I know lots of lovely Christians who have found the true meaning of Yeshua’s teachings, which always revolve around love.  You see, Jesus/Yeshua is love, above and beyond anything else. 


The people who frustrate me are the ones who await His return for reasons such as returning them to power or condemning others to Hell for not following “the rules.” The first reason seems pretty selfish and self-serving, while the second reminds me of the people who went to the Colosseum in ancient Rome to see gladiators kill and die for their enjoyment.  Neither of these things is what Yeshua is about or what He taught.


I asked the Archangels to help me write an article about this, because I didn’t want to write it in anger and frustration regarding religious zealots who don’t know what they’re talking about.  They reminded me to turn toward compassion, rather than anger, when thinking of these people.  Their message follows.


Question:  I would like to write an article about the possibility of Yeshua coming to Earth again, but I don’t’ want to allow anger toward others to have a major part in it.  Please help me.




We understand your anger, and to a certain extent, you are entitled to it on Yeshua’s behalf.  Your anger and frustration stem from your love for Him, and we understand that, but we will remind you of what you already know, and that is that He does not wish you to be angry.  This is a very good opportunity to use compassion as a strong weapon against your own anger for the people about whom you are thinking.


The love you have for Yeshua is pure, true, and strong, and you feel His love for you in the same way.  You have a beautiful relationship, the kind Yeshua wants with all people.  Let the love you share strengthen the compassion you feel for other people who do not know Him in this way.


It is true that Yeshua and His teachings are greatly misunderstood, almost as much as His purpose for going to Earth.  Sadly, many miss the opportunity to know Him the way you do, because they either feel far beneath Him, or they want something from Him.  What Yeshua wants from everyone is a loving friendship, a sharing of hearts and minds.  He far values that over being worshiped or placed on a pedestal so high, He cannot be reached.


As for Him returning, he visits often, but not as the Son of God or man.  He helps where He can, just as many others do, and His love for mankind is as great as it ever was.  However, so is His sadness that so many have misguided notions about Him and His message.


We have shared before that Yeshua was the incarnation of Love and selflessness.  He wanted to spread love and acceptance around the world, certainly in the small part of the world in which He lived as a man, but He believes His success in that goal is limited.  On a higher note, He can also see that the Love and acceptance He failed to spread during His lifetime is gaining ground currently, and He is hopeful that His initial hopes will eventually be fulfilled.  He lends His help toward this goal, as others join in this effort.


So, instead of being angry about how people have misrepresented Yeshua and His mission, focus instead on compassion for them and hope that in time, they will gain better clarity.  We will say this:  No one who persecutes or condemns others for any reason is a follower or knows Yeshua.  Yeshua, if He does ever return as Jesus, will not do so to condemn anyone or to punish them.  If He returns, it will be to comfort, love, and teach.  It will be to complete his mission of spreading love and acceptance around the world.


We send all Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


I’ve channeled Yeshua, and He doesn’t feel he accomplished what He set out to do.  I told Him He should really cut himself some slack.  After all, over two thousand years after His death, people are still talking about Him, and the ones who really know Him and have learned from Him try to imitate the love He showed toward others. 


He’s the most loving being I’ve ever encountered, and He loves without reservation or qualification.  He loves everyone, whoever they are and whatever they do, and his compassion is fathomless.  He does, however, wish people understood Him and His message better. 


It’s simple, really.  Actions speak louder than words, right?  If someone says they follow Jesus, then turns around and judges, condemns, or persecutes someone else for whatever reason, they don’t know Yeshua at all, much less understand His teachings or follow His example.  Please don’t bother to respond with scripture readings that supposedly support any other message or justification for such actions.  If you do those things, you don’t know Him.  You don’t follow Him.  You don’t understand His message. 

I can find compassion on those grounds, because knowing Him is knowing the deepest of love, not only for and from Him, but for others as well, and I can feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t experienced that.  There’s always hope, though.  Open your heart and your mind and seek the truth.  You already know it on some level.  Find the courage to accept it.


Blessings, all.


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