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Why Did God Make Us?

The Archangels Offer an Answer

I’ve received some really great questions on my website as well as through email that have led to some pretty intense thinking and channeling that I would like to share with you, because I think you’ll find them as thought provoking as I have. 


The first came from a visitor to my website,  It was a simple question, no leading up to it, explanation, just one sentence that ended in a question mark, and that question was, “Why did God create us?”


Lots of things came to mind, but I knew I wasn’t the one to answer it without guidance, so I channeled the Archangels and asked them.  Their response follows.


Question:  Why did God make us?




The Creator lives to create.  It is the purpose for which He/She/It lives.  We will refer to The Creator as “They,” taking our cue from the vernacular describing those who do not necessarily fit neatly inside a box designed for them by others.  The Creator is so mighty and massive, they do not fit inside any box.  They give form, sometimes physically speaking, but always energetically speaking, thought, and purpose to everything they create.  All of Creation is an extension of the Creator.  Creation began as a solitary practice designed by and for the Creator, but it became more as all that was created shared a link first with The Creator and then with each other, as well.  This is the universal link shared by all that is never ending.


The Creator creates with purpose.  Different realms and dimensions offer their own boundaries, possibilities, and limits for creation, which the creator uses as guidelines in the creation process.  Each world created has everything needed for the inhabitants created for it.  Some worlds have physical beings, and some do not support the physical.  If there is physical life, the planet is able to sustain it.


The Creator uses universal energy and elements for the creation process.  The world is created followed by the souls who will initially inhabit it, whether physical or energetic in form.  The souls’ energetic form is self-sustaining and does not require anything outside itself to live.  Souls are not limited to the world for which they were created and can visit any world at any time.  Souls who were created for a world which resides in one dimension may still visit, and in some cases, incarnate into a world from another dimension.


By being able to see, live and incarnate where they wish, souls learn and grow as they are exposed to different worlds and their inhabitants, along with the dimensional boundaries and forces in place, so as they witness the differences in energetics in various places, they can see and learn many life lessons needed for evolution.  This is how a soul grows and experiences things. 


As they are not limited to their world of origin, they can see stages in a world’s evolution, along with its people, and they can experience things they could not otherwise experience in their own worlds due to the differences in boundaries and what is possible in different dimensions.  This is the purpose of creating worlds and people in different realms and dimensions, so a soul can see different responses and trends in the different places.


Whereas many souls, especially those created for certain dimensions, often begin by focusing on themselves and their own evolution, as they continue to experience life in many places and target lessons to learn during incarnations, they generally tend to shift to a broader perspective that includes the desire to assist others in whichever world they reincarnate, as well as a desire to become closer to The Creator and to contribute to the Creation process, as the universal link shared by all becomes stronger.  This is when the Creator begins to receive a “return on their investment” of their energy.”


As souls grow and evolve, they want to contribute to the growth and evolution of other souls and worlds.  It is a natural progression.  As they experience many lifetimes, often in a multitude of places, they usually want to become more actively involved and take their place as an active member of the universe.  Participation in universal change and growth is a great motivator for personal change and growth. 


Once a soul advances to a point where the universal connection becomes the center point for their own growth, they begin to forge their own place and commitment to be an active member within the universe, contributing to the advancement of it and those who are part of it, and eventually they become part of the creation process through helping and, eventually for some, advising the Creator on how to help and create others.  Many eventually become Masters in their own right, and they dedicate their energy to the universe and the Creator.  They become part of Creation on a new, higher level.


So, the Creator created you initially for the sake of creation, but eventually, so that you could participate and contribute to more creation, growing and evolving, and finally adding to the growth and evolution of everyone and everything else in all its beauty and glory.  Your energy becomes part of the enormous pool of energy used for creation.  It is said by some that you were made in the image of The Creator, and you were in that you were created to also create.  You begin creating your own life, and you advance eventually to helping with the creation of others, also.  No one makes a soul do this.  It is what most eventually want to do.


Final Thoughts


So, the Creator initially created something out of nothing for the sake of creation itself, but what started as individual creations ended up being connected through links that all lead back to the Creator. Through the Creator, we become an extended family of sorts, and we eventually help each other, if I understand this correctly. 


So, it’s not just God watching over us, at least that’s not the end goal.  It’s all of us watching out for and helping each other.  Right now, the Earth is going through The Shift, and we’ve moved to a higher dimension and are changing and evolving toward higher consciousness.  My understanding is, we’re not the first world to do this, and we won’t be the last.  The Angels have said many beings from other worlds are helping us through this transition energetically and in other ways, including incarnating here to help guide us.  They’ve also said that someday, we’ll take our place among these other being and help other worlds as they also transition into higher consciousness. 


It sounds like as each world “graduates,” they also contribute to other “graduations.”  That’s kind of neat. It’s like returning the favor or paying it forward.  As much work as we have ahead of us, changing the world into a better place, we need as much help from as many sources as we can get! 


We were created to receive, then to give, learning along the way and evolving into better people, so we can help others to evolve, also.  We were created so that we, too, could create, beginning with creating our own lives, then contributing to the lives of others.  We do this now on a smaller scale, helping where, when, and however we can, but it sounds like someday, once we conquer a whole lot of issues and learn how to run things smoothly in a way that benefits everyone, we will work on a larger scale and share what we’ve learned with others.  We’ve obviously got a long way to go, but we’re making progress, even though sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.  We just have to keep going, knowing we’re not alone, that others are helping us conquer the things they’ve already successfully conquered.


The Creator didn’t make us to display us on some sort of shelf for all to see how great an accomplishment was achieved through the creative process.  Instead, we eventually become active, contributing members of a universal community that continues to create, hopefully becoming better as we go along.  We’re actively involved and connected.


Blessings, all.


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