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I Asked the Archangels About Heaven

I’ve explained in previous articles that there is no Hell, but I wanted to know if there was a Heaven, and if so, what it was like. So I asked.

Question: Can you describe Heaven, please?


What you call Heaven is simply higher dimensions. Until fairly recently, Earth was in the third dimension, which is heavy and sluggish in comparison. Higher dimensions are easier and in so many ways, more pleasant. Beings in higher dimensions live and work in harmony, because there are virtually no lower emotions present, such as jealousy, fear, hatred, etc., plus Universal knowledge is in place. There are no great mysteries to be solved; knowledge is easily attained, and everything needed is available and provided.

Everyone is working toward the same goal, that is knowing, understanding, and communing with the Creator of All. Instead of competing with each other, everyone is willing to share knowledge and experiences, and often work together in planning their next lives on Earth in order to reach this goal.

In terms of what it looks like, it is whatever you make it. You can create whatever scene you prefer to work or relax in and change it whenever you please with a simple thought. You can also summon anything you require in a mere moment.

In the highest dimensions, there is no corporeal form, only light and energy. Here, the inhabitants do not need food or drink, because there is no body to sustain. The inhabitants can go to any dimension at any time with a simple thought.

Whereas beings from higher dimensions can go to lower dimensions at will, one must earn their way to higher dimensions by learning and experiencing things on Earth. This can take many lifetimes to accomplish. Everyone has a distinctive energy signature which is how beings recognize each other in dimensions that do not have beings with physical form. Communication is donetelepathically.

The highest dimension is where the Ascended Masters reside, along with the Creator of All. This is the ultimate goal of all souls.

Many people think of Heaven as beautiful and peaceful, and it certainly can be,but it is also a very busy place where planning, studying, and strategies to help mankind are always in the works. No beings are forced to do anything, but most want to be helpful and useful, at least part of the time. The closer to the Creator one gets, the more they wish to reach that final destination, where they can be with the Creator at all times.

Closing Thoughts

When I first received this information, I admit I was a tiny bit disappointed. I’d always pictured Heaven as a place to reunite with loved ones, as well as relax and do absolutely nothing but what you want. I didn’t picture it as busy. I didn’t picture me working on anything, because I’ve spent so much of my life working.

It turns out that, yes, we do reunite with people who’ve passed over before us (yay!). And most do work, only now I think of it as work we want to do, not that we have to do, and it doesn’t come with the stress or pressure we deal with on Earth. The Angels tell me we’d get bored if we did nothing. This makes sense to me, because I’ve been retired for a couple of years now. I took my newfound plentitude of time to study things I’d always been interested in but hadn’t had time to investigate. Doing nothing does get boring!

Now, I find myself busy again doing what I now know to be my life’s purpose — sharing the Archangels’ messages — and enjoying it so much more than when I worked a regular job. I even enjoy it more than doing nothing at all, although I take breaks when I need them. Every day I wake up and think about what I’ll do. Will I learn something new? Will I write? Study? Lots of choices, and I enjoy doing them all. They’re all rewarding in their own way.

Love and peace to all of you.


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