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The Ten Commandments Are Contrary to Jesus's Message

The Archangels Explain

Last week, I wrote an article that was really a rant on my part regarding the law passed in Louisiana mandating the posting of the Ten Commandments in every public school classroom.  To my shock, it was boosted, or whatever they’re calling it these days when they feature the work of an author.  Not that I’m complaining; I mean I’ll take any boost that comes my way with gratitude, but it’s kind of sad that the articles I’ve shared that included hopeful messages from the Angels were overshadowed by an article that did not feature the Angels and was not meant to be uplifting, but rather was my own irritated complaining about I law I found unacceptable.  I guess ranting outsells encouragement!


The funny thing is, nearly everything I wrote at one time got boosted, but since they changed everything a couple years or so ago, this was only the second article I’ve had boosted.  I have no idea why.  In any case, I’ve never tried to analyze or strategize when it comes to Medium and their rules of engagement.  I just write what’s in my heart and hope it reaches those who benefit from it.


Anyway, today’s article also pertains to the Ten Commandments, only it is not a rant, and it does include a message from the Angels.  For those who enjoyed the ranting article, have no doubt that another one is on its way after a new law passed in Oklahoma this week required instruction using the Bible in all public schools, and it will not include an Angel message, because they are so much nicer than I am, and sometimes, a girl’s just got to vent and speak her mind, you know? 


Back to today, it occurred to me that the Ten Commandments do not necessarily support the teachings of Yeshua (Jesus), and I asked the Angels to expand on that idea.  Their response follows.


Question:  I would like to write about how Yeshua’s mission to close the separation gap between God and the people is challenged by the Ten Commandments.  Please help.




We have said many times that, although we favor no religion, religion can be a good thing if it inspires love joy, hope, and peace of mind.  For some people, it does this, but for others, it serves as a means of control, power, and manipulation.


Religion is a construct of mankind.  You can argue that many religions are inspired by the god of that religion, but it is not a god that designed and organized it, it is man.  Many of the people involved in constructing religion had and have good intentions, but no religion is infallible or free of manmade agendas.


The Christian faith has many beautiful aspects, but it is no exception in terms of lacking perfection.  The Bible has many important aspects as well, but it is not infallible.  Breaking it down further, although the Ten Commandments, which are of Jewish, rather than Christian origin, were inspired by God, they were edited by men and adjusted according to their background, experiences, agendas, goals, and interpretations.  The shared results are not the original set of laws.


At the time the Ten Commandments came about, the people who received them were former slaves who had no home at that time, who were learning to govern and guide themselves.  Many had never known freedom, and many retained religious aspects from their owners.  One of the goals of the Ten Commandments was to solidify and unify Jewish belief and tradition, as well as oust other influences from where the people had lived before their exodus.  This included putting an end to any observances or acceptance of Egyptian culture and religion.


The first three commandments aimed at this goal.  There was much controversy regarding the hierarchy of power in early religions such as in Egypt, where many gods were worshipped and some were recognized and worshipped over others.  The leaders of the newly freed Jews wished to establish that there was only one god for them, and no competing gods would be recognized or worshipped.  This was the purpose of the first commandment that states that people will not worship any gods before their god. 


There were many statues, idols, and images of gods used for worship in Egypt.  They were perceived as likenesses of gods and were featured in homes, architecture, and most places in Egypt.  There was no established image of the Jewish god, and this was not something the Jewish leaders could decide on or wanted.  Hence, the second commandment, which forbade idols of any kind and, again, criticized the Egyptian religion and gods and sought to make them obsolete.


The third commandment served as a threat to keep the Jews subservient to their god and to recognize their god as all powerful and a power to be feared and revered.  It established that they were lesser than god and should not question, much less dismiss him, and we use the pronoun “him,” as there was a very clear belief that god was masculine, which supported the idea of the patriarchy to which the Jewish leaders subscribed.


The Christian faith, among others, establishes a clear separation between their god and mankind, and this is a separation which Yeshua aimed to erase when He came to Earth.  A great part of His message was that God is not a being who controls everything, who you need to impress and worship strictly in order to access, but a being who created all people and who resides within everyone, who loves unconditionally, and encourages you to create your own lives.  This is what it means to be created in God’s image, to become creators yourselves.


The fact is, you are already loved by the Creator, He/She/It resides within you already, because you are a part to His/Her/Its whole, and you are forever connected to His/Her/Its power.  You do not have to earn these things, as they became the truth upon your creation.  They cannot be taken away from you, because they are you.  You are not judged, condemned, or punished based on your actions, because before you ever walked the Earth, you were created by God as a being of His/Her/Its light and power, and that cannot be changed.


This is true for every human being, as well as beings from others worlds.  You are all parts of the Creator’s whole, extensions of Him/Her/It, whether you practice Christianity, another religion, or do not worship or believe in any god. The purposes of the first three commandments in part included a separation between God and man, as well as a separation between the Jewish people, who were labeled as god’s chosen people, and all others.


To place a separation between god and the people gave power to those leaders who were perceived as links and guides to their god.  It gave them more power and control over the people.  They were considered the experts and go-betweens between god and the people and a means of reaching or at least becoming closer to god.  This did not benefit god or the people, but it did benefit the leaders in place, and those benefits continued throughout the ages and were still in place when Yeshua came to Earth.  One could argue that they are still in place to this day.  Yeshua did not support this power and control over the people, and they plotted to end Him and His influence for that reason.


The separation between people is also still alive and well.  For some, it transferred from the Jews being god’s chosen people to the Christians, and depending on who controls the narrative, has transferred to many other groups.  They are all wrong.  God does not favor any religion or any group of people.  Does this not make sense, since all people can trace their origins back to God, the Creator of All?


The Creator favors unity of all of His/Her/Its creations, so any religion who claims that its followers are the chosen is wrong.  That is a way that churches and church leaders control and retain members, by stating that they will never reach God if they do not stay within the group and follow their ways.  That is not to say that all of the religion is wrong and has no value, but it is in support of the fact that religion is manmade, not made by God.  People are made by God.  All people, not just some, so all have His/Her/Its favor.


Although there is value to the Ten Commandments, they do not represent the only truth, but partial truth only of God, representative of the people of that time and influenced by their beliefs and agendas.  You can find similar laws and rules in most religions, they all represent parts of the truth in various ways, and often overlap.  However, they all lack parts of the truth, as well.


Yeshua sought to clarify and add to the truth of the Ten Commandments.  He also sought to rectify the ideas of God favoring some people over others and the idea that God was unreachable.  The reason He was killed was because He was perceived as a threat to the power held by the religious and civic leaders of that time.


So, the Ten Commandments, while still valuable in part, were also contrary to some of what Yeshua taught and in fact contributed to why Yeshua intervened and attempted to correct the misinterpretation and misrepresentation of God.  He sought to rectify the problems and untruths they established.  It is unfortunate that so many people continue to follow them blindly and disregard much of what Yeshua taught the people while He was there, despite His self-sacrifice.  He died trying to undo the damage caused by the narrow interpretation of God and to close the gap established by religion between different facets of mankind as well as between God and mankind.  Look to your hearts and you will feel this truth.


We send you all energies of Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


The law demanding the posting of the Ten Commandments, and now the added law of forcing the teaching of the Bible in public school classrooms is a bid for power, not understanding or guidance or an offer of help for anyone.  It’s all about control.  If it wasn’t, and if it was really intended as helpful guidance to our youth, implementation would not be required, and it would not be proposed as an extension and representation of Christianity, but rather a neutral set of guidelines representative of many religions, as most religions offer similar guidance.


Most religions state that lying and stealing and killing are wrong.  Yet, there are zealots who claim to be representatives all of these religions who disregard what they say is required of people even as they promote the ideals. 


Yeshua sought to loosen the control over people, not strengthen it.  He encouraged acceptance of all people, not exclusion of some.  He preached love and forgiveness, not hatred and persecution.  According to the Bible, when the elders of the area tried to trick Him using the commandments in place, asking Him what the most important of the commandments was, He answered that loving God was most important, but that loving each other was pretty much the same thing and equally important.  He didn’t specify the Jewish God, and when He said to love your neighbor, He didn’t qualify who your neighbor was. 


Yet, people adopt their own interpretation, favoring what they are comfortable with, and discarding what is uncomfortable or doesn’t support their agendas.  Although they love some of their neighbors, they’ve taken it upon themselves to designate which qualify for God’s and their blessings.  Instead of serving God, they serve themselves.  They pick and choose from the offerings of the Bible and change the meaning to suit themselves, and they try to force those interpretations on others.  They seek to control, rather than to accept.  They hate, rather than love.  This does not support, much less further, Yeshua’s teachings.


Today is Friday, and if you’re not too busy and want to join the Angels and others in focusing your loving energy on this month’s intention for group meditation, you are invited and welcome.  Wherever you are, at whatever time you’re available, you are invited to join your thoughts and energy to the intention of all people discovering their gifts and using them to further themselves, others, and The Shift.  This is the last Friday for this intention, although of course, you can carry it further on your own.  A new intention will be announced next Friday in my newsletter, which you can sign up for at as well as whatever article I post next Friday.


I hope you have a wonderful, thought provoking, peaceful weekend.


Blessings, all.


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