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Love and Compassion for All

The Archangels Explain Why We Should All Care About Others

We all come from the same Source, and we’re all made from elemental Love. In the eyes of the Creator, we’re all equal in value and, in turn, are loved equally. Obviously, a lot of that equality is lost when some of us come to Earth to experience life in a physical body. Some of us are born into poverty with few choices available to improve our circumstances, while others are born into lives that offer many more opportunities.

I live on the border of the United States and Mexico. I can literally see another country — one of those that offer very few opportunities — every day and the people who struggle daily just to survive. It’s not that the people who live in poverty don’t want to find a way out, it’s that a way out is not available to them.

One of my readers asked me to expand on the idea of loving others, and I asked the Archangels for their help. Below is the conversation.

Question: Can you help me write an article about the importance of love and compassion for others, please?


Absolutely! This is, after all, one of our specialties, as we love every one of you. Let us start with the Creator of All.

The Creator made all of you using elemental Love. It is as it sounds, that is, Love as an element, rather than an emotion, similar to the more familiar elements of air, earth, fire, and water. Think of air. You cannot see it, yet you know it is there. This is true of elemental Love as well, and it is the main ingredient, if you will, in creation.

So, beyond sharing the same physical and bodily structures and systems and having similar needs and thought processes, all of humanity was created by this all-powerful element. You are all created equally and are of equal value to the Creator.

Once a soul takes a body to experience life on Earth, equality often shifts from a human point of view. Some souls plan lives of poverty, some choose places and people to be in their lives to cause hardships they can learn from and grow spiritually.

Although their life circumstances are unequal at times, their value remains the same from a spiritual perspective. There are those of you who look down on people for a variety of reasons. Some judge others by race, religion, monetary or career status, and many other things. We wish to tell you that all of you have lived or will live the very lives you consider beneath you.

We have spoken in the past about how challenges and hardships often lead to great learning opportunities. All souls must experience great challenges in human form in order to grow spiritually, so if you look at others as having less value than yourself, know that you have had or will have similar experiences many times. The more value you assign to the people looked down upon by others, the faster and more easily will you learn these life lessons. So, when you cannot find love and compassion for others, it’s more likely you will not experience love and compassion toward you when you find yourself in similar circumstances. This is Karma.

Karma is greatly misunderstood as punishment or “payback”, and that is incorrect. Instead, it is about learning required life lessons effectively, which is every soul’s goal. Lives are planned to facilitate this learning. If you cannot feel love and compassion for all others in this life, you will have to learn it in a different way, which is likely to be through hardships in future lives. So, feeling love and compassion toward others and seeking to help them and make their lives easier will serve you well in this life as well as in future lives.

When you are struggling with your life, it is easy to find someone else whose life is harder than your own. Many people use this as a reminder for gratitude. This is a good thing to do, and it will help you measure your blessings. However, when you move beyond that thought and turn it into action that helps those less fortunate than you, your problems become smaller, and your joy grows. The best way to feel better about your life is to help others in theirs.

All of the things humanity considers important in terms of success, material possessions, status, and power are completely worthless to your soul, except in how they can help you learn the required lessons for spiritual growth. You have a saying on Earth, “you can’t take it with you.” We will take that a step further and say, once your lifetime is over on Earth, you — your soul — doesn’t want to take any of that. All the soul takes with it when leaving a human body is whatever knowledge they gained. Based on that knowledge, the next life is planned.

You must learn to see yourselves in each other’s faces. And, yes, to some extent you are responsible for one another. Those of you who have more than enough should seek ways in which you can help those who are struggling to stay alive, who do not even have the minimum needed to live safely and in good health.

We are not saying you should switch places with those in need or give up everything you have worked for to help others. We are saying you should never forget that you all come from the same Creator, and everyone is of equal value in all the important ways that should count on Earth as well as beyond it.

Love and compassion are what is needed most on Earth. When you find them, they will lead to joy, hope and peace, as well as a better world for all.

We send you blessings of Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

Most people, myself included, sometimes dream of a life that is easier in some ways, maybe having more money or less hardship. That’s perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed about. The next time we think of that new something we really wish we could get, we should think of the people who dream of things like having enough food to eat, not having to walk for miles to fill containers of water from the river, because they have no running water, or for those who watch their children die from diseases that have cures that are unavailable to them.

Instead of thinking of “those people over there,” we need to move in the direction of “our people over there.” Maybe we should picture ourselves trying to survive the things we currently take for granted in many ways. Those things are not just “their” problems. They’re everyone’s problems, because we’re all connected, and we should all help wherever and however we can. We should all make it a point to know about and help “our” people, because we’re all in the same family of mankind, and eventually, one way or another, their problems will become ours. In fact, they already are.

Blessings to all of you, especially those who do without.

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