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A Question About Self-Sacrifice

The Archangels Explain What Seems to be an Inconsistency

I had a great question from a reader regarding the inconsistency of the Archangels telling us to put ourselves first and maintain peace of mind and not helping others to the point that we deplete ourselves, compared to the example Yeshua (Jesus) set for us in the Bible.  The person questioned this, because Yeshua not only sacrificed Himself, but he told us to turn the other cheek and give more than what we’re asked for, among other things. 


I wasn’t entirely sure how to answer, so I posed the question to the Angels, and their response follows.


Question:  You often tell us to put ourselves, our peace of mind first, and also to focus on ourselves and our individual consciousness and to not help others to the point of depleting ourselves.  Yet, according to the Bible, Yeshua said to offer the other cheek and if asked for help, to give more than was asked, not to mention Yeshua sacrificed his life.  Can you please address this, as it appears to be an inconsistency in some ways. 




There are many factors to consider here.  We will begin by saying there are many inconsistencies, errors, mistranslations, and human alterations within the Bible.  We do not suggest that there is no value to be found in it, however, we will say it is not perfect.


Secondly, Yeshua had a clear mission to teach love for all and to rectify the idea that there is a separation between mankind and God.  His message was to spread love and explain that God is within every person, therefore every person is worthy of love and valuable.  This was particularly challenging at that time amidst slavery, a defined hierarchy among the people, the idea that the strongest would and should rule over all others, and that the strong were favored by God, while the weak were not.


The idea of putting yourself, your well-being, and raising your consciousness above all else would not have been well-received or understood when Yeshua walked the Earth.  There was no foundation for that at the time.  A good teacher meets his or her students where they are, and engages them in a way that they can understand.


The people at that time did not understand the idea of consciousness.  Further, the Earth resided in the third dimension, not the fifth where it now resides.  In the history of Earth, there have always been a few who understood consciousness, but it is only now that Earth and the current energy available support this idea on a large scale.  The changes happening on Earth now are largely due to the shift in dimensions and the resulting energy.  The momentum coming from The Shift has never been so strong.  This will lead to great change.


Yeshua chose to sacrifice Himself.  It was not forced upon Him or asked of Him.  He planned His life to include this sacrifice.  It was something He was willing to do for several reasons, and it involved His purpose for His life.  His messages were for the masses, rather than for the elite and those in power.  He wished to close the perceived gap between God and the people and for the masses to know that they were loved unconditionally.


He practiced what He preached by accepting all people, including those rejected by many, such as the poor, the elderly, the uneducated, the sick, the deformed and handicapped, and perhaps most importantly, those considered to be sinners and the dregs of society.  He did not seek approval from those in the highest tiers of society, and consequently, they worked to destroy Him, because He did not recognize them or their power.  In fact, He often negated it in favor of the masses, as He questioned their authority.


If Yeshua walked the Earth today, and if He had a similar life plan in terms of purpose, His message would be the same, but His delivery, the examples He used, and the stories He told would likely be very different.  He would present things in a way more easily understood and based on today’s world.  He would still teach that God is within all people, that all people are and should be loved, worthy, and valued. 


Likely, He would repeat teaching love for all others and He would still not seek approval of those in power.  He would, however, encourage people to seek a rise in consciousness in some way, because when consciousness rises, so does love and connection between God and people and amongst people.  Since He was a good teacher, He would find ways to deliver these messages to others in a way they could understand.


The examples in stories used and shared would likely change, also.  They would probably not include Samaritans, the sowing of seeds, stoning women, or slavery, as those things would not be well-received or understood, and they are no longer accepted or commonplace in society.  What would not change is His blanket acceptance and love of all people, regardless of their background, social status, or lifestyle.


Yeshua did not and does not ask you to sacrifice yourself, as He did.  He never asked that.  It was His choice to sacrifice Himself.  When we tell you to put yourself and your peace of mind first, it is so that you can pursue the same goals Yeshua had of loving others, promoting peace and acceptance, and knowing that God is with you and loves you already, that the love is unconditional and will never end.


We can see how discrepancies can be perceived, however, the message is very much the same, whether we deliver it, or you read it as it was recorded in the Bible as having come from Yeshua.   It revolves around finding God and knowing you are loved, so you can find love for yourself, so that you may love others, as well as have love for God, which is clearly stated in the Bible as the two most important commandments, according to Yeshua.  Look to your hearts for the truth, and you will find it. 


We send all energies of Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


I kind of thought it was attached to life purpose, and I don’t accept the Bible literally, so for me, I didn’t see a conflict of understanding, but my reader had a good point and I’m so glad she asked the question. 


It never ceases to amaze me how people talk about how loving Jesus was on the one hand, then persecute other people in the next moment, even in His name.  He sought out, healed, soothed, accepted, and yes, loved all people, but particularly those who were not accepted by others.  There was no one hated more at that time than the Samaritans, yet He chose to include them in a parable that showed them in a positive light.  He was against prosecuting those who were regularly condemned by others, including prostitutes, adulteresses, tax payers, lepers, and the list continues.  He spent time with them.  He accepted, helped, and defended them.  What makes anyone think He wouldn’t do the same for the LGBTQ+ communities, modern day “sinners”, and people of different faiths, races, origins, etc.?  Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!


Hopefully, as more of us open our hearts and our minds to the healing, 5D energy that surrounds us, we will be able to see the truth and someday, all people will be treated with dignity and recognized as valuable and worthy, and the connection we all share through the Creator will overshadow all the other stuff.


Blessings, all.


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