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Don't Argue!

Honestly, I’m so tired of reading articles written by angry people who attack others for believing differently than they do. Christians attack atheists, atheists attack spiritual people, Muslims attack Buddhists, Jewish people attack Christians, and it goes on and on. Yesterday I read a piece by a Catholic who attacked the “spiritual but not religious” folks, saying they just wanted their cake and to eat it too, whatever that’s supposed to mean, and today I read an attack on Christians by someone who thought they were stupid and/or crazy and couldn’t comprehend why they couldn’t see how pathetic they were, discarding scientific proof in favor of fantasy. What all of these types of articles all have in common is disrespect and anger toward others.

Can we all just please STOP?! Can’t we all agree to live and let live? Sheesh!

In frustration, I asked the Archangels to address this constant animosity. Below is their response.

Question: Please help me explain why we shouldn’t attack each other because of our differences, especially those religious in nature.


We feel your frustration and sadness regarding this topic. It is difficult to explain to those who are not listening. The best we can hope for is that a seed of thought is planted that may grow at some point when they are less emotional and more open-minded. Some will reach that point, while others will not.

For those who are willing and able to receive this message, we say this is a wonderful place to be in your journey. Whether or not you agree with us or our channel isn’t nearly as important as the fact that you have opened yourself to consider the thoughts of others. This is how you grow and learn. It is to you that we offer these thoughts.

If you are self-assured in your beliefs, whatever they may be, there should be no need to argue, much less attack, someone who differs from you. There should be no need to defend yourself or your beliefs or to argue who is correct and who is not correct.

If you are confident and comfortable with your thoughts and actions, and they lead to joy, hope, and peace for you internally, then you are on the right path. When your actions come from a place of love, you are on the right path.What you must keep in mind is, a person with very different beliefs than yours, who also feels joy, peace, and hope, and who acts from a place of love, is also on the right path.

Those who lash out at others are missing these important ingredients in life, and they act from a place of fear and/or anger. If someone persecutes others, they lack clarity and peace of mind. Do not engage with these people, and do not allow them to steal your peace and joy. Show mercy and forgiveness and send thoughts of Love and Light to them. You need not try to reason with them or change their minds, as it would likely be futile. There is no point in explaining or talking about something with someone who is incapable of listening. Spend your time and effort elsewhere, where it will do more good and serve a purpose. Take yourself away from such people and refuse to interact with their closed minds.

Our channel has asked us as well as Yeshua whether or not to address such people. In her case, we have explained the same things. If someone states a point with which she disagrees or refutes, and she feels moved to address it, she does so respectfully and comes from a place of love. Sometimes, this has a positive effect, and other times people are affected negatively. That is not her concern, however. She replies or comments with good intent. If her words are misinterpreted or have a negative effect on others, this is not only outside her control, but it is not something with which she should be concerned.

We completely support her in not trying to prove or convince others of her truth. We guide many people to her work, because they find comfort in it, which is always the intent. It is no one’s responsibility to change another’s point of view. It is no one’s responsibility to judge or condemn. We do not judge or condemn; we love and support. You do not have to subject yourself to criticism, and you should not subject others to it. Everyone lives and learns in every lifetime, and everyone is in the right place regarding spiritual development.

For those who act out of anger and fear, know that they are learning at their own pace in their own way, and they are headed in the right direction, even if it is not apparent. They may ever find a place of love in this lifetime, but eventually, they will apply what they have learned and continue moving forward.

The more enlightened among you are not better than those who are less enlightened; you are just closer to the joy, hope, peace, and Love that await all souls at the time that is right for them. Do not look down on them. Instead, show them the Love and kindness they will eventually find.

Focus on your own journey, on moving further down your path, and leave others to follow their own. Remember that they are playing an important role also, even if it is the example of what does not work or shows you the way you do not want to be. Know that you are all loved, and all of you are equally valued.

Do not concern yourself with the beliefs of others. Focus on your own, and wish others well, as we wish you all well. Leave the guidance of the lost to us. We will help them find their way. Try to always act with love, compassion, and kindness. If you keep this in mind most of the time, you will serve yourself and others well.

Do not judge or set out to antagonize others. If you do, you are not acting out of love, and you adversely affect your own joy and peace. Nothing good will be accomplished. There is no need to defend your choices and beliefs to others. Look into your own heart and mind, and you will find all the support and encouragement you need. You do not need the agreement, acknowledgment, or acceptance from others. There is no need to prove or argue what you believe. Follow your path, and allow others to do the same.

Love and Light to all of you.

Final Thoughts

I would bet my last buck that the two articles I referred to in the introduction were not written in love, joy, or peace. I could feel the anger and disgust in both the articles and coming from the authors as well. There is no need to attack others. If we disagree, there’s no need to prove that others are wrong and we are right. If we’re at peace with ourselves and our beliefs, we shouldn’t feel the need to “put them in their place” or demand they prove or disprove something to us. Why do we need anyone to agree with us, and why would we care if they disagreed? Lastly, why do some people think they have the right to criticize and condemn others for their differences? Be at peace, and wish others the same. If we all did this, the world would be such a different, better place.

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