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I Asked The Archangels About God

I have long believed that all the gods worshipped around the world are actually the same God as He relates to people in the way they can best understand. Obviously, no religion or belief system works for everyone. Does that mean that some are better than others? Only for certain people. The trick is to figure out what beliefs make sense to you and bring you love, joy, and peace of mind.

I’m just one person among many, so what do I know? I can tell you what works for me, but that doesn’t mean it will work for anyone else. So, I asked the Archangels I channel what they could tell me about God. They usually refer to God as the Creator of All. The following is what they told me.

Question: Can you please tell me about the Creator of All?


Sure. Although He is usually referred to as a ‘He’, rather than She, there is no gender specification. He is neither. He is both. For the purpose of this discussion, we will use ‘He.’

The Creator of All is exactly fitting as a title, as He did indeed create everything.He is love, and his power is without limit. He has created all being in all worlds, in all the universe. He works with universal energy to design all of His creations. He knows and observes all. Human limitations, indeed Angelic limitations, do not apply to the Creator.

He is known by many names, by many people, including God, Spirit, Allah, I Am, Source, and others. He is all of these and many more.

Regarding the questions about who made God, no one can answer, as He always was, meaning He created everything and everyone so there were none before Him. Therefore, no answer exists. If He wanted to, He could end all life, His creations, with very little effort, but that is the last thing He wants to do.

Just as a parent wants his children to learn, so does the Creator. Just like a parent, He could fix many problems, but then, what lessons would be learned? Better to allow all of us to learn, rather than observe. Better to be participants in finding solutions rather than merely witnessing them.

All bow before Him, not out of fear, but out of reverence. He didn’t create humans in the easiest of ways. He gave them free will, so they could create and choose for themselves.

He loves everyone and condemns no one. He nurtures, guides, and teaches. His love for us is immeasurable and everlasting. There is nothing anyone could do to make Him stop loving them. Everything He does is based in love. He does not strike anyone down in anger or vengeance.

He wishes for peace on Earth, and He is working toward that end with us, His Angels, as well as many people on Earth at this time and others still to come. He wants to be connected with all of His creations, rather than separated, which is usually the case at present.

There will be a day when people become aware of secrets that have been kept by those in power for a long time. With transparency will come clarity which will eventually lead to a better world. People are already awakening to this purpose and working for positive change. As time passes, more and more will answer the call. In the meantime, He will continue to watch, assist, guide and love all of us.

There you go, guys. Sounds pretty hopeful to me, although I think we’re in for some shocks in the future. How we decide to handle them and the actions we take will have everything to do with the kind of world we shape. The Archangels tell me that each individual is so much more powerful than he or she realizes, and it will be through the people, rather than the governments, that the world changes for the better. More and more of us will take notice of the things that need to change, and we will make it happen. God, however you relate to Him, is on our side!


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