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Update on The Shift

The Archangels Give Us a Progress Report

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

It’s been a while since I’ve asked the Angels for an update on The Shift. We agreed today to do one quarterly, if possible, so you can expect an update every three months or so.

They were very anxious to get started on this one today. Before I even sat down to write, I was getting information in spurts and starts. Lots of topics to cover and examples to share. Information began to come in so quickly, I had to ask them to slow down and give some time to set up. I decided to record the information by computer, rather than handwrite it first, as I usually do, because it was coming in too fast.

Surprisingly, I even got specific names, which I don’t think has ever happened. There was an overall sense of importance and excitement present.

This all began before I’d even gotten out of bed! I woke up to it, and I couldn’t get up, showered, dressed and set up quickly enough to get them to slow down. Their update follows.

Question: Can we take a minute to organize the information for The Shift update, please? I’m already hearing your messages, and they are coming so quickly, I cannot process them. Rather than write them all down, I’m going to the computer, as it’s faster, but I’d like a moment to organize with you. I’m surprised you’re giving e names, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable sharing information that specific.


Dearest, the names and details we share with you are widely known or at the very least, suspected. If you would prefer to discuss places and events, rather than people, we can do that, but we suggest we give you all of the information on all aspects, then you can decide what to share publicly. We will divide the information into individual and collective consciousness arenas and give you people, places, and events that offer proof that progress is being made. We will also give you glimpses into behind the scenes and what the future holds.

Individual Consciousness

We have given you a preview of what to expect, both as individuals and as a group, as The Shift progresses, and if you have been paying attention, you have been or will be able to recognize the symptoms and signs we have discussed. Let us begin with the rise in individual consciousness.

We have long said that there is a massive amount of energy being exported to your planet that affects all of you, whether or not you realize or accept it. The energy can be both healing and intrusive, in that it affects every person directly, in a variety of ways. Those who continue to cling to the 3D mindset and refuse change are ruled by their fear. They do drastic and often harmful things all in a bid to try to hold back the change that is coming, when in fact, it is already here and making progress.

As we have said from the beginning, there are those who will never stop resisting the progress and changes that have begun, but they will be few in number. Those few will become more combative in their panic, and they will do everything in their power to refute the truth and resist the upcoming changes, including, in some cases, violence. We will not spend our or your time focusing on them. They will be very few in numbers, and any power they currently enjoy will be stripped from them, and they and their efforts will be inconsequential in the long term. Yes, they will enjoy spurts of power for the next few years, but it will not last, and they will continue to lose ground and be forced to retreat among themselves. No one else will have them.

You see them in the news, and you know who they are. Some are parents whose fear has convinced them they must protect their children from the truth, but the truth will come out and be heard. They get caught up in barring books from libraries, forcing and omitting curriculum in schools, and persecuting other children, parents, and educators. Their reign will end soon, more than likely in less than a decade.

Others’ fear compels them to persecute others by trying to strip them of their personal rights, whether it be in regard to who they marry, how many children they bear, who they choose to become, what they choose to do, or how they choose to live. Yes, they have gained some ground in the last few years, but we tell you the ground they stand on is sandy and unstable. It has no firm foundation on which to build, and they will lose the power they have steadily, from now on. Their decline has already begun, and it will continue, until they and their endeavors or but hateful memories of no consequence other than to serve as a reminder that all people must unite against tyranny.

The rest and vast majority of people on Earth are in various stages of awakening to the new 5D mindset. Before we leave behind those who refuse to change entirely, we will remind you that they continue to serve a purpose, and that is jolting others, who previously sat on the fence, to choose a side upon which to jump.

Those who decided to wait and see what happens have been forced to choose either to move forward or backward, and the vast majority have chosen to move forward and join the masses in putting a stop to practices which limit people and in empowering themselves, along with other people and ensuring they have the right to create the life they want.

Those who have chosen enlightenment continue to live according to their own timelines, however those timelines are moving and progressing more quickly than ever before. What we are seeing now is that those who tentatively embrace a new way of thinking and doing things progress very quickly, whether they intended to, or not.

As an example, we will choose those who are questioning religious beliefs and practices for the first time. They avoided doing so for a long time due to their fear, then they agreed in their own minds to either embrace one new possibility, such as the idea that the Creator loves all people unconditionally and equally, or reject one idea, such as the idea that the Creator only loves some people and hates others. That one crack in their blind obedience leads to more and more, until they either reject religion entirely or rewrite it until it makes sense to them, meaning they embrace others in the name of religion, rather than reject them. Religions and churches who continue to object to and persecute others will eventually end up empty.

Enlightenment is speeding up. What once might have taken decades is beginning to take only a fraction of that time, and it is ongoing, gaining momentum, until the person who cracks open the door tentatively eventually decides to throw the door open wide and seek new knowledge openly and proactively. In short, people are beginning to think and decide for themselves, rather than being led and controlled by others, whether it pertains to religion, spirituality, social responsibility, or social practices. People are beginning to decide for themselves what is right and wrong, and they are acting on it.

The initial awakening of individual consciousness of a few has become a landslide of individuals who are awakening in mass. This is due to the energy that is being shared among you. Again, those who continue to try to control and cause problems are performing a service for humanity in some way. The fear and hatred they continue to try to provoke among others is taking a toll, but not in their favor.

People are tired of being afraid, and the energy on the planet does not support fear, so they are beginning to reject it, along with the anger and hatred that often accompany it. When they see someone who has risen above this contamination, they are drawn to that person, and the energy shared guides them toward a higher consciousness. Fear no longer feels normal, and neither do anger and hatred, so it is natural to gravitate toward others who reject those things and seek a better way of life. As troublemakers lose support, those who seek peace gain a stronger and expanded following.

Individually, many are still purging that which no longer serves them well and seeking peace, love, and hope. People are still healing from past trauma, and that is an ongoing endeavor that is becoming easier for most. Yes, there is still pain from trauma, but it is being leashed and dealt with, as each person becomes stronger through healing energy and through taking whatever action is necessary to find peace of mind. This is not just those who have endured obviously traumatic events that include violence and abuse, but also those who have bad memories or negative experiences at points in their lives that may not have disabled them entirely, but crippled them and slowed them down, denying them enjoyment of the life they live and create.

Bad memories, regardless of their causes and origins, can add up to be debilitating if they are not dealt with, and more people are coming to terms with, forgiving, analyzing, understanding, and releasing the energy connected to them which they unknowingly stored for years sometimes. They are acknowledging it and releasing it, so they have room for replacement energy that is lighter and more loving and serves them so much better. Those who have held on to old memories and pain are releasing it as they never have before, and they are moving on to better times.

Individuals are finding less fault with other people and are rejecting the angst attached to what some call “the small stuff.” Minor complaints are still registered, but they do not hold on to a person’s interest as they used to do. Much of the resentment people have felt throughout their lives is being replaced with more compassion and acceptance. More people are acknowledging that others are the way they are, because of the things they have experienced, and they are finding empathy and sympathy for them, releasing the aggravation and impatience that ruled them in the past.

We have stated on many occasions that the best thing you can do for The Shift and for the world is to work on yourself, and the reason for that is that when you improve yourself and find your peace of mind, the energy you release just by being alive affects everyone around you in a positive way. Do you understand? For those who are still struggling with moving forward, you provide not only an example to follow, you serve as a goal for which they can strive, and when they are touched by your energy, it serves as a boost of strength and guidance to them. That is why we constantly remind you of self-care. When you care for yourself and ensure your joy, peace, love, and hope, you share those things with others and help them to also find them.

Although the news does not often readily cover them, you will see more and more stories of individuals who intend to and act toward making a positive difference in the world, from children to adults. The things they do will vary, but the intent to make a positive impact remains the same. More people want to do their part, use their gifts, to make the world a better place. There are more than you know, and more are joining this goal all the time.

Collective Consciousness

The Collective Consciousness is roaring! You will see proof of this in upcoming elections, the pressure being put on world leaders, and the decline of power among those people and organizations who have long held it in the past. They simply cannot continue to stand as the masses gain in collective power. Yes, those power-mongers will continue to grope frantically in order to stay in power. They will continue to play the same games of manipulation they have always successfully managed, but the results will be less and less in their favor. There is nothing they can do that will save them in the long run.

Truth is leading the way. More and more will be revealed in the coming few years, and as people become aware of the abuse of power under which they have lived, more leaders and politicians will be ousted from power. Many of you are distressed to see people escaping punishment and justice, but we tell you that accountability is found in truth, and the truth will become harder and harder to deny. It is true that some people will either reject or excuse the truth, but it will remain, nevertheless, and it will build.

Truth will become a strength and an indicator of success. Dishonesty will become a blacker, bolder strike against those who employ it, steadily and absolutely. Those who continue to try to manipulate the truth and bury it will be found out, and their efforts will be nullified. More people will seek the truth and find it, and there will be consequences for those who perform harmful deeds. The consequences will include the revelation of their actions and the loss of their power.

You see this already, do you not? Those who have lied steadily are being found out. Their denials of wrongdoing are being disproven. People are seeing them for who they are, and they are turning away from them. Trump is the obvious example. As he continues to face the consequences and investigations into his misbehavior, he will continue to be proven guilty. He will not prevail in any of the trials he undergoes, and his reign is essentially over. This can also be said of Israel’s Netanyahu and Russia’s Putin.

Those who initiated and perpetuated the current wars will all be replaced by others who will discontinue their actions and find better ways to live, with peace being at the forefront, along with the protection of innocents. Their power wanes as we speak, and although they are still recognized as authority figures now, they are on a continual decline. In their desperation, they will continue to fight against their accusers. They will continue to manipulate others and insight more chaos, but they are doomed, whether they wish to accept this, or not.

The reason for their demise? The collective consciousness will no longer tolerate them or their tyranny. People are already organizing to put an end to their reigns, along with others like them, who sacrifice others for their own gain. This includes the leaders of Hamas and Isis, and other terrorist groups, including those you have never heard of. The sacrifices they make of others will lead to their own falls from authority and power. All will be revealed, and there will be a permanent shift in power structures all over the world.

The same can be said for white supremacy groups and Christian Nationalists. Yes, they have their power structures, and, yes, they will cause problems, but they will eventually be forced to disband and will only meet in secret, in the dark, while they continue to lose ground and power and influence. The only ones who will listen to them are themselves.

The behind the scenes actions and people that have led to all of the current conflicts in the world will be revealed. The atrocities attached to them will be revealed. The secret contracts and agreements that enforced power to others and caused the deaths and suffering of so many will be revealed, and those behind these things will be effectively banished from power. The idea of collateral damage being acceptable will be shattered and disowned, because the collective consciousness will see themselves in the faces of the innocent victims who fell to the greed and insanity of others.

We know you are impatient. We know you are hurting. We bid you to hold on a while longer, as you will see more and more signs of change. Just because you are not yet aware of the changes that are both occurring now and building momentum to occur in the near future does not mean that nothing of significance is happening. It is! And we proclaim to you that the progress that has already been made has passed the point where it can be stopped. It will continue to gain ground.

The same can be said for the power structures which have led to so many showdowns throughout the worlds. They will never recover or regain the power, control, or influence. The smartest thing for them to do at this point is to quietly exit and live on the wealth they have accumulated through their lifetimes. Their future endeavors have already failed.

Over the next decade, you will continue to see more revelations of truth, the loss of power to those who have long held it, and an increase in humanity-based movements. You will see a marked decline in the ability to affect policy and law by groups who persecute and try to control others. They have already reached their peak, and they have nowhere to go but down. You may see a burst of power from time to time, but it will be nullified afterwards, more quickly as the masses join forces in unity. These attempts at control and power over others and restricting personal rights are being exorcised and demolished and will become obsolete, just like those behind them.

Despite the chaos you can still easily find, we assure you that you are moving in the right direction and gaining ground daily. As the number of individuals awakening to higher consciousness continues to increase, it will have a positive and eventually enormous effect on the collective consciousness, as well as having a negative effect on past power structures. Of particular impact is the realization of personal power and the reinterpretation of things like what really qualifies as success and how you attain it.

As more people realize they are capable of great things, they will cease to bow down to the demands of society and power structures. This will eventually lead to things such as big business failures and an increase in personal contributions and recognitions in society, an increase in value for contributions by others which help others, a change of allegiance to those who practice honestly and with character and integrity and a dismissal for those who prey on others in order to get ahead. These will all occur naturally as unity increases among the people. As you watch out for others, they also will watch out and support you. You will rise together, and that is the firmest and strongest of foundations on which to build a better world.

Do not lose hope. Things are getting better, and they will continue to get better. Remember, as you work to improve yourself, increasing your hope, love, peace, and joy, you also will help the collective to do the same until change occurs, as is already happening. Those who continue to fight to hold onto their power will keep you in the dark as long as they can. They will silence the good changes that are underway and try to manipulate things for their own gain, but they will not succeed. You, the masses, the collective consciousness, are an unstoppable force.

Final Thoughts

I’ve decided to do these updates quarterly, with maybe an annual update at the end of each year. I see evidence of many of the things the Angels spoke about, do you? Powerful figures are under fire right now and losing support, not only globally, but in their own neck of the woods. Netanyahu’s cabinet and people have been very critical of him, and he’s steadily losing support from the world and those currently in power. The same can be said for Putin and Hamas, Christian Nationalists, MAGA groups, politicians, White Supremacy groups, politicians, especially Republicans these days, gun rights activists, religious zealots, etc. I’m not saying there are no good people in any of these movements, but the movements themselves are losing steam.

Yes, we still see them on the news, and yes, they’re still causing problems, but most people are sick and tired of listening to their tirades and telling them to shut up. I think most of the people who support them are the ones who have either always been supporters, or are buried in their fears of the future and being easily manipulated because of it. I don’t think there are many people who see them and decide to join them.

This is the first time I can recall that specific names were mentioned in a message from the Angels. You’ll notice that they didn’t spend time degrading or insulting them. In fact, they took time out to mention that their absurd actions serve a purpose and promote unity. We don’t have to thank them, but I think we are expected to try to dredge up compassion for them, despite their actions. I’m working on it.

The recent judgements reached in Trump’s latest trial certainly support what they Angels said about accountability. I’m not one who demands that he serve time in prison, although that wouldn’t hurt my feelings. From what I have read and understood, most people who have committed this type of crime do not serve time imprisoned, or at least not the entire time possible. I don’t think Trump should be treated any differently than anyone else, whether that’s in his favor or against it.

What’s important to me is that the truth came out. He was convicted of all 34 charges, unanimously, despite the lies, money and power he threw at the case. I’m convinced that those who either refuse to believe his guilt or who don’t care that he’s guilty are the same people who refuse to accept change or open their minds to new possibilities or improvements. These are the people who make up his base of support. They fight against any change, and they live their lives in fear. I wouldn’t want to live like that.

Every state so far that has allowed the people to vote on reproductive rights has prevailed on the side of choice. Every. One. Yes, those who push for controlling others and taking away personal rights are still loud and obnoxious, but more and more people are shutting them out and refusing to listen to the poison they spew.

The idea of power structures failing is easily seen. People are leaving churches and religion behind in droves, especially those who promote the persecution of others. Politicians are beginning to lose ground as they fight against the will of the people they are supposed to serve. As soon as they block a movement or reenact previous power plays, people rebel and demand to be heard. That law they tried to enforce from over a hundred years ago that limited abortion rights, I believe in Arizona, bounced back immediately.

There are a multitude of groups and individuals who are fighting back for the rights that politicians and other groups are trying to cancel. The reason these people are still in office is because they were put there by powerful people and conservative people, and those people are losing power and/or aging out of the system. The “good ol’ boys” power structure is dying out, even in Texas! They will be replaced, hopefully sooner, rather than later. The point is, people are no longer walking away in defeat when a bill is passed or an election is lost as they did in the past, thinking there’s nothing they can do about it. The Angels are right. Collective consciousness is in an uproar! People are fighting back. They may not win right away, but they’re gaining ground and support.

What can we all do to help? We can continue to seek our own peace of mind and personal power. We don’t have to march in protests, we don’t have to raise hell on the TV news station, we don’t have to run for office, and we don’t have to revolt, unless those things are on our to-do lists. We do need to seek our own inner peace and make our own joy. We need to find and develop compassion for others, even those we disagree with fervently.

Unity means trying to help and accept everyone. It means supporting the rights of others as much as you support your own, whether you agree with others’ choices or not. It means supporting equality and protecting those who are struggling to get it, whether or not their struggle directly involves you. As long as someone’s choices regarding their own life aren’t harmful to others, they should have that choice. You don’t have to approve or agree, but you do have to respect and accept.

We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s nice to know that we’re at least on our way and headed in the right direction. We just have to stay the course and not get lost along the way.

Blessings, all.

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Dawn Fremo
Dawn Fremo

What a wonderful, encouraging message! Evidence that what the Archangels are telling us is true is piling up around us. Just this week, three bad actors got their comeuppance….Alex Jones’ empire is being liquidated so he can pay the money he owes the families of the Sandy Hook victims, the CEO of the right-wing conspiracy theory-peddling rag “The Epoch Times” was indicted for a massive money-laundering scheme, and Steve Bannon was ordered to report to prison on July 1. That’s quite a few bad guys being taken out at once! When we consider all this, it’s easy to see things are accelerating. Thank you, Jodie, for these updates; they are truly nourishment for our souls.

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