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Heart Power

The Angels Explain What it is, and How We Get it

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Most people I know or know of who channel are hearing and sharing messages about heart energy and what it means to be heart-centered or heart-driven. Heart energy is needed more than ever right now, as people begin to awaken to the 5D energy surrounding us and as their consciousness rises.

This has an upside and a downside. As we ascend to a higher consciousness, we find ourselves seeking more heart-based energy, more love and kindness, because we not only recognize it more deeply, we need it more.

The downside is, there’s not enough of it to be found yet to suit us. That’s why we’re becoming more and more drawn to others who feel this need, too. The Archangels tell us that the heart center is the soul center, where our energy and divine spark are housed.

Once we begin to open to this energy, we feel stronger, more hopeful, and we crave more loving kindness in our lives, also wanting to share loving kindness with others. That’s why so many people are feeling this need to help others. It’s stronger than a passing thought now. It’s beginning to drive us.

I asked the Angels for more information and guidance about heart energy, and their answer follows.

Question: Can you please tell us what it means to be heart centered or heart driven?


To be heart driven or heart centered means several things which nearly all people on Earth are learning or will learn, now that the Earth is in the fifth dimension. The time is coming when your measure will be taken by gauging your heart energy, and people who have not opened to heart energy will find it difficult to succeed, especially if their work requires them to interact with people. We will explain.

Your heart center — and this has little to do with anatomy — is where the soul and the divine spark given to you by the Creator resides. It is energetic in nature, rather than physical, in the general area where you find the heart and heart chakra, at the center of the body.

When you learn to access your heart energy, you access your power and your sovereignty. You begin to realize your greatness and your worth. Just as important, you begin to realize the worth of others and strengthen your universal connection with all things.

As you feel more connection with everyone and everything on Earth and throughout the universe, you become more compassionate and caring of all that is around you and beyond, and that leads you to take more care and responsibility for helping the people and environment around and beyond you. It becomes more of a priority to leave a positive footprint in your wake, to add to, rather than subtract from, everything around you.

To be heart driven is to be guided by love. It is exercising the need to help others without selfish reasons. It is feeling gratitude for life and all you have and wanting to give back to others and to the world, not for personal gain, but to benefit others. When your thoughts are heart centered, you can see yourself in the faces of others, and you can recognize their faces in your own. It means that even when people aggravate you or wrong you in some way, at some point, you will be able to reach for compassion where they are concerned, whether you excuse them or not.

When you are heart driven and feeling fearful, you reach for hope to replace the fear. You believe in yourself and you feel your power. The more a person is centered in their heart, the closer they are to their soul, and the easier it is to access divine guidance, whether from your higher self, your Guides, the Angels, or other divine sources. The more you open yourself to heart energy, the higher you rise in vibration and in consciousness, and the more positive your impact on others.

There are many bad things that are happening in the world today, and we understand the need to stay informed, but for those who are guided by their hearts, being blinded by fear to the point of not being able to see the good in the world is a very uncommon occurrence. As the news media tells you of all the danger, violence, and hardship in the world, your heart whispers that there is also goodness and beauty to be found, while your mind considers what you can do to help.

The world is in desperate need for more heart energy and we can see that it is on the rise. This is something everyone should be aware of and strive for. As tempting as it can be to answer in anger when someone lashes out at you, it serves no positive purpose. When someone upsets you, get away from them, regain your calm and peace, and try to find compassion for them, for anger is based in fear. People who persecute and attack others are utterly lost to fear, and they have no peace of mind. Do not let them rob you of yours.

You do not have to allow abuse of any kind, but neither should you join in it or return it, not for the sake of others, but for your own sake. Angry, fearful people seek out more anger and fear and love to share and provoke it in others. When you allow them to trigger you, you add to their power and take from yours. Look to your heart for the strength to overcome the impulse to return their feelings in kind.

Always remember, you can affect change and defend yourself and others without anger and violence. In fact, when you are driven by the love and compassion from your heart center for others, you are a far more effective and powerful agent for change in any situation than those who are guided by fear and hatred.

People like that will find they are being increasingly ostracized and isolated by others. In the future, if someone is not heart-centered, the majority of people will avoid them and seek out others who are, whether in regard to business, friendship, or collaboration. It will eventually be extremely difficult for people who are not heart centered to find a comfortable and welcoming place to exist in the world.

So, how does one become heart driven? Begin by being self-aware and grateful. Find time for reflection, self-evaluation, and self-care. Seek more joy, hope, peace, and love in your life. Practice kindness toward others, and yourself. Accept and feel all emotions, but choose which to nourish and seek out.

Do not judge yourself or others harshly. Seek instead to find compassion, not because you understand, accept or excuse, but because being unkind hurts you as much or more than it hurts others. Find quiet time and ask for guidance and strength to be an agent for peace and love. When these things become a habit and a way of life, you will be based and guided by your heart and the divine.

We send you all Love and Light.

Final Thoughts

This is a goal we can all work toward, not only for ourselves, but for everyone around us. Just as anger triggers and feeds more anger, kindness and compassion can trigger more kindness and compassion. I’d rather deal with being kind, even if it isn’t returned, than to entertain anger and fear. Even if love isn’t appreciated, that doesn’t mean it’s not needed or that it can’t eventually lead to more love.

Everyone makes mistakes and has regrets, and the best way to get past them is to try to do better. Shame and guilt are useless in terms of helping anything, but if they are used as a source for change, and we follow through and improve ourselves and our lives, we’ve grown and we usually feel better. It’s about looking back at who you used to be and embracing the better person you’ve become.

It’s never too late to change. That doesn’t mean it will be easy or fast, but if you look back and don’t like who you were at a certain time in your life, work on becoming the person you want to be, having learned from the past and working hard to become better in the future. While you’re doing that, be grateful for all you have, sorry for your mistakes, and celebrate yourself and your accomplishments along the way.

Take a mental before and after picture of yourself. Time will continue to roll by just as it always does, so you might as well spend some of it on becoming better, learning more, and doing good things with your life.

Blessings, all.


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