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Channeling The Creator

God Speaks to All of Us

This is Part 2 of a two-part article on channeling God.  The first part discussed the email request I received from a reader asking me what it was like to channel God, who she referred to as Source.  The question caught me off guard, as I hadn’t channeled God directly in the past, and I didn’t understand why it hadn’t occurred to me to do so at some point.  I asked the Archangels why I didn’t feel as comfortable at the thought of channeling God, since I didn’t fear Him/Her/It, and I didn’t understand why it felt different or why I hesitated.


The Angels explained that when I channel them, I also channel God, and that my soul understood and accepted that, even if my human did not know this.  They added that we’re often taught that God is separate from us and far above us, so He/She/It seems very abstract, compared to how concrete my relationship and communication feel with the Archangels, which make it feel natural to channel them.


At first, I thought there was no reason to channel God, since they were present when I channeled the Angels, but then I decided that I should, not only for the personal experience, but so I could share the experience and any message with others.  This second part of the article contains the channeled message I received from God, and you’ll find it below.


Question:  God, I know you are there, as always, and I would like to speak with you.  What is it you would like me to know, and how can I be of service to you?




My dear, you are always serving me, and with a glad heart.  I wish you to know that I am pleased with your work and that, although I have always been with you and will never leave you, you are where you are in life due to your efforts and because you are accepting of the guidance that has been offered to you throughout this lifetime and others.


Your Angelic team is correct.  You speak to and hear from me through them.  I know your heart well and it is full of Love that I have offered and you have accepted and received.  You serve great purpose simply by being so willing to share your love with others.


When you speak and work with the Archangels, you do so with me, as well.  There is no need to single me out for prayer or guidance, although you are most welcome to do so; I am there within all that you do and experience.  You have been taught to place me high above you, but I am within you and all things.  You have been taught to worship and praise me, yet the absolute best way to do this is to help and love others.  That is the highest of praise given to me, although I also enjoy your prayers and when you speak to me directly. 


Know that there is no need and certainly no requirement for you to add time for me separately, because we are never separated.  We are entwined, always aware of each other, always together.  It is this way with all of creation.  Further, all of creation is intertwined together, not only with me, but with each other.


People wish to know what to do in order to please me.  The answer is simple.  As I have said before, when you serve each other, you serve me.  When you love each other, you love me, Consider, also, that when you criticize and judge each other, you criticize and judge me.  When you find each other lacking, you find me lacking.  When you attack each other, you also attack me.  When you hate each other, you hate me.  For I am the Creator of All.  If you take exception to that which I have created, you take exception to me.


The purpose of life is to learn and practice love in all things.  I am patient, and I am willing to wait while you learn this, always forgiving and always accepting of all of you.  It is because I love you all that I provide the means for you to learn at your own pace.  I created your souls and gave you eternity.  You did not have to do anything to earn eternal life, but my wish is for you to use it to learn and grow and to love each other.


I could have created you, then left you, but I have chosen to create an extended family.  The more you learn, the closer you will feel to all family members and to me.  The goal is for all of us to love each other with open hearts and minds.  I already love all of you unconditionally, and I will wait for you to love me and each other.  The closer to this goal you get, the closer you will feel to me and to each other.  To be clear, the goal is for all of us to love each other and help each other and accept each other with open hearts and minds.  If you open yourselves, you will feel my love for you and the connection you share with all the rest of creation, not only in your own world, but beyond it.


When you reach out for me, I will be there.  Seek me, and you will find me.  Know that I love all I have created, fully and equally, and I will never leave you.  Help me, serve me, and love me by helping, serving, and loving each other.


I send you all Love, which you may turn into hope, joy, and peace, should you choose.


Final Thoughts


We do not have to be separate from God.  In truth, we are not separate, other than in our own perceptions.  God is everywhere, in everything, including within us.  However you relate to them, God is all powerful, and they love us, always and unconditionally. 


What especially affected me was when they talked about how mistreating others is mistreating God.  Think of an art exhibit.  If you view a painting, for example, and you criticize it, don’t you also criticize the artist?  When we criticize each other, much less persecute each other, don’t we also include God in our misgivings?  If they created us, and we abuse their creations, don’t we also abuse the Creator?


Maybe that will help me find more patience with other people who tend to irk me.  Some of us feel closer to God, because we’ve opened ourselves up to a relationship with them, but even those who don’t know them while they live here are part of that extended family they mentioned, right?  We are all their creations.  We all come from them, and we are all loved by them.  We need to practice loving each other better in order to love God better, don’t you think?  Thankfully, as we maneuver this concept and work on improving ourselves, God loves us throughout. 


As I channeled them, it felt very natural, and it felt very loving.  There were some tears shed, mostly I think because of the awesomeness of realizing what was happening.  I’ll channel them again sometime, I’m sure, knowing I’ll be loved and well-received, but I also know that when I channel the Angels, I also channel God.  When I speak to God, they hear me, whether I speak directly to them or indirectly through the Angels or other people or nature or anything and anyone else, because they created everything and everybody and are part of and within everything they created.  We really are one big family.  I only hope that one day, we’ll be one big, happy family, full of love, hope, peace, and acceptance for each other, despite our differences.


In short, God really is great!  How could their creations be anything other than great, also?


Blessings, all.


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