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What Do Souls Do on the Other Side?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

A Channeled Description

As I’m becoming more and more attuned to my higher self, I’m learning more things, including what my soul does before, during, and after the human lifetime. I have more access to my higher consciousness now, and there are many times I channel through that avenue, rather than channeling the Archangels. It’s all good, though! The Archangels remain with me all of the time, and I still channel them, too. Below is the latest Q&A session. When the message mentions “we”, “us”, or “our”, it refers to myself in both forms, human and soul, since I was the one to ask the question and it was my higher self that answered.

Question: What is it like for souls on the other side? What do they do? How do they spend their time?


You wish to know more about your higher existence and what we do in soul form. This, of course, varies from soul to soul. Some are analyzing and understanding the lessons learned in their last human life, as well as seeing the complete picture from the soul point of view with universal knowledge. Others are busy planning their next lifetime. When souls are between lifetimes, they are free to do as they wish.

As you know, when a soul first returns, they see and spend time with family, friends, and guides who were with them while they were human. They can take as much time during this reunion as they wish. Once they finish reuniting and visiting, they usually review their last lifetime, although some postpone the review to allow for recovery from their time spent on Earth. This is common for those who experienced very hard lives or suffered from debilitating illnesses. Many need some time to recuperate.

When they are ready to review their last life in detail, the focus is always on what lessons were learned and which still need to be learned when they return to Earth in the next lifetime. This can be uncomfortable at times, though it is not a punishment of any kind, but rather an avenue for learning. It can be uncomfortable, because the soul sees the good and the harm that was caused during the lifetime from a higher perspective, the lens being one of universal knowledge.

Sometimes, actions seen from a human perspective differ greatly from a universal perspective, and while a human often doesn’t know the effects they caused with their choices and actions, the soul perspective is complete. It is as the Archangels explained. As badly as a human might feel about past actions at times, when a soul reviews past actions it can be harder, because they have a complete knowledge of both their actions and all the consequences following them for everyone involved.

Since time is not an issue like it is on Earth, souls have plenty of it to do what they wish to do, whether it’s communing with other souls, including but not limited to their soul family, high guides, Ascended Masters, and others, learning and planning for the next life, or visiting and exploring other worlds. In our case, we spend most of our time with the Archangels, although we spend time with all of these entities to some extent.

We are able to manifest any environment at any time where we live. Unsurprisingly, we enjoy a forest scenery with lots of trees and usually a water source of some kind. It’s not the same physical experience as we have in human form, but it is no less enjoyable. We create an atmosphere with everything we enjoy that provides the specific energy we love the most. We often spend time there with the Archangels and others. There are no limits to what we can create.

We stay connected to all the people important to us, living on Earth or in soul form, but these connections are deeper and go beyond whatever kind of relationship we shared on Earth. Usually, the most important people in our human lives are also part of our soul group, and they have been many things and played many roles in many lifetimes, but to the soul, all of those roles merge into a being we love and appreciate for the role they played in helping us learn. In fact, when we spend time with other souls, it is more enjoyable than spending time with humans, because there are no barriers in place. There is only love.

Most souls also spend time learning in a variety of ways about many things that both explain and prepare for life on Earth. We often research the Akashic Records, speak to high guides, other souls, etc. in preparation for the next life. There are even what you would consider classes to take.

We also enjoy time with Yeshua and Mary. There is much love, comfort, and learning whenever we interact with them.

Many souls also visit and explore other worlds and dimensions. Not only is this enjoyable, but it is educational. Connections are made and grown. Sometimes, alliances are formed that can play a role in the next human lifetime. Souls often visit the higher dimensions they’ve not reached yet with an escort, usually a high guide. These visits are often inspiring and encourage souls to continue their journeys through future lifetimes.

Lower dimensions are also visited often to see and visit with souls in their planning groups, or pods. When a pod meets to plan future lives together, it is often at the lowest dimension that is home to one of their members. None of the lower dimensions are unpleasant, but the higher the dimension, the fewer the limitations, and the closer one feels to the Creator of All. This is why souls want to learn as much as they can in each lifetime, so they can progress to higher realms and be closer to the Creator.

We were somewhat apprehensive about this lifetime, because we were tired and frustrated with the dimensional limits on 3D Earth and their affects on people, but we were excited to be part of the Shift and especially to help with it, to do our part. I’m very glad we decided to participate, because we have now learned many life lessons and because we got to experience human life with higher connections and consciousness.

This is a new and enjoyable perk to this lifetime, and the fact the we have had a positive impact on many people is extremely rewarding at the soul level as well as the human level of consciousness. It is so nice to be able to connect in this way. This will happen for many more people and souls. It is very nice, not to mention more effective, to be able to communicate directly and make choices about our time on Earth together, along with our team of Archangels.

Just as we are missed on Earth after human death, we are missed on the other side when while we are on Earth, because part of us isn’t present. The only time we are totally complete is when we are not on Earth, although we are still one being while there, only in two different forms. It is similar to seeing a friend you spent years with while working together, but one of you is retired and can no longer relate as fully with you as when you had that work in common.

When souls take human form, they do not have the freedom to do whatever they want to do all the time like when they are not in human form, because their priority lies with the human part of them on Earth. There isn’t much time devoted to other things, because the human experience is how progress is made and lessons are learned. It is crucial to souls to learn as much as possible while in human form. They constantly monitor their human life and try to work with their guides to ensure the life plan they made stays on track as much as possible. At that point, however, free will in human form is in control and ultimately, it is up to the human how the life is lived. The life was planned in a way that targeted life lessons are likely to present themselves, but that is never assured completely.

Since most humans have not learned to directly connect with their guides or higher consciousness yet, there’s no direct communication taking place in most cases. This is changing. Whereas our connection was a part of the life plan we made, that is not the case for most people, and up to this point, few have progressed enough to directly connect with the higher dimensions. Things are changing quickly now due to the Earth’s shift to the fifth dimension, thereby making connection between humans and high guides easier.

We can expect to see more and more people making these connections, especially those born in 2012 and afterwards, as they were born into a higher dimension. Within two to three generations, the majority will be able to connect with high guides. When this happens, although many humans will still not have universal knowledge, they will have access to it through their guides. Free will, will always remain in place, but people will have access to crucial information which will hopefully lead to them making better choices and solving many problems plaguing the planet at this time.

High guides will not tell people what to do, and they will not make choices for them, but they will serve as a means of providing more and better information to make better thought out choices including knowledge of probable outcomes, consequences, and effects connected to them. That, combined with living in the fifth dimension where the mindset of most people will change to a perspective based in unity and love, rather than one based in separation and fear as it has been in the past, should lead to a much better world for everyone. This is the goal.

Final Thoughts

Interesting, don’t you think? With this information, it is easier to picture a better world knowing that not only do we live in a higher dimension that’s conducive to a unity mindset, but more and more of us will have access to knowledge rarely acquired in the past. Without these differences and new options readily available, I don’t think the changes we need to make would be possible on a global scale, but in this and future settings, it’s not only possible, but probable. That’s nothing short of amazing!

It’s not likely I’ll live long enough in this lifetime to see it, but knowing my descendants will live in a better world is a great comfort, and I’m happy to do my part today that will lead to the changes needed in the future. That’s why I channel and share the messages I receive.

Blessing to all of you!

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