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Will You Move Forward or Backward?

The Archangels Discuss the Implications of Both

So much is happening right now, and there are times when it seems things are moving too quickly and other times, they move too slowly.  Regardless, it can feel very overwhelming at times.  Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight in many instances, and it can be very disheartening. 


I asked the Archangels about navigating these feelings as we proceed with The Shift, and they offered the following advice and guidance.


Question:  Most of the time, there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel during these challenging times, or at least I can’t see it yet.  Can you please offer some guidance regarding how we can continue with hope and positivity, please?




First, we would remind you that, even though it is often hard to see, and it is rarely captured in the media, you are making progress.  Despite what people would have you believe, things are not hopeless.  On the contrary, they have never been so hopeful.  As important as it is, we will not focus this message on self-care (our channel is envisioning beating a dead horse, so we will refrain), which is key to getting through troubled times.  We will instead focus on the directions you face, which are easy to discuss, but hard to adopt.


Basically, everyone has to choose one of two directions to take.  Either you can move forward, or you can move backward, and you see examples of both choices every day.  Neither is an easy road to follow, but one way will lead to a dead end, while the other will eventually branch out into several directions.  What is not a possibility is standing still and not participating or choosing a direction to take.  There can be fear in both directions, but in moving forward, the fear is temporary, while moving backward strengthens the fear and leads to yet more fear.


There are some that either cling to the present or try to regress to the past.  This is moving backwards, and there is no relief to be found.  This direction will lead to a dead end.  People who choose this way can be found in situations such as the following:


-       Limiting what is taught to people, especially children, so the truth remains obscure, and favored beliefs and agendas are furthered such as denying inconvenient and uncomfortable history found in critical race theory and various books found in school curriculum and libraries

-       Taking away personal choices, rights, and freedoms for the purpose of controlling others, such as in limiting access to abortion or transgender care, transphobia, homophobia, the furthering of ideas such as the LGBTQ community grooming children, and manipulating voting districts to further certain agendas

-       The idea that a particular group of people is under attack due to others seeking equality, such as the ideas behind white supremacy groups, Christian Nationalism, and the MAGA movement

-       The promotion of controlling people as being a means of protection and a safety net, such as closing borders, the right, necessity, and non-governance for people to carry arms, despite violent outcomes, denying election outcomes, and banning people or groups of people from participating in various situations including voting, peaceful protesting, and working for change

-       The promotion of polarity among people and belief that there is no common ground to be found, and the “us v. them” ideology as seen in Democrat v. Republican, Christian v. non-Christian, baby boomers v. millennials, white vs. minorities, pro-life v. pro-choice


All of these are examples of moving backwards, and they are all based on fear.  People who choose to move backwards cling to the illusion of safety in the status quo and the touting of “the good old days” being safer, better, and more stable, when it is these very things which have led to the current instability in the world.


They are fearful of the present and the future, so they cling to the past and paint it in a safer, more comforting light than it ever was.


The choice to move forward is initially just as difficult to navigate, as is easily witnessed.  Change is uncomfortable and difficult, especially at this stage, when people accept that the current system in place are not working, but they have yet to determine all the solutions that would remedy the situations at hand.


However, while fear is certainly present while moving forward, it is better balanced with hope for a better future.  The past and present are recognized as faulty, and those who wish to move forward work towards a more stable, promising future.


This obviously takes much time and effort, but it presents a chance for improvement, whereas holding onto the past offers nothing but more of the same, failed prospects.  Despite the news coverage, we will tell you that there are now more people who wish to move forward than those who wish to move backward, and they will eventually have their way.  Those who cling to the past will be marginalized and ostracized in the future, and they will not prevail.


You cannot live in the past while living a life on Earth.  Here, the past is over and cannot be revisited.  You can hold onto some things, ideas, and practices from the past, but you cannot bring back the past.  People who wish to do this do not see the past clearly, and they would rather hold on to the illusion than face the present, much less the future.  They are governed by fear.


These people are easy to control and manipulate.  Those who wish to remain in power pounce upon them and groom them to be their lackeys by feeding their fears and making promises that will not and cannot be kept.


At this point, those who choose to move forward do not have all the answers to questions and problems yet, but many are in the process of seeking them, and they will eventually find them.  They see things more clearly and recognize that, although they have not found all the solutions needed, they know they do not likely exist in the past.  They see that the past has brought them to this chaotic present, and they wish for a better future, knowing that many changes are in order.


Although the transition to a better future will continue to offer many challenges and remain difficult for a time, it will eventually improve as more solutions are found and put into practice.  In short, the people who move forward clearly see that so many systems in place currently are no longer working, and many never did, so rather than continuing with impractical, disproven practices, they prefer to find better, more effective ways of doing things, and they will.


If you view the people who choose to move backwards, you will clearly be able to identify fear, desperation, ignorance, and the rejection of truth and reality.  You will witness them redefining reality and trying to mold the truth to suit their own purposes, or they will deny and hide from the truth entirely.  They will continue to hide and isolate themselves, rejecting other people and ideas that differ from their own.  They are lost and miserable and will remain so, unless they embrace the truth and face forward.  They care only about themselves and are blind to the needs of others and the case for equality.  Their determination is great, but the fact is, the past is gone forever on Earth, and they are fighting a losing battle. 


We bid you to move forward.  The way will not be easy, but the hardships will be temporary, and solutions will be found.  Rather than inviting isolation, seek unity, for there is strength in numbers, as well as in diversity.  Put your gifts and talents together toward change.  You will find a way forward.


While there are many different possibilities, options, and paths, there are really only two choices in direction, forward or backward.  Neither way is easy, but only one leads to a better way of doing things, while the other way is a dead end.  Choose a direction and find your way.  If you choose to move backwards, we will do everything we can to turn you around, so you can help create a better life and world.  If you choose to move forward, we will help you find the solutions needed and assist you with making changes.  Either way, we will not leave you, but in truth, moving forward is the only way toward long lasting peace and joy.


We send all of you Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


This reminds me of a poster I once saw of a group of ducks and ducklings, all scrunched together, trying to move but blocking each other.  I think the caption read something like, “Move forward, move backwards, or just move out of my way!”  I look at the world right now, and it would seem we’ve all sprouted feathers, as we continue to get in each other’s way, seemingly making little progress!


The Angels make some very valid points here.  The past is over and done with, and it brought us here, and here is not a very pleasant place to be right now.  The fact is, the past offers memories but rarely solutions, or we would already have them, rather than be desperately seeking them.  Sure, there were some good times way back when, but let’s take off the rose-colored glasses and see things realistically and honestly.  The past is more full of problems than the present, or there would not have ever been any progress or changes made.  It’s our nature to find solutions to problems and better ways of doing things.  This is what’s behind invention, science, and life in general.  We, as human beings, see a problem, and we automatically look for ways around it, solutions.


Right now, we have more problems than can effectively be dealt with immediately, but if we work together to fix them, rather than hide from them or ignore them, there’s a chance we can find better ways of doing things.  Crying and complaining about it, clinging to old, ineffective practices, and hiding from, much less, rearranging the truth only adds to the confusion as well as the hardship.  I’d rather face things head on, gather information, and look for a better way of doing things and a way out of the chaotic times we’re undergoing.  Hiding from our problems or denying them won’t solve them.


What’s that saying about the definition of insanity?  Something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, I think.  What we’ve been doing isn’t working.  In a lot of cases, it never did work, but we were either tricked into thinking it was, or we chose not to get involved enough to change it.  If something isn’t working, we need to find a better way, and perhaps, we need to redefine when something is working and expand it to working for most people, fairly and equitably, rather than working just for ourselves or the few who gain from it.  If it’s not working for the majority, then it’s not working, period, whether we are affected individually, or not.


We’ve got a lot of work to do, and only we can decide how best to do that work, but let’s at least move forward, rather than cling to a past that’s over and gone.  Sure, the future and change can be scary, but no more scary than the present we’re facing every day.  Most of us don’t like the world we’re living in, so let’s work together and change it.  None of us have all the solutions at this point, but we can help look for them in a variety of ways.  It’s better than lying to ourselves or burying our heads in the sand or reshaping the truth to suit our own agendas.  Let’s face the facts, and let’s move forward.


Blessings, all.



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