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The Making of Souls

The Archangels Fill in Some of the Blanks

Kathleen Johnson and I launched our joint project, the Angelic Activation Project (AAP) in March.  We worked closely with the Archangels to design a project that would connect people who were already and unknowingly connected with the Archangels, so they could communicate and to teach others how to perform the energetic activation that opens this communication.


It’s gone really well.  Quite a few people have registered for the course that goes with it and prepares people for channeling, and Kathleen has done quite a few energetic activations.  It’s moving right along, and we’re pleased.  We based part of the project on the work of Linda Backman, which pertains to different soul types.  It’s very interesting!  One soul type she talks about is the angelic soul (AS), which is a soul who was designed to work with the Archangels.  I’ve been described as an AS, and that feels right.


There are many ideas and theories and understandings about types of souls out there.  The Angels say there is truth in many of them, although they often represent only parts of the overall picture.  I asked them for more information about soul types, and they added to what I knew, again saying that there is more to it, and what they offered is part but not all of the story.  It’s very interesting.


Question:  Can you explain the timing, quantities, similarities, and differences in the creation of souls, please?  Are souls still being created?  Are they created as needed?




This is a very complicated question, and we will attempt to add some clarity, especially where mankind and Earth are concerned.  However, please keep in mind that it is impossible to cover all points in a way you can understand, as you live and relate to your human life, so we will discuss some areas that are more relative to you.


We have spoken before about how there is no hierarchy among the Angels.  This is also true of souls.  Rather than a lesser to greater value, instead the focus is on purpose.  All souls, as well as all Angels, are equally important and valued, but there are a variety of purposes for which we are all created.


When a world is created, a group of souls is created to go with it.  Usually, this is a finite number that is for each origin.  The souls created for a particular world initially incarnate there, assuming it is a physically inhabitable world.  Not all worlds or dimensions contain physical forms of life.  Some only support energetic forms of life.  This is the case in the Angelic realms.  Where we live is not a physical place with form, and neither do we have form.  We can appear to have form, but we are energetic, not physical.


Souls, also, are energetic, but they may choose to experience life in a physical world, incarnating into a physical form.  Earth is a physical world, and humans are souls inhabiting a physical form.  When the Earth was created, a group of souls was created with it.  Not all of them incarnated immediately, but Earth is considered their place of origin.  Remember, souls are eternal.  Bodies die, but the souls who inhabit them continue to live.  They may reincarnate on Earth, or they may decide to incarnate elsewhere.  They may also decide to stop reincarnating anywhere for a time.  The soul has many options.


Earth is a highly desirable place to incarnate for many souls from many origins, as much learning is probable during incarnation there, not only for souls of Earth origin, but for souls who originated in many other worlds.


Different worlds offer different learning situations, but Earth lends itself to many potential lessons, first because it is a physical planet that supports physical life, and also because there are limitless situations and circumstances that avail themselves to those who incarnate on Earth, both pleasant and unpleasant by human standards, all of which contribute to spiritual growth and learning.  Because of this, souls from many origins incarnate on Earth.


Now, let us speak briefly of dimensions.  There are sometimes physical worlds in dimensions, but they do not all support physical life, so if souls from these worlds wish to incarnate, they must take physical form elsewhere.  Usually, if a world does not support physical life, the souls attached to it are in a place of high consciousness, so if they choose to incarnate, they usually do so to assist with raising the consciousness of other worlds.  Currently, there are many souls incarnated on Earth who are from worlds that are highly advanced in consciousness, and they are here to help Earth and mankind with The Shift.


There are also souls who are created for energetic realms, including the Angelic realm.  These souls usually do not incarnate as often as souls who are attached to a physical world, because they often have a purpose and a focus of assisting with the work associated with certain groups.  These souls often spend the majority of their time in energetic, rather than physical form, and they assist with many things.  They, too, may incarnate, but they don’t incarnate as often as those souls who are attached to and were created with a physical world, in most cases.


Many of those you call light workers fall under this category.  These souls are incarnated on Earth right now to assist the Angels with The Shift.  Some have incarnated on Earth before, and others are new to Earth, but they are of great assistance to us.  Some, like our channel, are aware of our connection, and others have not yet realized it, which is why we worked with Jodie and Kathleen on the AAP project you may have heard or read about, to help activate the human/Archangel connection with which they came to Earth.  We need all the help we can get to continue to advance the Earth toward a 5D level of consciousness.


Those souls who originated with a physical world, Earth or another planet, are every bit as important as those who are not connected to a physical world, and vice-versa, just as all types of Angels are equally important.  However, whereas world souls have a primary focus on their world of origin, souls who are not connected to a physical realm often focus on non-physical projects.  Rather than incarnating, they often stay in energetic form, assisting worlds from various origins, with a multitude of things before, during, and after their incarnations.


The number of souls created for these kinds of work are infinite, and more are created as needed.  There has been an increase in their numbers since The Shift began, and there continues to be an influx of new, unconnected souls, in terms of places of origin, as we need more help in furthering The Shift.  Some will incarnate on Earth, and some will work with us “behind the scenes,” so to speak.


A question we are often asked is how many dimensions, realms, worlds there are in existence.  This sounds like a simple, quantitative, easy to answer question, but it is not easy at all.  We have explained or at least tried to explain how different time is in other places.  It is a difficult concept to understand, when the only knowledge you retain revolves around linear time, as it is on Earth.


Souls can visit any time period, past, present, or future.  Humans cannot, but their souls can.  Dimensions, realms, worlds, planets, galaxies, etc. are sometimes present in past, present, and future, but they change considerably, and some even do not exist at certain times.


So, should Earth count as one world or planet, or as the same world in different times and spaces and dimensions?  Are 3D and 5D Earth the same world, even though they have changed dimensions?  Is a dimension changed when another world is added or taken away?  The questions time, space, and so many other factors add to the confusion, so we will just say that the universe and all of its elements are forever changing.  There is nothing static about life.  So, what appears to be a simple question is rarely so simple due to how different and how much more knowledge exists, and how much more there is which you are unaware of at this time.


Different people understand things in different ways.  When we teach people, we choose to explain things in a way they can best understand.  There is differentiation between explanations and interpretations along the way.  Usually, they are correct, but they are also incomplete.  It is not usually a case of dishonesty or misrepresentation when learning is shared with others, there are just different accounts and different aspects of things.  There is usually something to be learned from all perspectives.  Make sense of things in a way that you best understand.


What is easy to grasp, and what we wish you to remember, is that you are not alone in this life journey or in this world’s journey.  You have many helpers who are dedicated to the wellbeing and rise of you and your world.  We will never give up on you or leave you.  We will remain with you, forever your helpers and yes, even your fans and cheerleaders!


We love you.  We support you.  We will help you find your way, grow, and reach your potential.  Call on us at any time, and know there is a multitude of plans in place to ensure your success.


We send you energies of healing, Love, and Light.


Final Thoughts


So, it sounds like there are souls whose focus generally relates to a physical world of origin, and others who are not connected to a physical world.  It sounds like they kind of jump around and work where they’re needed most.  Since I’m so closely connected with the Angels, I’m thinking I’m in the second group, although obviously I also have ties to Earth. It makes me wonder if I have ties to other worlds, too.


They did say souls have a lot of choices in terms of if, when, and where they incarnate for each lifetime.  My understanding is that we’re all drawn to incarnate in order to learn and grow spiritually.  I don’t think we have to, but I think most of us want to, at least for a while.  Who knows?  I mean, I trust the Angels and what they tell me, but I know my understanding and grasp of things is limited.  I’ll never know everything!  Thankfully, that’s okay with me.  I struggle enough as it is to understand what I do know.


My son is such a science guy, and he tries to make sense of things through science.  That’s fine, and I enjoy and am interested in science, but because of what I know and my understanding of things, and especially because I channel the Angels, I view science as very limited and limiting if that’s all you consider.  I think it’s smarter to accept that the human mind, as well as science, is limited, and although we can strive to learn and understand more, we have to accept that we’re never going to grasp everything.  I think our human minds would explode if we tried!  The more I learn, the more I realize how little I truly know.  Science proves new things all the time.  Then, it grows and evolves, and it disproves things it proved in the past, because it continues to grow and evolve.  Technology advances, and it allows us to learn more about things.


I think it’s best to learn whatever we can, to continue to question, and above all, to continue to have an open mind about, well, everything, whether it’s been proven, disproven, or remains an unknown.  What do you think?  I think that’s enough thinking for one day!


Blessings, all.



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