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Managing Election Worries

The Archangels Offer Guidance and Wisdom

I’ve been writing a lot of political type articles over the last couple of weeks, because I wanted to share information and comradery.  Some of them were a way to vent some of my frustration, and some of them were meant to be informational, but you know what was missing once they were finished?  The kind of peace of mind I always get after I channel the Archangels and share their messages.


That’s not to say there’s not a time and a place for both or that I’m going to stop writing one or the other.  I need to write both.  However, all weekend long, after I’d published the last political article on Saturday, I felt guided and I looked forward to channeling and writing something that left a more positive feeling after the reading and writing was done.


Between the Presidential debate, that Project 2025, the Donald, the SCOTUS, the talk of cognitive disability, the discussion of changes in candidates, the challenges to separation of church and state, and the crazies that are talking about revolution, bloodshed, and people who need killing, we could use a little good news, hope, and comfort, don’t you think? So, without further delay, here’s the latest from the Archangels in their bid to shore up our sanity and trade hope for fear.


Question:  Guys, we are struggling here.  We know you are with us, that you won’t desert us, but sometimes all this Love, Light, energy, etc. seems very abstract, especially when we’re in the middle of so much chaos, fear, and anger.  Can you please offer us some guidance?  November is still a ways away, and we could use some relief already.




We greet you all with energies of Love and Light.  We wish to qualify that, before we move on.  When we share these energies with you, there are not strings attached to them.  You need do nothing to deserve or earn them.  They are given freely and with extreme care with the sole intention of assisting you to navigate these difficult, sometimes chaotic times.  We offer them to everyone freely.  All you need to do to receive the benefits is to consciously accept them.


We know many of you are scared.  We know you worry about what the future will hold, and how outcomes of pending situations will affect you.  That is normal, but for those of you who hold large amounts of fear and anxiety, we wish to say that it is unnecessary.


We will not offer you any information about the likely outcomes in the near future regarding political races or anything else.  What we will offer is some ideas to ponder along with some comfort.  We wish to say that, whoever wins the elections around the world, they will not make or break the world or your life.  Only you can do that, individually as well as collectively. 


What do we mean by this?  All this time we have been telling you to practice self-care has not been for our sake, but for yours.  Do not shut us out, yet, please.  We told you years ago that the only way to make it through these chaotic times was to find a way to find your inner strength and to manage a way to face whatever arises in a way that does not alter or steal away your peace of mind.


It does not matter how dark the world is around you.  You can make and visit your own internal oasis at any time, no matter what is happening.  If whatever candidate you vote for to lead your country loses, that does not mean that you lose.  If people around you start to talk about violence, a takeover of some kind, or revolution, that does not mean you have to be part of it.  You can absent yourself from all of this with free will and practice.


The greatest danger you face right now is fear.  Some are so deeply submerged in it, they may never find a way out of it.  These are the people who want to force others to do their will, including religious zealots and revolutionists.  The people who are trying to or planning to force others to do things their way are either powered by greed or fear.  You do not have to join them.


People like those who follow Christian nationalism have been convinced that they, their way of life, and their actual lives are in question.  They cannot see that they can continue to worship, believe, and act as they do without forcing others to do the same things.  Their fear has allowed them to be manipulated, fooled, and controlled by others.  Learn from them.  Do not allow your own fears to convince you that these unfortunate lost ones are your enemies.  They are not.  They are afraid and unable to think for themselves. 


We do not say they mean you no harm or that they cannot cause you any harm.  Some are so far gone into their fear, they can be talked into doing things they wouldn’t normally do.  There is hope for them, but in order to see things more clearly, they will have to lower their fear levels.  One of two things will happen. 


If their candidate wins, the fear will subside, and they will begin to see the error in their leaders’ thinking.  Because they are not as afraid, they will cease to support them so blindly, and they will come back to themselves, rather than be pulled along on a leash.  They will likely, at some point, recognize that the very people they were told were their enemies are simply other people, more alike than different.


If their candidate loses, they will see that the many things they were told to expect if their candidate lost will not come true.  No one will come for them in the middle of the night.  No one will confiscate their property or attack them in any way.  No one will groom their children or steal their places of worship.  No one will take away what they need to survive or thrive, if they are stable and willing to carry on.  They will see that much of what they were told was propaganda, untruths, and gross exaggerations. 


Will there be violence?  This is possible, but it will not be lasting.  In order for a revolution to occur, the majority of the people must support it and be involved.  The people who are considering violence do not have a majority. 


The best thing you can do is to make sure you do not place yourself in a position that will put you in danger.  Do not engage with them.  If some take up arms, lock yourselves in your homes and wait until they are carted off, and they will be with haste.  If they want a fight, do not give it to them.  Simply stay away from them, and their emotionally driven response will fall quickly.  These insurrectionists will be shut down quickly, and the danger will pass.


If the candidate you vote for does not win, it will not be the end of you.  You will regroup, you will reevaluate, and you will find your way through.  There is not one election that will decide the outcome of long-term change in the world.  The long-term outcome of the world is positive and beautiful, and there is not a person, a group, a country, or a plan that can upset that outcome.  They dye has been cast.  The Shift and the collective consciousness have progressed to the point that it is now unstoppable and irreversible.  There are too many of you who have begun to awaken to allow for any other outcome but eventual peace and love in the world.


You still have much to do and many problems to solve, but it will happen.  You will make it happen, and it will not be through violence, persecution, or revolution.  You will shut down those things sooner than you think.  When the chaos intrudes, remind yourself that things are much better than they seem.  You do not have the vantage point that we do.  We can see the progress in a way that you cannot yet see, but it is there, we promise you.  Spend time, quiet and rejuvenating time, reminding yourself of these things and know that we are near and helping.  You can help, too, by not adding to the low vibrational energy trying to vie for your attention and take away your peace.  Shelve the anger and fear to the best of your ability.  Reach instead for hope, and do whatever you need to do to maintain your peace of mind.


We love you dearly, and we will stay with you.


Final Thoughts


Let’s all take a deep breath, shall we?  We can’t completely shut ourselves away from the craziness, but we can remind ourselves of what the Angels said.  Whichever way these elections go, it’s not going to be the end of the world.  It’s not going to kill us or keep us from moving on.  All of the people who are voting for the candidate you don’t want to win are not your enemies.  Some of them, maybe, but not all of them.  We’re all just people trying to do the best we can amidst the chaos.  Rather than tear each other down, let’s try to lift each other up as much as possible.


That doesn’t mean we can’t have troubling thoughts or express our concerns.  It doesn’t mean that there is nothing to worry about.  What it means is, whatever happens, we’re going to survive it.  We’ll get through and past it.  We’re going to be okay in the long run, and things are getting better, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. 


Blessings, all.


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